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by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well so far it's been a fairly thin (so thin, positively anorexic) postbag. I've started typing this up on Tuesday 29 December, as tomorrow I'm off to Scotland to celebrate the New Year. I should be back on Sunday, and I've got Monday off. So with luck I should have some post, and the time to type it up, when I get back. If, something goes wrong (I hope not) I'll apologise now. Not really the start I'd want for the New Year, but have piss-up will travel.
Well I got back without any hick-ups, and have a letter from Jon, so his stuff will be included. There's probably an e-mail from Graham, but as I haven't been at work between Christmas and the New Year, I don't know for sure. If I get the opportunity I'll pop into work tomorrow and see what's there.

Just seen the games from Saturday, which I recorded. The Bills were unlucky, but with 6 turnover. What do you expect? Must have made a mistake with the Arizona game, as I missed the last 8 minutes. But saw the result on tele-text, so I didn't miss much, saw all the scoring drives. Getting all ready to watch the Pats game, and it's NOT ON! They're showing the highlights tomorrow, great. They're showing the 49ers game live, which will, I'm sure, give me the result of the Pats game. What's the bloody point of having SKY if they don't show all the play-off games. Well I'm going to write to them and complain, not much point, but someone has to. Well that enough of my ranting, lets get on with the newsletter.

Usually not much point, as most teams experiment with their pre-season game. Especially this year, as it's now 2.15. But as it looks like a thin postbag, and I'd rather have, even just a single page for a newsletter, than nothing at all. So here goes, and no I won't be including these (wild) predictions in the weekly running totals (unless I get a bloody high percentage).

Gerald : Both of theses coaches will be up for it. Both wanting to prove a point after losses to the Superbowl Champ. Tough one to call, especially as I'm sure they will experiment. But homefield should see the Bills home, but only just. Bills by 3.

Gerald : Again homefield should be the real difference. Jets by 7.

Gerald : Battle of the 1st round losers. Not sure how well the Run 'n Shoot will work, especially with such big 'D's in AB. But what the hell, it might just work. Pats by 3.

Gerald : I'm going for a clean sweep for the AFC East. Fish by 10.

Gerald : Can't see Peter losing. Not a great scoring game as the Bengals will be testing new plays. Bengals by 10.

Gerald : Bears by 10.

Gerald : Shouldn't be too tough for the Vikes, but experimenting can produce some funny results. Vikes by 6.

Gerald : After a high from the Con-Bowl, Alan will want a good start to the season. What better start then whipping the Lions. Oilers by 21.

Gerald : Probably game of the week (just edging out the Eagles @ Bills). Homefield will be important, but it's been proven, that can mean nothing if you've a good coach and team (Bills play-off record, proved that). The Champs have their first (of many?) loss. But only just. Hawks by 4.

Gerald : Another tough game to call. Both teams were good last season, and have great coaches. It's going to go to the wire, useless one of them is really experimenting. Falcons by 3.

Gerald : Saints by 10.

by Graham Canwell  


Gerald to All : Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. Hope the family didn't drive you too mad.

Gerald to Graham : Sorry didn't get a chance to pop into work, so I'll inculed whatever you sent, for the next newsletter.

Gerald to Graham & Alan : Congratulations on your wins, and both of you getting 2 TD's from returns made all the difference.

Gerald to All : I forgot in last weeks round-up of the Rammys to mention Richard Oggs achievement. In week 8 of last season, he did the clean sweep, of Offence, Defence & Coaching Rammys.

Gerald to Jon : I'll do a prediction for the coming season for next week, not got much time to do now. Still recovering from the New Year.......

Gerald to Graham : That 2.15 game we had was bloody close, all I want for the New Year, is Special Teams. I could have at least tied the game if I hadn't missed that 34 yd FG. Oh well looks like I'll be saving those LP's for a while.

Jon to Graham : Well done (spit, spit!)

Jon to Richard : Nearly 2-in-a-row.

Jon to Gerald : What do you mean - give yourself clap? The Clap? A clap?

Gerald to Jon : Thanks, what do you think I meant...... It was obviously a typo.

The Coming Season

By Jon Heath

AFC East

  1. Bills : They've got a coach with at least one 2.15 Superbowl behind him and a good squad, led by the leagues most talented QB. Look for an increased emphasis on the passing game this season.
  2. Dolphins : They have an experienced coach and will look to build on last season with the help of an extremely strong squad. Probable W/C.
  3. Pats : Another team that will go to the air more this season (what gives you that impression? Ed). Outside chance of a W/C, but may suffer from a lack of variation.
  4. Jets : I said they'd finish 4th last season, and was proved very wrong. All the same, I'll say it again. They'd do better in a weaker division.

AFC Central

  1. Bengals : Should be able to do just enough to hold onto their division tittle, but could be a little hampered by a slightly weak offensive line.
  2. Oilers : I keep saying that they should be doing better. They've had another good draft, and this year they'll challenge for a W/C or even the division.
  3. Steelers : A good coach will be hampered by a very weak QB, and not enough strength at RB to take the pressure off.
  4. Browns : No coach, no offensive line, no linebacker. No chance.

AFC West

  1. Chiefs :Awesome squad, highly experienced coach and about time they had some luck as well.
  2. Broncos : Will push the Chiefs all the way, but be pushed just as hard by the Seahawks. W/C.
  3. Seahawks : Will still do well, but may just fall short in a very strong division. Possible W/C.
  4. Raiders : No change there.

NFC East

  1. Redskins : Best squad and a really scary set of DB's could actually give Paul the title.
  2. Cowboys : I would put them 1st, but I'm hedging my bets as his draft suggests the possibility of an absent coach.
  3. Eagles : With no form carry-over to help out and a poor record overall in 2.15, a big fall for the Eagles.
  4. Cardinals : Could surprise a few along the way, but the division is still too tough.

NFC Central

  1. Vikings : Showed good potential last season and have a squad that most of the NFC would like.
  2. Bears : The only other team that might still have a coach.
  3. Buccs : Hello! Is anyone home?
  4. Lions :

NFC West

  1. Rams : Because he just seems to do too well, regardless of squad strength.
  2. Falcons : A scary defence should be able to keep the Falcons in most games, but they'll suffer from the loss of some experienced player in the off-season. W/C.
  3. Saints : Look for a big improvement from this team, which is only really lacking a good DB now. Possible W/C.
  4. 49ers : Had a tough time in the draft, which has caused a real weakness at WR and that will make it hard work during the season.

While I think of it, Superbowl weekend, 30/31st January. Some of us, Probably Jon, Peter, Paul, myself and others. Will be meeting up in London for a few drinks. Not too sure where, but I'll let you know. As to the game it self, as we've got B SKY B(. We'll probably be watching it here. But that's not been decided yet either, really usefully ain't I.
So give me a ring and let me know if you can make it for the drinks, or even the game. Because as far as I know, if you ain't got satellite/cable, you won't be able to see the game live. I know Channel 5 are showing the game 24hours later (oh that's useful isn't it), but what's the point...

Anyway, all the best for the coming year in AB, your teams in the Play-offs, and in life in general. Here's to a great Superbowl, I'm going for the Patriots vs. Falcons. Mad fool that I am.

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