Twelve special teams plays are included, and you can call most of them (some are automatically called for you), train and key on them. The special teams formations are called by the computer as and when necessary. In the advanced game, they may be used on fourth down plays to set up fake field goals and punts, and to identify possible fake situations on defense (see advanced guide).


Field Goals
The two field goal plays, Field Goal Attempt (FG) and Field Goal Block (FB) are automatically called for you when you or your opponent attempt a field goal. Note that training on the field goal block play counts both for blocking field goal attempts and preventing your opponent from blocking your kicks.


On kickoffs you have the option of calling Normal Kickoffs (KO) and Squib Kickoffs (KS). Squib kickoffs are much shorter, and returns are rare. There is also a chance for the kicking team to recover the ball on squib kickoffs. Training on kickoffs (KO) will improve your kickoff coverage (reducing the returns of your opponents). You cannot call Onside Kickoffs (ON), but the computer will automatically call them for you in desperation situations.


Corner Punts (PC) are the same as Normal Punts (PN) when kicking within your own half. However, in opposition territory your punter aims to kick out of bounds within the 20 yard line. These are generally shorter than a normal punt, but no return is allowed.


Punt Returns
Long Punt Returns (PV) involve gadgets and more adventurous return plays than Normal Punt Returns (PR) (usually with two returners deep rather than one). There is a greater chance of long returns, but also more risk of fumbles or no return at all. The Punt Block (PB) play makes increased effort on blocking the punt rather than setting up the return (usually removing the blockers who hold up the "gunners" who chase down the returner), so returns will be poor.


Kickoff Returns
Long Kickoff Returns (KV) differ from normal Kickoff Returns (KR) in that they involve gadgets, such as reverses, pitch outs and so on, with a greater chance of long returns but more chance of being stuffed after a short return or no return at all.