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Week 7

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well, in general it was a great week for the AFC (again) in the inter-conference games. Just a shame that we can't win the Superbowl, (and that I haven't won an inter-conference game, in the last 4 attempts) but this season, the Bills look like they could change all that. Could we have the first perfect season for two teams, and have them meat in the big one? Hope not as I'd like to get there myself, but the way my team is currently playing that does seems unlikely.

Thanks to Graham and Jon for this weeks contributions

BB (6-0, W6) @ OR (0-6, L10) Last Season (31 - 0)
Gerald : Can't really see any other result, than the Bills winning big time. It would be nice for the Raiders to break their duck, but I can't really see it against the Bills. But one can pray. Bills by 21.
Jon : Signs of the defence coming to life in Oakland, but the Bills will be too strong. Buffalo by 10
Graham : BB by 21.

NJ (5-1, W1) @ KC (2-4, W2) Last Season (10 - 13)
Gerald : Ian seems to have woken his team up. This week will be a real test. If they can win, then they'll still be in with a shot at the play-offs. But I can't really see it. Jets by 10.
Jon : This could be close, but Jets by 3.
Graham : NJ by 10.

NE (3-3, L1) @ TT (5-1, W5) Last Season (15- 10)
Gerald : No Comment. But it seems I have no chance, thanks Jon & Graham.
Jon : The Titans should be too strong. TT by 7.
Graham : TN by 6.

MD (2-4, W1) @ CL (0-6, L7) Last Season (3 - 6)
Gerald : Dolphins by 10.
Jon : Stuart will be able to reverse last season result. MD by 7.
Graham : MD by 3.

CI (4-2, L1) @ DB (5-1, W2) Last Season (6 - 12)
Gerald : Peter, would have wanted an easier game to bounce back in. The Broncos at home will be a very hard game. This should be the game of the week. Broncos by 3.
Jon : Probably the game of the week and the result could depend on how inspired coach Seymour is after last week's game against the Rams. Not, I reckon. DB by 1.
Graham : DB by 10.

PS (3-3, W1) @ SS (3-3, W1) Last Season (12 - 9 OT)
Gerald : After a great win last week the Seahawks should be hard to beat. But it's a funny old game...... Seahawks by 3.
Jon : The Seahawks broke their losing streak in style last week, so Pittsburgh by 21. Only kidding. SS by 7.
Graham : SS by 7.

PE (4-2, L2) @ NO (0-6, L14) Last Season (28- 0)
Gerald : Nice game to come into after a bad result. This could be the first game this season where we get a high scoring game. Eagles by 35.
Jon : I really hope I get back on track this week. PE by 7.
Graham : PE by 10.

DC (5-1, L1) @ SF (3-3, W2) Last Season (35 - 3)
Gerald : If the 49ers D can play like they did last week (fume, fume), they might have a chance of beating the Cowboys, but I can't really see it. Cowboys by 10.
Jon : Bit of a shock last week for Dallas, but normal service resumed. DC by 6.
Graham : DC by 10.

WR (4-2, W4) @ DL (4-2, W3) Last Season (3 - 0)
Gerald : It can't be as boring as last seasons and if it is. Can they beat the lowest scoring game in AB history (2-0)?? I can't see it, but who knows.... Lions by 3.
Jon : Hopefully a bit more office this year in the battle of the borders. WR by 1.
Graham : DL by 6.

AC (0-6, L15) @ MV (1-5, L3) Last Season (3 - 14)
Gerald : Can't make my mind up. So it's a tied game. 10 - 10.
Jon : The Cards last win was against the Vikings and I'm going for them again, in a low scorer. AC by 1.
Graham : MV by 7.

TB (3-3, L1) @ AF (2-4, L4) Last Season (13 - 19)
Gerald : Paul and the Falcons have had a bad run of late, and with the Rams (yet again) being impossible to stop, it all really looks like, they've won the division again. Which means Paul's aiming for a wildcard, so this game is BIG. Which should mean Paul will have kicked his team into shape. Falcons by 17.
Jon : Paul ought to be able to win, but both he and his team will be low on confidence at the moment. AF by 3.
Graham : AF by 3.

CH (2-4, L2) @ SR (6-0, W14) Last Season (21 - 49)
Gerald : If the good team turn up then it could be close, but either way, I can't see the Rams losing at home (damn!). Rams by 17.
Jon : I would really like the version of the Bears that play well to turn up for this one. But that probably won't. SR by 14
Graham : SR by 10.

by Graham Canwell (Week 6)  
Offence Denver Conservative but utterly ruthless, racking up over 40 points into the bargain. Narrowly beat the Seahawks & Steelers (the other big AFC stars this week) to this award
Defence Seattle Held the Eagles to under 200 yards on their own soil. Helped by their own ball-control offence but still terrific. A great effort from the Browns too, to push the 'Skins surprisingly close.
Coach Tottle (SS) Needed a win really badly, and got it in one of the toughest places to go in AB. Did it in some style too.
Offence St. Louis Not much competition for this given the NFC's shoddy all-round effort but, even though the Bengals' D foots the league, it was a nicely balanced display.
Defence San Francisco Not much competition for this either. The Lions were predictably good and the Cards let down by their offence again but the Niners gave up no TDs against an in-form team.
Coach Daniels (SF) The only "unexpected" NFC win (in that any NFC win is expected these days!!!) to take SF into second place in the West.
Barry Switzer Award The NFC Again. Only four wins, and two of those against winless teams. It's a sign of how bad things have got that even this was an improvement on week 12 last year!!


Gerald to Alan : Here's hoping it's as good a game as last time, and if it's the same result, I'll be even happier.

Gerald to Jon & Graham : Please stop picking me to win, as when you do I fall flat on my face.....SPLAT!

Gerald to Paul S. : I'm in desperate need of some advice, so I thought I'd ask you. As you've had the same problem in the past, and probably will have it again. How do you make your offence play football, and win it for you, and not rely on the defence to do it all the time?

Gerald to Paul M. : What's happen to your team?

Gerald to the AFC : Well done, Sorry I let you down.

Gerald to NFC : Boy, you lot are bad. Shall we just chalk up another 8-10 wins, and not bother with week 13?

Graham to Lewis : Now the Bills. What have you done to deserve this . . .

Graham to Derek : Great win. Go 'Hawks!!

Graham to All : Gosh. A defensive form gain this week. Laps of honour all-round it was.

Graham to NFC : It's sad really. I'm counting on you lot for week 12 improvement 'cos I've got the damned Bills.

Graham to Gerald : Thanks for trying to make us NFC types look good. But the attempt was predictably doomed.

Jon to Derek : Looks like both made a few changes for that game (week 6. Ed) unfortunately for me, mine didn't work.

Jon to Steve, Paul S, Graham & Bruce : Well done in stopping the clean sweep in yet another disappointing round for the NFC

Jon to Dave : Cheers!

Well I hope you all had a good Easter, and didn't eat too much chocolate, and if you did I hope it was worth it. I had a quite time myself, but it was very enjoyable, and had two days off work, even better. As I've had no feedback from anyone on my question last week (points conceded by a defence, by quarters), you do read the entire newsletter I hope? I've decided to do it anyway, so I should have it done for next week, I'll probably only do up to week four, and then every four week, but then again I may change my mind. You'll just have to wait and see

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