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16 Dec 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.12b)
Available for download.

New in this release :
Fixes problems encountered with Hotmail (MSN) formatting. (Graham B.)
Creating a PDF from a non-Gameplan report will now default to the original filename (with the extension replaced), instead of "gameplan.pdf". (Rob C.)
Added a preferences option to always enforce the original filename for PDFs even if the report is a Gameplan one.

23 Nov 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.11b)

New in this release :
Fixes a problem whereby the last page would not be generated as a PDF (Alan M.)
Some more tweaks to the definitions.xml file, changing some tag names for the stats export (Alan M.)

13 Nov 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.10b)

New in this release :
Changes to stats export : added Home/Away flag and game type indicator (pre, regular, post, etc.) (Alan M.)

02 Nov 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.9b)

New in this release :
Added XML export to stats/league report export screen.
Modified some tags in the report definitions file from being TD to more specific. Only affects the inclusion of "titles" and the XML export.
Enabled export for Formations and Calls in the report definitions file. These will now show up in the "full" stats export. (Alan M.)
Added export of Formation and Calls to stats export.
Added game name to the play-by-play screen when appropriate: usually for playoff games. (David T.)
Fixed display of "at" on the play-by-play screen, where it always displayed "at" regardless of where the game was played. (David T.)
Fixed stats export window so that it would set current delimiter correctly when opened. Note also, that defense inclusion and titles are disabled on XML export, as titles are implied in the XML, and a link is made to the opposing team in the team attribute.
Fixed problem where week 16 wasn't being reported correctly.
Fixed inadvertant crash in the player database whereby after exporting to PDF and then returning to the database, and back again would raise an exception.
Fixed the Settings File Load button on the Database export screen. It defaults to a better location.
Improved initial file-finding of settings file for the Database export. Might solve some underlying exceptions on Windows, maybe. (Alan M.)
Added new application icon! Thanks to Rob C. for the funky graphic :-)

23 Aug 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.8b)

New in this release :
Fixed hang/crash problem when opening and converting a second report (Many ;-)
Fixed problem introduced with the new parsing engine [0.5.6b] whereby some tags weren't being processed correctly, corrupting the PDF generation (Alan M.)
Fixed issue with team database not being updated and subsequently a game being played without all team details available. It now attempts to intelligently match abreviations to team names if the database is incomplete when a game replay is requested. (Rob C.)

16 Aug 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.7b)

New in this release :
Improved "league details" finding ability. Should work better for reports that don't include all the standard pages. (Gordon M.)
Added new feature for "missing teams" popup window. You can now double-click on the list of teams that gp_vcon doesn't know about, and it will create an entry for it in the Teams window. It tries also to split location and nick-name into the appropriate parts. It doesn't though set the abreviation.

15 Aug 2003 gp_vcon (0.5.6b)

New in this release :
PDF generator now escapes slashes properly (Alan M.)
Added support for changes to the email report format - tags and line wrapping.
Improved startup speed and general load/save speed of prefs files.

17 Jun 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.5b)

New in this release :
Fixed font-scaling issue whereby tab offsets appeared out of sync with text on a page. (Rob C.)
Fixed erroneous reporting of a problem that did not exist. League standings had been altered and the tags used were confusing a test with the league report. (Rob C.)
Removed vertical scrollbar from list on prefs screen.

02 Apr 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.4b)

New in this release :
Added support for XML-saved emails. Type of XML is configurable from the prefs where you can now add the tag-order from the bottom to a line of email text. New layouts can be added when required with the use of the import facility. Will provide an example import for Opera (Dave M.)
New option to export a league Schedule as XML - option only available with a report that contains the league schedule.
Re-engineered the email-loading somewhat. Hopefully this doesn't break anything.
Even more work on the AOL problem. I think I found the missing first page!

21 Mar 2003

New Teams file available.

Adds new College teams, Texans and extra nicks for such teams as Penn State etc.

14 Mar 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.3b)

New in this release :
Much improved support for AOL-emails saved as HTML (xxx.html). (Richard A.)
Better general page handling.
Hopefully finally removed the "no font" / blank page PDF problem.
Fixed Prefs folder choosing for browsing against a folder that no longer exists.
Now defaults to the application folder if it can't find it. (Dave M.)

07 Mar 2003

gp_vcon (0.5.2b)

New in this release :
Fixes problem with change to game report heading where "at" is now replaced with "and" in some reports. This broke the replay. (Rob C. & Alan M.)

26 Aug 2002

gp_vcon (0.5.1b)

New in this release :
Fixed many bugs with the Player Database :
Problems with NCAA where team name is used instead of nickname.
Coaching a no-star player didn't work as expected.
Starting a player in place of a player with no-name(!) caused the old name to still show in the original place.
Fixed problem that occurred after creating a PDF, loading a new report then creating another one - also applied to the PDF roster generation.
Better check for "blank" pages, now ignoring tags. (Rob C.)
Removes File warning from previous report, when loading a new report.

