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Gameplan is the number one American Football play-by-mail system in the UK
[yahoo] The Gameplan Group on Yahoo. A Forum for all Gameplanners to discuss coaching, newsletters, real-life football, and all kinds of other topical issues. [endzone1] The biggest Gameplan players site. Features results from a LOTS of leagues, coach ratings, and loads of other stuff.
NFLA The NFLA is the original advanced league of Gameplan.
The site contains up-to-date results and standings, and individual team pages.
[nflab] The Complete NFLAB Information Service.
Stats, Team and Coaching histories, and the NFLAB newsletter.
[nflaz] Home of NFLAZ. League results, schedules, stats and the 'Hut!' newsletter. [gbspn] The Gameplan Baseball Sports Network.
News, views, results, standings and history.
[nflbx] Currently under construction.
Home for the BX league. Includes coaching profiles, schedules etc.
[nfld] The home of the Armchair Quarterback, NFLD's online magazine. Coaching records, standings and detailed team pages.
[dotrob] NFLAY, NFLBG and NFLBP newsletters and stats. [nfld] The official website for the advanced, NFLAR league. There's a growing content on the site, including coaching profiles, league stats, schedules and the league newsletter.
Link Here The website of Ab Initio Games. The UK's leading runner of Gameplan American Football, and other play-by-mail games. [nfl.com] The official website of the National Football League.
[kage] The website of Kage Interactive, now running several Gameplan leagues.
[nz pbem] If you feel adventurous, you may want to have a look at this. It is a play-by-EMAIL football simulation. Runs on your PC. Draft, Trades, Free Agency etc...