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Week 1

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well it's down to the Jets/Broncos vs Falcons/Vikings for the Superbowl. Which is going to make someone unhappy, in my household, anyway. As I share with a Viking fan, and Paul Meskill (Falcons fan) will be coming over to watch the game. Looks like I'll have to be a Falcons fan for the day. And then hope the Broncos can whip the Jets (Parcells, par, spit, git, spit, spit) by more than they did against the Dolphins the week before. Not that I hate Parcells, but......

As you know some of us play in NFLB, a v21.5 league. Which will give us no help, what so ever for the coming season in AB. As in NFLB, we don't have any defence, and can score 40+ points without too many problems. AB however is other matter, just look at my attempt at a run'n'shoot last week, well I'll just have to work at it. Anyway, the reason for mention NFLB, is the good news from Peter Calcraft about weeks 11 - 16. As you know, we don't get any loosing points, and in some cases, there's no real reason to play to win. But Peter had introduced in NFLB, and other leagues I'm sure will follow. A record tally.
The computer will keep track of you results (games won, games won & narrow losses against teams with higher standing, and teams that improve down the stretch). This tally goes into the compensation routine (in the season update) so that you get more LPs if the compensation routine is triggered (and it's easier to trigger it). Teams that don't achieve much in late in the season will be unaffected (the compensation routine is unchanged, except you can trigger the bonus). This means it's a really good idea to turn opponents over in the last few weeks of the season. Hopefully we will see this in Wk 11 of out current season, as I think it's a very good idea.

Thanks to Jon & Graham for this week's contribution. Come on guys, New Year, new resolution: Write into the newsletter...

BB (L1) @ CL (L1)
Gerald : The Bills were meant to have a re-building season last year, and they got to the Superbowl. So god help us all in the AFC East, this time around. Bills win comfortably by 14.
Jon : Can't see the Browns being much of a threat without a new coach. Bills by 10.
Graham : BB by 10.

NJ (L1) @ HO (L1)
Gerald : It should be a good season for Alan and the Oilers after his good run in the Con-Bowl, but I can't see it starting yet. Jets by 3.
Jon : This could be a useful pointer to both teams chances this season. Oilers by 1.
Graham : NJ by 6.

NE (W1) @ SS (W1)
Gerald : What a way to start, the Seahawks............
Jon : After beating the Rams, the Pats shouldn't be so much of a challenge. Seahawks by 3.
Graham : SS by 3.

MD (W1) @ DB (L1)
Gerald : Denver by 10.
Jon : This could be a very good match-up, but I feel the Dolphins have the edge, due to their defence. Miami by 1.
Graham : DB by 3.

CI (W1) @ KC (W2)
Gerald : This could be Ian's season. But teams are now a lot tougher to beat, than in the past. But with that squad, he might just do it. Homefield may just be the edge the Chiefs need. Chiefs by 3.
Jon : A tough start for the AFC Central Champions, as they take on the mighty Chiefs squad. These two could well meet again in the AFC Championship. Chiefs by 3.
Graham : CI by 1.

PS (W1) @ OR (L4)
Gerald : Raiders carry-on as last year. Either they lose close games, or get wasted. This week it will be close. Steelers by 3.
Jon : New season, new Gameplan version - does this mean some wins for the Raiders? Nah. Steelers by 7.
Graham : PS by 7.

PE (W1) @ MV (L1)
Gerald : Jon's had some practice with v2.15 in NFLB, and is going very well. But AB has defence (which we don't have in NFLB), which will make it interesting. I'll go with homefield. Vikings by 3.
Jon : Hopefully my 'O' will perform like they have in the pre-season. Eagles by 1.
Graham : PE by 3.

DC (W2) @ DL (W1)
Gerald : Cowboys by 14.
Jon : Cowboys start with a bang. Dallas by 10.
Graham : DC by 14.

WR (L1) @ SR (W8)
Gerald : What a way to start the season, playing the Superbowl Champions. Paul's 'D' should keep him in it, unless he commits the cardinal sin. Turnovers! Again, homefield will be an important factor. But no real surprise, unless Paul's gets lucky. Rams by 5.
Jon : An early chance for the Redskins to stake their claim. They could do it, but I don't think they'll quite manage it. rams by 3.
Graham : SR by 3.

AC (L9) @ AF (W1)
Gerald : Falcons by 10.
Jon : Not the sort of start the Cards would have wanted. Falcons by 7.
Graham : AF by 14.

TB (L1) @ SF (L6)
Gerald : The 49ers start off well, win a convincing win over the Buccs. 49ers by 17.
Jon : The 49ers should be able to make the Buccs struggle. SF by 6.
Graham : SF by 10.

CB (W3) @ NO (L8)
Gerald : Bears by 10.
Jon : The Bears can blow hot & cold, and I reckon that the Saints will turn the heat up in New Orleans. Saints by 1
Graham : CH by 3.

by Graham Canwell  



Gerald to Jon & Graham : May the best tipster win.

Gerald to Paul M. : Congratulations on getting your name in print. If anyone missed it, Paul got a letter printed in First Down, this week whinging about the Falcons winning. Ok that's a little bit unfair, he was complaining about the 13 men on the field for the 49ers. But hell Paul, you won, so don't fret.

