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Week 5

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Thanks to Graham, Peter, Jon, Richard and Alan for this weeks contributions. As I'm pushed for space and time I'll cut it short.

BB (4-0, W4) @ NJ (4-0, W4) Last Season (10 - 14)
Gerald : Someone's going to loss the perfect record and I think it will be the Jets. Bills by 4.
Jon : One of several big games this week and one of two perfect records that will bite the dust. The leagues most effective D vs the leagues No.1 offence could make this a classic. I'm going for defence. Bills by 3.
Graham : NJ by 3
Richard : The Bills defence is overrated while the Jest have been astonishing on offence. The Bills however do have a useful offence themselves so it should be a close game. I will take the fifth.
Alan : A tough call, but I will go with homefield to swing it the Jets way just. Although I believe that the Bills will win the division.

NE (2-2, W2) @ MD (1-3, L1) Last Season (21 - 21(OT)
Gerald : No Comment.
Jon : Both team have improved after a shaky start, but the Dolphins are at home. Miami by 1.
Graham : NE by 3
Richard : Two teams better than their current records Fish by 3.
Alan : The Dolphins are better than a 1 - 3 team and will prove it by beating the Patriots.

CI (3-1, W1) @ PS (2-2, W1) Last Season (31 - 3)
Gerald : Going to be close but unfortunately homefield won't save the Steelers. Bengals by 3.
Jon : Both teams have somehow pulled wins out of the bag against the odds, but the Bengals have looked a more complete team overall. Bengals by 3.
Graham : CI by 14
Richard : The Steelers have real problems with their offence and will not score enough to trouble the Tiggers.
Alan : This could get ugly unless the Steelers O puts in a belated appearance, Bengals by 20.

CL (0-4, L5) @ TT (3-1, W3) Last Season (13 - 6)
Gerald : Titan are looking good at the moment. Titans by 10.
Jon : This should not be close. Titans by 14.
Graham : TN by 13
Richard : The Titans look real good at the moment and will win easily.
Alan : No comment.

SS (2-2, L2) @ DB (3-1, W3) Last Season (35 - 18)
Gerald : The Seahawks need to win so that the Broncos don't get too far ahead. But it's going to be tough. Broncos by 3.
Jon : The Broncos D seems to have come of age this season and could well be capable of holding a potent Seahawk offence in check. Broncos by 1.
Graham : DB by 7
Richard : This could be a classic and too close to call. However as I must commit I will go for the Hawks by 3.
Alan : Big game for the Seahawks who must not let the Broncos get too far away at the top of the division, and they should do it as the Broncos are still reeling from their shock defeat at Pittsburg. It is interesting to note that the combined record of the teams that the Broncos have beaten this season is 1-11 ! Seahawks by 7.

KC (0-4, L4) @ OR (0-4, L8) Last Season (10 - 6)
Gerald : Another perfect record will fall, unfortunately I can't see the Raiders 'Good Times' yet. Chiefs by 10.
Jon : The Raiders pass D did a great job last week, whilst the Chiefs, though 0-4, scored more points against the Bills than anybody else so far. Hard to call, but experience takes it. Chiefs by 1.
Graham : KC by 6
Richard : This is not a good week for easy predictions but both teams have lacked luck recently so Chiefs by 1.
Alan : Surely the Chiefs will start winning here. Chiefs by 3.

PE (4-0, W5) @ DC (4-0, W6) Last Season (21 - 17)
Gerald : Close one to call. So I'll go with homefield. Cowboys by 2.
Jon : Another tough match-up. Both teams are playing differently from last season and personally I'm not even going to try and call it. No further comment.
Graham : PE by 3
Richard : I never rate run and shoot teams but this Dallas team might be the exception. Boys by 7 and I rarely bet against Jon.
Alan : Should be close but the Eagles will continue to dominate this division with a win by a TD.

WR (2-2, W2) @ AC (0-4, L13) Last Season (21- 17)
Gerald : It's probably going to be a very boring defensive game, and we'll be lucky to see double points by either team. Skins by 3. Jon : The Cards D has been badly let down by their O and it probably won't get any better yet here. Redskins by 7.
Graham : WR by 10
Richard : Two great defensive teams and while the Cards do not deserve their current record I think they will have to wait longer for a deserved win. (So I guess that means the Skins to win? Ed)
Alan : Easy for the Skins as the Cards continue to struggle.

TB (2-2, L2) @ CB (2-2, W1) Last Season (14 - 31)
Gerald : Bears by 10.
Jon : The Bears should know the Buccs well enough to win. Bears by 10.
Graham : CH by 1
Richard : Two uncoached teams go with homefield. Bears by 3.
Alan : The Bears seem to be improving and should win this one by 3.

