Work in Progress

Stats Generator / Viewer - The Player Database

I've added a whole new set of screens to the database proggy to help me with the Player Database :

The first one I did was the College list.
It's designed in such a way that I can add or modify a College when required. Nothing too exciting.

Once that was working, I designed a slightly different screen for the players.
Note that there is less going on here. Just a list of players, a couple of buttons, and somewhere to search for a player.
Choosing New, takes you to the Player Editor screen, with all the fields set to default values.

The idea behind the search-field is, given that there will likely be several thousand players at some point, I need a quick way to bring up the player I want to edit.
Simply, as you enter each letter, the selected entry that matches what's been typed changes. Then all you do is double-click on the entry and you are swept onto the main Player Editor screen.

And on to the most important screen of the player database - The Player Editor.
You can see all the information that is currently required for any player in the database. (this doesn't include any statistics, which will be calculated as and when required.)
Reading from left to right, we have :

Player No - This is the internal identifier for this particular player. Expect there to be bigger numbers as the database grows. A player is known by his Player No, allowing the same player to be kept track of, even if other vital statistics change (name, shirt, pos etc..)
Forename / Surname - Our players' name. This can change during the career of the player.
Shirt No - His lucky (or not so lucky) number. This can change during the career of the player.
Value - The players' nominal value or strength. This can change during the career of the player.
Position - The position our hero plays. This can change during the career of the player.
College - Where the player learned his trade.
Start Year - The year the player appears in the squad.
How Acq - How the player arrived at the team. Includes, "Draft" and "Free Agent".
Height - How high can you go ?
Weight (lbs) - This could get heavy !
Retired ? - Is this player current, or has he hung up his boots ?

The big section of the Player Editor screen is the Change History.
This contains details of every change to a players' personal details, like a name change, shirt number change, or increase in nominal value.

Last Modified : Sun, 02-Dec-2001 23:07