...is a Play By Mail American Football Simulation where players make the decisions a typical head coach would have to make in the NFL, like drafting players, and building a gameplan around his team.
It is a turn-based system, whereby one turn is equal to a game (or week) in the season.
Generally, there is a two week turn-time for coaches to plan and send in their playbooks and decisions to the GM. The game result and other information is then returned to the player for him to decide on the next game.

A season consists of 16 regular season games and a playoff system.
Teams that did not make the playoffs run their own "consolation" playoffs so noone is without a game for too long.

More information about Gameplan and other Play-By-Mail games can be obtained from the NFLAB GamesMaster, Danny McConnell :

Ab Initio Games
PO Box 150
United Kingdom
or email at :

The site has been designed with full patform independency in mind, using TRUE HTML. Unlike some websites, this one works on many browsers in a large variety of screen resolutions. (It's not like writing proper HTML is hard...)
All the pages, graphics and Java applets and JavaScripts were designed and built on an Apple Macintosh, because the Mac is a far superior piece of kit than any equivalent Windoze-based box.
With the re-design of the site, I've been edged slightly away from the old text-editor only habits, and have found an excellent application with the name of Dreamweaver 3 (a demo of which you can get on many cover CDs, and is fully usable). All graphics have been created with Fireworks 3, something perfect for building images for the web.

The engine that drives the website is an application called 'Stats Generator/Viewer'. Originally it was written on the Amiga, but I ported it to the Mac to make development with Dreamweaver easier. For more info about the program, follow the link below...

[about software]

I've also edged myself away from the sole use of Java to provide the numbers. It took a huge amount of design and coding, but I worked out a way to create all the team and coaching pages with a single mouse-click, immediately updating (or rather, rebuilding) the 70 plus pages of info. So the site is more platform independent than ever !!

I would like to thank firstly, Jon Heath, for providing me with a wealth of previous seasons game summaries, that I would otherwise have missed. Go Eagles !
I'd thank people for any comments given, but noone actually comes to the site, so there's no point :)
(really, I just do it for my own insane pleasure)

So, what's it all about ?
Put simply, you play your turn in the game by sending the details of what you want to do to a GamesMaster, and you get a reply to your actions in the mail a few days later.
The GamesMaster collects ALL the players forms and enters the details into the computer. The software then calculates the relevant outcomes and prints out all the details to be returned to the players.
Because of the delay in having to mail everything, a turn typically lasts around 2 weeks, with a deadline to have your new plans in by.

Think of the GamesMaster as the caretaker. He keeps everything running smoothly, while not actually participating himself. All the forms are sent to him, and he does all the chores of data-entry, communication, and envelope and stamp licking. If you have a problem with the game and you can't find any help in the rule books, he's the man you want to get in touch with to sort things out.
What a hero !

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