Stats Generator / Viewer

In its simplest description, the software is a database tool that builds webpages and other documents.

I'll run through a brief look at the various features so you can get an idea of the things it can do, and the easy-life it gives me.
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This is probably the most used page in the program.
At the start of the season, each week's schedule has to be entered into this page. You'll see at the top of the window, the season and current week. Any week from any season can be viewed or changed from here, or a week completely reset if required.
Also from here, I can build the text file that our newsletter Editor gets for the Crystal Ball game headings, and the 'Schedule' webpages.

This weeks Schedule / Results


Provides an overview of the current standings. Again, this is available from any week of any season.
From this page I can also produce the Endzone file for Dave (schedule and standings), and the 'Standings' webpages.

Current Standings


If a new coach joins the fray, then this is the place to add them.
Each team is listed with the current coach. This can again be viewed from any week of any given season. I also have the ability to update subsequent weeks/season if a change is made.

Who plays where ?

Selecting a coach from here pops up the following window, allowing me to change the teams currently allocated coach to someone else.

Making the change

Of course, you need to be able to add new coaches to the database, so the button at the bottom right of the main window brings up the coaches database window. From here I can add, edit or even remove a coach from the database (although, as yet I have never removed one... who knows what would happen?)

Not another Barry Switzer !


Is it that time of the season already ?
The postseason page works much like the Schedule page. There's no intelligence in the software to work out who goes where, so I just fill in the blanks as they arrive on game-day.
Also from here I can make the Endzone postseason file and the 'Postseason' webpage. (although currently neither of these two buttons actually do anything... but I can dream)

Surely the Rams didn't LOSE a game ?


The stats page is where all the guts of the site come from. The All-Time-Records and Stats pages all come from data entered into these parts.
From here, I can load in a game-summary text file, hand-type each team's stats, and produce the 'Stats' webpages.
Where do I get a text file from ? Well, I scan the page in and convert it to ASCII. It takes around 2 (yes, TWO) minutes to do an entire weeks worth of stats, including the scanning.
If I want to type the data in by hand, I first choose the team I want to change.

Choices, choices...

That pops up another window with all the details recorded in the database. You'll notice that it's all in the order that appears on the summary pages. This means you can type without looking to see you are putting things in the right place.
You'll probably also notice that not ALL the stats are recorded (like returns). The reason is because they changed the format, and now you may get FumR or IntR or a combined total. But, there should be more than enough to be going on with...

Form filling


The misc page contains all the little toys that do all the hard work, so that I don't have to.
With a single click, I can rebuild the entire set of Coach pages, Team pages, or the ATR pages.

If that wasn't enough, I've recently been adding some new things that suck a little more but slightly different info from the database.
First up is SPLATT - (S)tupid (P)redictor (L)oses (A)ll (T)he (T)ime. SPLATT is my friendly game predictor. It tries it's best to determine, given previous games played, the outcome of the currently chosed week. SPLATT can be run for any week of any given season, and is usually about 70% accurate with its predictions. (Not bad for something so stupid)

I bet it don't work !

My newest toy is SFN, Stats For Newsletter.
Only in early development at the moment, but it should hopefully be able to produce text/csv/html for a huge variety of statistical analysis. This I'll pass on to our beloved newsletter editor for inclusion.
The idea came about because of the need to produce a Turnover table. But I thought, if I am going to go to the trouble of that, I may as well build something very generic and more useful in the longterm.
When it's done, it should be able to produce any combination of :
This weeks best of Offense for QB Rating, Yards, Rushing, Passing, Longest, First Downs, Points
This weeks worst of the above.
This weeks best of Defense for Yards, Rushing, Passing, Sacks, Safeties, First Downs, Points
This weeks worst of the above.
Single game best and worsts of the above for the whole season.
Cumulative season best and worsts of the above for the whole season.
Turnover table for current week, or cumulative weeks to current, for whole league, or just top 5 leaders and losers.

And of course, this can all be run against any week of any given season.

Ain't that a lot of stats ?


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