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Week 4

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well I've got my first win under my belt. Here's hoping that I can go 14-2 and win the big one. Ha, ha, ha that's going to happen isn't it? (Answer on a post card, to the usually address).

Thanks as always to the people who make this possible (the newsletter).This weeks stars are Jon, Graham, Lewis & to some extent Peter (as his contribution was meant for inclusion in last weeks newsletter). Thanks for your contributions.

KC (L3) @ BB (W3) Last Season (3 - 20)
Gerald : Can't really see a win for Ian, the Bills look too good at the moment. Hopefully Ian will be able to at least get a TD against them, but that could be tough. Bills by 10.
Jon : The way things are going so far the Chiefs are on a hiding to nothing. As long as the Bills don't spend too long looking forward to the Jets..... BB by 7.
Graham : BB by 20

OR (L7) @ NJ (W3) Last Season (10 - 27)
Gerald : Another tough game for Lewis. The Jets 'O' knows what to do, so it's going to be high scoring game. But I can't see the raiders doing it on the road. Jets by 10.
Jon : A tough assignment for the new coach as the Jets offence is certainly flying at present. Jets by 6.
Graham : NJ by 24

CL (L4) @ NE (W1) Last Season (10 - 28)
Gerald : No comment.
Jon : Gerald's got a good chance of getting back to 50% here. NE by 10.
Graham : NE by 10

TT (W2) @ MD (W1) Last Season (31 - 31 (OT)
Gerald : The Titans are looking good at the moment, and the Fish have only started to wake up. But even so road games are never easy, but I think the Titans are on a roll, maybe we should all change are names.....? Titans by 7.
Jon : A tie again? I doubt it. Impressive form over the last 2 weeks means TT by 3.
Graham : TN by 1

SS (L1) @ CI (L1) Last Season (7 - 27)
Gerald : Last season Peter finally broke his duck against Derek. I think it will be revenge time. Seahawks by 3.
Jon : Last season Peter pulled off his first ever win over Derek and owed a debt of thanks to W. Shakespeare. Can he do it again? Why not? CI by 1.
Graham : SS by 1

DB (W3) @ PS (L2) Last Season (16 - 7)
Gerald : Broncos by 10.
Jon : The Steelers were trounced last week and I don't think they'll recover enough to challenge the Broncos. Denver by 14.
Graham : DB by 13

SF (W1) @ PE (W4) Last Season (14 - 48)
Gerald : Eagles look too good at the moment, and they're playing at home. But Steve might just be able to come up with the goods. But will need a lot of luck. Eagles by 3.
Jon : A renewal of an old rivalry. But the 49ers don't look up to the standard of Steve's old team. Eagles by 7.
Graham : PE by 17

NO (L11) @ DC (W5) Last Season (10 - 38)
Gerald : Cowboys keep up with the Eagles. Cowboys by 10.
Jon : Dallas should be 4-0 after this. Cowboys by 10.
Graham : DC by 21

MV (W1) @ WR (W1) Last Season (23 - 28)
Gerald : Both broke their ducks last week, but homefield should see the Skins home. Redskins by 3.
Jon : Both teams finally got off the ground last week, but the Vikes had the tougher game. MV by 1.
Graham : MV by 3

DL (L1) @ AC (L12) Last Season (30 - 24 (OT)
Gerald : Someone may be at home in Detroit. Which could spell disaster for the Cards. Lions by 2.
Jon : After taking the Rams the full distance last week the odds are certainly in the Lions favour. DL by 7.
Graham : DL by 10

SR (W11) @ TB (L1) Last Season (20 - 3)
Gerald : Old gameplan, shouldn't be a problem for the current Superbowl Champ. Rams by 10.
Jon : Graham will be very relieved to still have an unbeaten record. After last week Tampa shouldn't hold any fear. Rams by 14.
Graham : SR by 7

AF (L1) @ CB (L2) Last Season (29 - 14)
Gerald : Can Paul bounce back after such a bad performance last week. Well if I can after being shutout by the Bills I can't see a problem for Paul. Unless he really has hit the skids..... Falcons by 3.
Jon : A woeful display by Atlanta last week means, well, not a lot really! Falcons by 3.
Graham : AF by 10

by Graham Canwell (Week 3)  
Offence New York Jets 3 out of 3 offensive awards for the Jets after this awesome effort against one of the league's better defences. Can't wait for week 5 - Jets 'O' vs Bills 'D' !!!
Defence Miami Stats wise there were other contenders, but for shutting out the Chiefs (perhaps the only stat that really matters) the Fish could not be denied.
Coach Dadswell (TN) A big win over the powerful 'Hawks gives Alan a well deserved coaching award as well as first place in the Central.
Offence Dallas Racked up over 400 passing yards and 7 passing TDs (and maybe gave me some ideas for my game against the Buccs this week)
Defence Minnesota After two lacklustre outings finally came into form and stunned the fancied Falcons, holding them without a TD and bagging a safety into the bargain.
Coach Whitfield (MV) The pre-season Central favourites finally get it going. Tempted to give this to Paul Spence, as judging from this week's effort he's learned a few lessons from playing Jon twice a year.
Barry Switzer Award Dilworth (PS) Yes, the Bills 'D' is mighty fine, but just FOUR first downs ?
  Seymour (CI) For doing his review (for Wk.2), on the Monday after we got the results but not posting them for another Week. And surprise, surprise, they didn't get to me in time for last weeks newsletter D'OH!


Jon to Alan : Obviously becoming a Titan made a difference vs the Seahawks!

Jon to Gerald : It may be 2 games, but they were still a disappointing 2 games.

Jon to Graham : It's ok, he won't get the 3 peat. He'll only come back if the team stays reasonably intact anyway. I hope he does, so Miami can beat them in the play-offs. Elway vs Marino for the AFC Championship? Especially if they both retire after next season?

Gerald to Jon : I thought Dan 'the Man' had retired?

Jon to Paul M : Where's your offence gone? Greece?

Graham to Gerald : I had no objection to the AFC winning (I've waited long enough!) but I'm a Seahawks fan. The Broncos . . . Elway . . . Aaaaaaaaah . . .

Graham to All : No basketball scores yet, but according to the scouting report I have the 2nd ranked offence and the 21st ranked defence. Hmmmmmm.

Graham to Bruce H : Great game. Really, really tough.

Lewis to Jon : Firstly, thanks for your words of welcome. Sorry for not coming up with the goods in Week 3. After predicting a Raiders win - against the odds. But the Pats were far too experienced for the "rookie". ( Hope I can provide some stiffer competition for the rest of them in the AFC West before the end of the season).

As always, if you've got anything to say please write in, e-mail me, or speak to me directly. Even if it's only a one-line message, it fills up the newsletter and gets a bit of banter between coaches. Which is always fun. Well that's it for this week, as I'm typing this up at work, and I need to catch the last post, and not get catch typing this up when I shouldn't be.

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