MV (1-3, L1) @ DL (2-2, W1) Last Season (6 - 24)
Gerald : The Lions are back. But where they ever away? (Bruce?). Lions by 3.
Jon : Th Vikings need this if they're going to start justifying the pre-season prediction. But Bruce is back. Lions by 3.
Graham : DL by 3
Richard : These two team should top the Central by the end of the season and I fancy Bruce to sneak this one with homefield.
Alan : Lions win another NFC central yawn.

SR (4-0, W far too many, 12) @ AF (2-2, L2) Last Season (48- 17)
Gerald : Paul's run of late hasn't been good, so he should be due some luck. But I can't see it. Rams by 10.
Jon : The Falcons have hit the ground with a thump recently whilst the Rams are still rolling. Rams by 7.
Graham : AF by 3
Richard : Cannot help the feeling that the Falcons have something up their sleeves so Falcons by 3. Have I ever predicted against Jon and Graham before?
Alan : After the last two weeks for the Falcons this could be a basketball score. Rams by a lot.

SF (1-3, L1) @ NO (0-4, L12) Last Season (10 - 21)
Gerald : 49ers by 10.
Jon : It's about time the Saints won again, and the 49ers D could be bad enough to let them. Saints by 1.
Graham : NS by 6
Richard : Another difficult call but if in doubt go with homefield. Saints by 3.
Alan : Just what the doctor ordered for the 49ers after last weeks mauling from the Eagles. 49ers by 10.

by Graham Canwell (Week 4)  
Offence Seattle A brilliant 500+yd effort against a Bengals 'D' that looks a shadow of last year's selves, but the 'Hawks own 'D' and special teams ensured it was all in vain.
Defence Kansas City A good effort against the rampant Bills, with 90 of the 285 yards coming on just one play. Still lost, but gave a bit of hope to the rest of the league.
Coach Dadswell (TN) Another good win and another award. Titans might be a naff name (and I know 'cos my AC team now sports it) but they look pretty hot right now.
Offence Chicago Rarely have I seen a team blow as hot and cold as the Bears, but this was a hot week as they tore the highly rated Falcon 'D' to shreds.
Defence Washington It's a tough task playing in the NFC East, and the 'Skins are going to need a lot more 'D' like this to keep the Eagles & 'Boys in sight.
Coach Young (CH) Don't really believe Neil is still at home, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt this week.
Barry Switzer Award Seymour (CI) For doing his review (for Wk.3), and again posting it too late for last weeks newsletter D'OH! That's twice in-a-row. Well done Peter. At least you won't be getting another one this week as I got your review in time.
  Card's Offense For the third time in four weeks the Cards' 'D' held the opposition to just 10 points, but have they managed a single win? No, and it doesn't take a genius to work out who's to blame.


Graham to Paul M : Well, here we go again. History says we'll split the two games, but this week it's anyone's guess. History also says homefield doesn't count for much (and I'm hoping that at least is true!)

Graham to Lewis : A belated welcome. It's a tough division but hang on in there and you'll turn it round (and believe me, the Raiders have a lot of baaaaad history to be turned around!!)

Graham to Gerald : Back on track, eh? And on the bright side, one of the Bills and Jets is going to lose this week (well, probably).

Graham to Paul S : Same message as Gerald, but with Eagles & Cowboys substituted in (you two have a lot in common in Gameplan terms don't you?)

Graham to All : Toughie - Bills/Jets or Eagles/Cowboys as game of the week. I reckon a tie . . .

Richard to Graham : Sorry to take so long to write but congratulations on the Superbowl win, the Rams were superior in all aspects. While the AFC is much stronger in depth than the NFC it is clear that the very top few teams are mainly from the NFC. Perhaps that is now changing.

Richard to Bruce : Pleased to see you are back, the Lions are looking much stronger.

Richard to Lewis : Great to see a new coach and doing it the hard way by turning a team round. Good luck.

Richard to Terry : Hope it will be a good game regardless of the result.

Richard to Jon : Good luck in AW playoffs let hope we meet up in week 20.

Jon to Bruce : So you're still there! But no courier? Did the website ever get off the ground?

Jon to Gerald : either you were making a sarky comment (who me?? Ed) or you'd heard some news that I missed (Marino)

Gerald to Jon : None intended. I though I had read/heard that the great man had left the game. obviously I was wrong.

Jon to Dave : How did you lose?

Jon to Troy : How did you win?

Jon to Andy : Looks like both of us will be using a different approach this time. Could be interesting

Alan D to Jon : love the winning, hate the name!

Alan D to Stuart : Sorry, I've lost a few like that myself.

Well I've little to say this week. It must have something to do with winning games. So with luck I'll have nothing to say until the end of the season. Yeah, .like that's going to happen......

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