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A Week in Review

If you haven't seen it yet, I've no idea how you got here !!
The Review page has replaced the main splash page for the AB website. It shows the results for the current week, the weeks' top performances, and the current streaks for all the teams. With the results, you can follow the image to view the detailed summary for that game. Also, each team name is a link to that team page, allowing easy access to all the information you require !!

Don't have too much fun now :o)

Team Rosters

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, we now have "current" rosters available for every team !! On each team page there is now a link, below the coach list, that will take you directly to that teams' roster page. At the moment, the rosters are just a static single page per team, as generated by gp_vcon, but the aim in the future is to have a complete history of players and rosters. We'll keep you posted on future developments.

Gameplan Interactive !

You've heard them talking about it, now you too can try out the software that's taking the Gameplan world by storm.
Are you one of the many that like to read your game, play-by-play, but struggle in vain not to accidently see the outcome before you've finished reading it ? Do you have problems covering the page, trying not to notice any bold text further down?
Wouldn't it be nice if all that was taken care for you, and all you had to do was sit in front of your computer-screen and enjoy the game, safe in the knowledge that you could watch the game without finding out ?
Well, you can now !!
gp_vcon is a new program that lets you do just that. Feed in an emailed Gameplan text file, and it will replay the game for you. Also included is a facility to save the report as PDF, just in case you want a handy copy of it on your travels.

Follow this Link for more details !

And you don't even need to be receiving Gameplan by email to give it a go, as an example report is included in the distribution.
If you like it, then all you have to do is request that Danny send you trial report by email, and maybe you too will be glued to the screen...

HOW TO PLAY !!!!!!!

The complete set of Guides are now online in HTML for on the site, in the How To Play section.
Use the quick-link Contents page to find your way around quickly.

Apart from the basics, we've added pictures of each offensive formation, to help you see what's going on.
At some point, we hope to have a full set of animations showing every offensive and defensive play in action !! Hold yer breath ! It's gonna rock.

Progress Report

Placed a couple of images on the site to show the work-in-progress for the Player section.
The images show various screens in the proggy used to create the site. Follow this link for more information.

Inside the NUMBERS !

Just in time for Christmas... a brand-spanking new section.
Twelve (yes, 12 !!) new pages of analytical information of the NFLAB.
You didn't realise there was SO MUCH DEPTH in there, did you ?

Interested in finding out who scored most points in last season in the 3rd quarter combined ? It's all there !
Need to know who is the best team over the past four seasons for fewest yards allowed, most turnovers, or most points? It's all there...
Find these, and more, in the new, Inside the Numbers, section.

Even MORE Team-Histories

Just when you thought you couldn't get any more information on your favourite team, along comes a new section to each team page.
In the 'Last Season' section, you'll notice at the bottom, a new link which takes you to a Season Summaries History page.
What is it, I hear you ask ?
Well, it is in fact, the 'Last Season' section going back with each year to the beginning.
Wondered how your team did in the 1999 season ? Now you can do a quick look up on the Season Summaries History page, and a break down is presented there for you. And of course, each game listed in the schedule has a direct link to its' game summary page.

Get Rated !!!

Get the details behind the number-crunching that is, The Quarterback Rating.
Part of the new NFLAB Live, the QB Rating Calculator lets you see exactly how to go about working out the rating, just like the Pros.
Follow the signs to the Stats section for more details.


Have now added Defense to the Current Statistics section. Okay, so it's only another 5 new things to look at this time. Consider it a minor update...

Yes, you've guessed it. There are now even MORE pages with even MORE tables of stats to look at.
Why not take a wander to the newly re-designed Stats pages.

NFLAB Live !!

You'll notice some subtle changes on the site recently.
The main one you'll come across is the NFLAB Live image. This indicates a page that you can interract with in some way.
It might be an interractive Flash movie, or it may just be the ability to sort tables in different orders, but all done in an effort to make your life that little bit more enjoyable.

It's better if you can play, rather than just watch !!!!

Schedules / Standings.

The Schedules / Standings pages (see the Schedule link from the menu) have been re-designed with an eye to easier navigation and maintenance.
Also added (while I was in there) is the ability to click on a Team name to take you to its page. This works in both the Schedule AND Standings page. You may also notice the links to Game Summaries, where appropriate.
I've also tagged on the first verion of the Playoff Schedule/Results page as a link (see 'Post', on the Schedule page). It is an early try at a concept of displaying the post season stuff, and so may change if or when I decide it needs it.

Team Pages - EVEN NEWER and Improved !

Just added : Current Season stats, by week.

Big things have been happening on the Team page front.
The All-Time Team vs Team records have been moved onto their own separate pages, with a link above the 'Team Records'.
Why all the rearranging ?
Well, under the 'Team Records' section on each page there is now a LOT more information.
Firstly there's a roundup of last-season, with schedule/results, score by quarter, and a statistics summary.
But that's not all. At the bottom of the page, you can now find a 'History' section. This has a year-by-year roundup of various stats, together with complete totals for a team and its opponents.

Game Summaries

Ever wanted to find out more details on a particular game, other than just who won ?
Well, now you can. Anywhere you see a , is a link to the game summary for that game.

Post Season Games

Coaches now show any titles they have attained. This is for both a coach's career and for each season played.

Also, in the Coach-v-Coach, and Team-v-Team sections, you'll find any Post Season games are now highlighted with an appropriate indicator :

[WC][WC] - Wild Card
[DC][DC] - Divisional Championship game
[CC][CC] - Conference Championship game
[SB] - Superbowl

The colours, Red and Blue, indicate AFC and NFC respectively, for Post Season games other than the Superbowl.

Still going on...

All-Time-Records Huge job that I'm currently in the middle of. You may have noticed the 'ATR' menu.
'Game' and 'Season' records are up now, and some of the 'consecutive games' records, with the headers for ALL the other potential records. Just a few of the wierd and wonderful records still to do.
Stats Only the 1995 season to go ! ! !
Post Season (SS) I think a Post Season Schedule section will be good. It will go well with the current Regular Season Schedule and standings pages. Maybe also a Superbowl sub-section, listing only the superbowl games.
Post Season (Stats) Got to work out how to include stats for Post Season games. Would likely be in addition to the ATR section.
May also split it into Post Season and Superbowl.

Have fun !

Last Modified : Tue, 30-Apr-2002 20:20