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Week 3

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Little time to write this up, as Iíve got another newsletter to get out. But as always thanks to Graham & Jon for this weekís newsletter.

PS (L1) @ BB (W2) Last Season (10 - 20)
Gerald : The Bills look unstoppable at the moment, canít really see the Steelers beating them. But with a little luck the Bills will throw a season high 8 interceptions. Me Bitter ëní Twisted, Yeah, you bet I am. Even so, Bills by 10.
Jon : The Bills have set out their stall early this season, with 2 wins and a 50-3 points tally. I canít see the Steelers being able to make a huge difference. Bills by 14.
Graham : BB by 20

CI (W3) @ NJ (W2) Last Season (26 - 20)
Gerald : The Bengals could have a problem if they need to out-score the Jets. But the Bengals ëDí will come to the rescue. Bengals by 3.
Jon :
This should be a good match-up. The Bengals have squeaked their first 2 games, but been miserly on defence. Whilst the Jets have been somewhat more free-scoring. Iíll go with homefield. Jets by 1.
Graham : NJ by 10

OR (L6) @ NE (L2) Last Season (16 - 17)
Gerald : No Comment. Except, Why me? Why this week?
Jon : This should be fun. The new coach of ABís most dismal team over the last 3 seasons goes head to head against a coach who is dismally failing with his new approach. Raiders by 3.
Graham : NE by 10

KC (L2) @ MD (L2) Last Season (16 - 21)
Gerald : Canít see it getting any better for Ian. Homefield sees the Fish home, but only just. Fish by 3.
Jon : Both teams have been disappointing so far this season (again) and to be honest I havenít got a clue. Dolphins by 1, at a guess.
Graham : MD by 1

DB (W2) @ CL (L2) Last Season (21 - 14)
Gerald : Broncos stay on top of the division with a high scoring win over the Browns. Broncos by 17.
Jon : No coach in Cleveland means Broncos by 10.
Graham : DB by 10

SS (W3) @ TO (W1) Last Season (23 - 10)
Gerald : Canít really see Alan wining, even at home. The Seahawks look just too good at the moment. Hawks by 6,
Jon : This will be a real test of the Oilers credentials for the season. They were good last week, but bad in week 1. If they challenge here, they are genuinely a threat. Seahawks by 1.
Graham : SS by 3

CB (L1) @ PE (W3) Last Season (10 - 33)
Gerald : Jon must have been dreading this week. But after their slip-up last week against the Buccs, youíve got to wonder if the Buccs arenít going to win the division again. On the road to the Eagles will be hard for Neil. Too hard I fear. Eagles by 14.
Jon : After last weeks result for the Bears Iím hopeful. Eagles by 7.
Graham : PE by 17

TB (W2) @ DC (W4) Last Season (0 - 13)
Gerald : The Boys shouldnít really have any problems against the Buccs, but Lady Luck sure is a Tampa fan. Even so, it will be tight. Maybe even an overtime game? Cowboys by 3 OT
Jon : The Buccs may be 2-0, but they still shouldnít be too much of a challenge for the Cowboys. Dallas by 7.
Graham : DC by 10

NO (L10) @ WR (L3) Last Season (7 - 31)
Gerald : Skins by 10.
Jon : I did think that the Saints would be looking better than their current record. Trouble is they could be 0-3 after this week. Redskins by 3.
Graham : WR by 13

SF (L8) @ AC (L11) Last Season (17 - 0)
Gerald : Somebody is going to break their duck. Iíll go with homefield. Card by 6.
Jon : At least somebody will have a win after this. Cards by 1.
Graham : AC by 1

AF (W3) @ MV (L3) Last Season (10 - 34)
Gerald : Paulís ëDí is doing wonders at the moment, but they were against relativity easy teams. This week should be more of a test, but even so. Falcons by 7.
Jon : The Vikings are another team that have disappointed so far. Falcons by 7.
Graham : AF by 10

SR (W10) @ DL (W1) Last Season (31 - 7)
Gerald : What can I sayÖÖ The gits just scoring too many points and now heís got the Lions. Easy win for Graham. When will his luck run out? Rams by 17.
Jon : The Rams bandwagon just keeps on rolling. Rams by 14.
Graham : SR by 6

by Graham Canwell (Week 2)  
Offence NY Jets A second consecutive offensive award for the Jets, who again showed the potency of their aerial attack despite switching the emphasis back to the ground game this week.
Defence Tennessee A magnificent effort in Steeltown in the Sunday Night Game to stake their claim as the prime challengers to the defending Bengals in the AFC Central.
Coach Ogg (BB) A surprise to see the Pats shut out. The Bills already look a good bet to go one better than last year.
Offence St. Louis Great pass protection to set up the terrific passing stats, and the running game was quite nice too. Good job, considering the continued dodginess of the 'D'
Defence Detroit Tough competition from the Eagles, but the Lions effort was just too destructive to pass by. Oh look, and I go there this week. Lovely!!
Coach Heath (PE) Won what was easily the Game of the Week in the NFC, and did it without his offence getting into gear.
Barry Switzer Award Drew Bledsoe (NE QB) Showed why his coach whinges about him so much by making up for last week's interception- free effort in a big big way.


(Messages from week 1 that missed the newsletter)

Graham to Jon : Great start. Nice to see the D back. Championship Game again ???

Graham to Paul S : Bad luck. I'd shoot that punter if I were you (put him out of your misery).

Graham to Gerald : Tough start. Seahawks and now Bills. Don't envy you that.

(Now onto our regular service)

Gerald to Richard : My Mother always said, ëif youíve got nothing nice to say, say nothingí So, NOTHING!

Gerald to Jon : Re, your comments about the Chiefs, Fish & Vikings being disappointing so far this season. You do realise that the season is ONLY 2 games OLD, donít you?

Jon to Gerald : So you didnít learn from Paulís failure with the ëBung & Bootí offence then?

Gerald to Jon : As last season it was the bloody turnovers that cost me, and as you will see from this weeks results (I hope so anyway) I will mix it up.

Jon to Paul S. : Good Red Zone ëDí.

Jon to Lewis : Welcome to the league. Youíre in a tough division. Good luck.

Graham to Paul M : Not only did the damned Broncos win, but now Elway is threatening to carry on to go for a 3-peat. Noooooooooooooo!!

Gerald to Graham : Whatís wrong with the AFC winning for a change. Hereís hoping that the NFC has to wait nearly as long (13 years?) until they can win the big one.

Graham to Peter S : Great job with the reporting. Look forward to future efforts (unless they contain in-depth analysis of Ram humiliations!)

Graham to Gerald : Perhaps you should send Drew on a training course this week.

Graham to All : I notice the ten unbeaten teams are last yearís ten playoff teams. I hope the season isn't going to be just a rerun (although, come to think of it . . . .)

Not much time or space, so Iíll sign off and start licking my wounds. As I canít see things getting any betterÖÖ. Bitter ën Twisted, meÖÖ?

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