01 Jun2002

gp_vcon (0.4.6b)

New in this release :
Added ability to read BTInternet/BTOpenworld Web-based reports. (Alan M.)
Fixed problem with 'smaller' league sizes and reduced League Roundup size, sorting Player Database problem. (Dave M.)
Can now rename a team in the Player Database if it has changed (although this only works for a single team name change currently).

10 May 2002

gp_vcon (0.4.5b)

New in this release :
Added facility to compress PDF contents. Available from preferences.
Added method to read AOL webpage emails, and fixed 'Missing Font' problem with regards to AOL reports. (Richard A.)
Fixed issue with reading reports for a week where a game wasn't played. (eg. wild-card bye week) (Mark D.)
Removed unrequired message when cancelling a report load.
Fixed duplicate save warning in player database.

07 May 2002

gp_vcon (0.4.4b)

New in this release :
Added ability to read Hotmail-based emails. Re-builds the report into its original format. (Phil P.)
Added new preference to set the Font and Font Size of the play-by-play text. (Phil P.)
Fixed the page-overflow problem again. Somehow managed to comment out the code!
Fixed 'missing font' problem in PDF export. Now explicitly sets font on every new page.
Fixed problem on PDF export handling some Baseball reports with lots of <T> tags.

07 Apr 2002

gp_vcon (0.4.3b)

New in this release :
Re-organised the main screen (again!).
Added Fixtures and Standings screen. Now able to view schedules/fixtures and standings for current season and next season if generated. Can generate following season fixtures from end-of-season standings. Exports both Fixtures and Standings as csv per the endzone1 website format. (currently only for 24-team leagues)
Fixed problem with some report pages not being recognised correctly.
Added option to set all folders to same in Preferences. (Rob C.)
Fixed number of characters allowed in Conf and Div of Team Editor. (Rob C.)
Fixed minimize/maximize problem with stats window not restoring on close. (Dave M.)

New in 0.4.2b :
Added option of exporting defensive stats in Stats Export.
Fixed column title-duplication on stats export (Dave M.)

28 Mar 2002

gp_vcon (0.4.1b)

New in this release :
Fixed issue with negative average yards in League Report : avg-4.0. (Rob C.)
Fixed Stats export to export slash-delimited values correctly.

New in 0.4.0b :
Added Player Database - Rosters.
Can track rosters for ALL teams, given the league roundup as a basis to start from.
Can Export to csv and custom templates.
Templates have over 60 commands available, and are almost unlimited in use.
(Opens way to including player names in Enhanced replay.)

Added better Help documentation to distribution, in HTML format.
Added better Error handling for corrupt files. Should now be able to determine two common kinds of errors, and report accordingly.
Ability to Fix the AOL tag-stripping problem. Only fixes <P> tags, as these are the most important. (Richard A.)
Ability to Fix leading-space stripped files. Only fixes play-by-play lines, and Credit & Payment box on turnsheet. (David T.)
Fixed PDF formatting issue with text rolling off the bottom of pages.
Now creates a new page when necessary to add this text onto, then page-feeds to the following page, as per the printed reports and the printer program.
Added .eml file extension for email file types. (Rob C.)

29 Jan 2002

gp_vcon (0.3.1b)

New in this release :
Added Sort by Team column to Stats window. (default is on)
Split field goals, ep, cp, 3rd and 4th downs into separate columns.
- Added Houston Oilers to teams file.

New in 0.3.0b :
Added Stats Export window (Currently allows Min & Full export only).
Extract specific data in a customized format (csv, tab, custom).
Added field-position display to standard replay, showing start of drive marker, current ball position, and 1st down marker. This should give help visualize field position etc.

Updated Teams file
Includes updated college teams.
If yours is not there, email us, and we'll add it.

23 Jan 2002

gp_vcon (0.2.1b)

New in this release :
Team Editor
Improved replay window, with larger text.
Automated installer for Windows. Launch the application and follow the instructions to install.
Example reports. Both an example email-file and PDF are now included for review before you consider committing yourself to changing to emailed reports.

Updated Teams file
Includes updated college teams.
If yours is not there, email us, and we'll add it.

20 Jan 2002 New Teams file
Fixes the Carolina abreviation. (downloads )
19 Jan 2002 gp_vcon (0.1.0b)
Available for download.
16 Jan 2002 Coming Soon ! ! !
First Release. ( 0.1.0b )
This is the first public beta release of gp_vcon, and as such should be considered "work-in-progress". However, there I believe there is enough funcionality to have it out there.
Feedback is MOST welcome, especially of any bugs found.

What's new in 0.1.0b :
Save report as PDF file.
Export league reports as text file - complete team per line.
Replay a game in Standard Mode - Watch the game, play-by-play, as if you were reading it from the report itself.

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