Graham to All : Surprised and obviously rather delighted to win the Superbowl so comfortably. Perhaps experience was the key (Nar, you jammy git. Ed), especially on defence where we've had some shaky moments in the second half of the season but came through magnificently in the Big One. The all-round quality of the effort was perhaps best illustrated by the fact that our four TDs included 1 rushing, 1 passing, 1 defence and 1 special teams. The Bills run 'D' kept out rushing offence fairly quite, but at least that did set up the passing game from where the bulk of the yardage emerged. The secret to our success, though, is turnovers and we again committed none, with Chris Millers error-free effort amply making up for the interception which cost us last years Superbowl. This Superbowl was much less expected by me than the one 2 years ago and much more satisfying for that (I didn't have to beat the 'Hawks to get this one, either!) but you don't get much time to enjoy it because the new ball game of v2.15 is upon us and we know that everyone's out to get us...

Graham to Jon : From an NFC point of view, although we got our butts kicked in the regular season it should be noted that both my NFC playoff games (where I was at home) were tougher than the Superbowl clash with the AFC.

Gerald to Graham : OK, that's it this means war. We let you lot (NFC) win two games in the interconference, last season. But this time we won't be so generous.

Graham to Richard : Bad luck, but as you pointed out you have a much younger squad and your chance will surely come again.

Graham to Gerald : The v2.15 friendly was a great game - shame we don't meet for real this year. Unless....

Graham to All : Hope everyone got to enjoy the 49ers real NFL play0ff exit, despite the bent refs attempts to save them

The Coming Season

By Gerald Udowiczenko

AFC East

  1. Bills. They look too good on 'O'. And if last season was anything to go by, we in the East could be in trouble. 14-1-1.
  2. Patriots. Even with experimenting with the run 'n'shoot. I hope I still have enough firepower on 'O' to edge most games. The 'D' hasn't really changed much, so as long as it improves we've got a shot at a W/C. 10-5-1.
  3. Dolphins. If they weren't in the Division of Death, they could win a division. May just nick a W/C. 10-6.
  4. Jets. The Division of Death strikes again. Will start well, but lose it towards the end of the season. Even so a winning record. 8-7-1.

AFC Central

  1. Bengals. Even with the team getting crippled in the off season. I think coach Seymour has got what it takes to win the division, but it will be tight. 12-4.
  2. Steelers. Will keep the pressure up on the Bengals, and hope they to slip up. If they do will capitalise on it, but will just fail. W/C maybe. 10-6.
  3. Oilers. After a good run in the Con-Bowl. Alan's shown us he's still got it, but it's going to be tough. At least a winning record, this time around. 9-7.
  4. Browns. Could compete for the 1st draft choice. 3-12-1.

AFC West

  1. Seahawks. This could be the Division of Death, expect for the Raiders, Derek will have a tough time of it, but class will shine through in the end. 11-4-1.
  2. Chiefs. This could be the season the Chiefs return back to full strength, but only if they start well. In with a chance of a W/C, but will just fall short. 9-6-1.
  3. Broncos. Should get a winning record, but just short of a W/C. 9-7.
  4. Raiders. Can't see them getting a winning record. They need a new direction. 2-15.

NFC East

  1. Eagles. Even with his complaining about how bad the team is, remember Graham last season, and look what happened there. Jon's too good a coach, and has the luck when needed to win those important games. 10-6.
  2. Cowboys. Should keep it close with the Eagles, but will just miss out on the division, should be a W/C though. 9-7.
  3. Redskins. Should be good enough for a W/C, but needs a little luck, which has been missing the last couple of seasons. 9-7.
  4. Cardinals. In another division, and with a little luck the Cards might get a winning record, but in the East, no chance. 6-10.

NFC Central

  1. Vikings. Have a good squad, and showed some good from last season. 10-6.
  2. Bears. Will be fighting for the division, but I think will just lose out. W/C maybe? 9-7.
  3. Buccs. Even with no at home, should cause problems. Hopefully the rest of the division will be able to cope. 8-8.
  4. Lions. Can't really see an improvement I doubt anyone is at home. Competing for 1st draft pick again. 4-12.

NFC West

  1. Falcons. I think this year will be the year of the 'Flappy, flap, flap'. As long as Paul wins the important clashes against the Rams, he should just sneak the division. If not, defiantly a W/C. 10-6.
  2. Rams. Graham, just seems to have the luck of the Devil, and he's a fine gameplan coach as well. Will just miss out on the division, but will be in the play-offs no doubt. 10-6.
  3. Saints. Could do well, but in the same division as the Falcons & Rams will find it hard. Will just miss out on a W/C. 9-7.
  4. 49ers. Thinks should get better, but they're at least another season away form competing for anything. 7-9.

Well I'll have to lave it short this week, just a reminder about the Superbowl weekend, 30/31st January. It looks like if we are meeting up for a drink in London, it will be the Saturday, but ring me to confirm, because everything is still up in the air. Also don't forget those Pro-Bowl forms.

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