Downloadable PDFs

Gameplan Manuals

Here you can download the Version 2.15 Gameplan Manuals as PDFs.

Basic Game An introduction to Gameplan, and a guide to filling in the Turnsheets, explaining each section in detail.
Rosters Guide The Rosters Guide contains everything you need to know about player strengths, form, training, coaching, and the draft.
Playbook A player-position and play-by-play guide to formations on offense, defense and special teams.

Gameplan Turnsheets

This is the standard Gameplan Turnsheet, but as a PDF. Looks almost identical apart from some generic boxes at the top of the page (for Coach name, team and league).

Gameplan Turnsheet (R) Regular-season style Turnsheet, which includes the Special Action, Select Starter & Free Agent boxes.
Gameplan Turnsheet (P) Post-season style Turnsheet without the Special Action section.


Here you can download the Version 1.4 Empires Manuals as PDFs.

Empires Rules These rules give you all the information you need to take control of your nation and lead them to victory.


Note : These files are provided as an aid, may contain errors, and as such, are not intended to replace the documents provided by the folks at Gameplan.

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