Joining A League
If you take over a position in an existing league then you will be sent a copy of the roster for that team. If you join a new league starting up then you will receive an initial selection list with which to set up your initial roster. Once the league is full a deadline will be set (the end of pre-season deadline). You must make your initial roster selection before the deadline.


Initial Selection List
Each team has an initial selection list to itself, and each list of forty to fifty players is different (although they all look the same). Players on the list are identified by draft number and their strengths are indicated by the usual nominal value and nominal category. Ages are random.


Initial Roster
You may make any selection of players that will fit on your roster, to a total of 20 points nominal value (see also Quarterbacks and Defense for other restrictions on your initial selection, and Variations for a possible exception). Identify the players you want by draft number and give each a shirt number and name (see Player Names & Numbers). Each player on the list may only be ,selected once. If you make mistakes then your selection will be changed.


20 Point Limit
The restriction on your initial selection is that the total nominal value must be exactly 20 (but see Variations). Don't forget, you're picking the "star" players of the team only. This limit applies ONLY to your initial selection, and after this there is no limit on the total value of your roster.


You must pick a quarterback, and should NOT pick a backup quarterback. If you want a passing team then don't forget to pick some pass protection - your quarterback won't thank you for asking him to pass from underneath a pile of linebackers.


You must pick at least four players on defense (DLs, LBs and DBs). This restriction does not apply in future seasons, because by then you will have seen what happens to teams that don't have defenses. You must also choose a defensive formation by nominating one of the defensive linemen or linebackers to play NT or MLB (see Defense Formation).


League Roundup
After the pre-season deadline the league roundup and schedule are issued along with the results of the pre-season games. The schedule lists all the games to he played each week. The first round of games is a round of scheduled pre-season games. The league roundup lists the teams and coaches involved in the league along with an outline of their rosters (the star players, with their nominal values and nominal categories only).


Your GM may change the 20 point initial roster limit to a value of his own choosing (the same value applies for all teams in the league). If this is done then the alternative value will be given on your initial selection list. The other selection rules and restrictions remain unchanged.