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Week 8

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Sorry if this is a little rushed this week, but due to a hectic week (and weekend). I've had little time to type this up. It just seems to be getting harder and harder every week to get this done. I was also meant to have done my, points conceded by a defence per quarter, up to week 4, but I haven't finished it off. So it'll have to wait until next week.
A really poor show from us tipsters last week, all of us fell well below 50%, due to upsets, by the Patriots, Bengals, Saints, 49ers, Skins & Buccs. This is going to be a really hard 2nd half of the season for a lot of teams, as some of the 'all so rans' of the last couple of seasons. Are starting to show real promise, and will give a lot of teams (me included) quite a few problems in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Jon, Graham, Peter & Richard for this week's newsletter. I'm pretty sure that Paul Spence sent me something, but I can't find it. So if you did Paul? Many apologies, it should be somewhere at home, and I'll included what I can for next week.

MD (2-5, L1) @ BB (7-0, W7) Last Season (20 - 27)
Gerald : Can't really see the Fish doing it on the road to the Bills. But after last week, who knows? Bills by 10.
Jon : Bills by 7.
Graham : BB by 17.
Richard : The last time the Bills lost at home it was a vital game against Miami. Nothing will be taken for granted. Bills by 4.

NE (4-3, W1) @ NJ (6-1, W2) Last Season (24 - 34)
Gerald : No comment.
Jon : Jets by 2.
Graham : NJ by 6.
Richard : Should be a good game with the Jets winning by 7.

TT (5-2, L1) @ CI (5-2, W1) Last Season (10 - 38)
Gerald : Going to be a very interesting game, with homefield just seeing the Bengals through, but only just. Bengals by 2.
Jon : Bengals by 1?.
Graham : CI by 3.
Richard : Another close game with Tiggers by 3.

CL (1-6, W1) @ PS (3-4, L1) Last Season (24 - 40)
Gerald : Could last weeks win (there 1st) be the start of a winning streak? I don't think so, but.... Steelers by 3.
Jon : Steelers by 3.
Graham : CL by 3.
Richard : Steelers run and run to win by 3.

KC (2-5, L1) @ DB (5-2, L1) Last Season (10 - 17)
Gerald : Ian needs this win badly. But the Chiefs class of 2001 haven't found their old form. Broncos by 10.
Jon : Broncos by 6.
Graham : DB by 7.
Richard : Homefield will give the Broncos the edge by 3.

OR (0-7, L11) @ SS (4-3, W2) Last Season (10 - 13)
Gerald : Lewis is still looking for his first win, unfortunately, he won't get it on the road to the Seattle. Seahawks by 13.
Jon : Seahawks by 7.
Graham : SS by 17.
Richard : The Raiders defence is tough, but their offence will let them down, so Hawks by 9.

AC (0-7, L16) @ PE (4-3, L3) Last Season (10 - 31)
Gerald : This should be just what Jon wants after losing 3-in-a-row. But after last week, maybe not. Even so, Eagles by 6.
Jon : After the last 3 weeks, no comment.
Graham : PE by 14.
Richard : Tough division means close games. Eagles by 3.

WR (5-2, W5) @ DC (5-2, L2) Last Season (14 - 10)
Gerald : This should be a great game, the Skins are on a great run at the moment, and the Boys have slipped up over the last couple of games. Probably game of the week, and too close to call. But I'll go with the in-form team. Skins by 3.
Jon : Cowboys by 3.
Graham : DC by 6.
Richard : Game of the week and homefield enough? Perhaps, Boys by 1.

DL (4-3, L1) @ TB (4-3, L2) Last Season (0 - 26)
Gerald : Lions by 10.
Jon : Lions by 1.
Graham : DL by 7.
Richard : The Buccs are tough but the Lions have improved a lot. Lions by 3.

MV (2-5, W1) @ CH (2-5, L3) Last Season (16 - 27)
Gerald : Both teams need the win to keep up with the leaders. Should be close, with homefield sealing it. Bears by 3.
Jon : Vikings by 1.
Graham : MV by 7.
Richard : Vikings have the class to win by 7.

SF (4-3, W3) @ AF (2-5, L5) Last Season (14 - 44)
Gerald : It looks like 6-in-a-row for the Falcons, as nothing seems to be working at the moment, and the 49ers have looked very good over the last couple of weeks. 49ers by 7.
Jon : 49ers by 1.
Graham : SF by 3.
Richard : Falcons need this, but the 49ers are on a role. 49ers by 4.

NO (1-5, W1) @ SR (7-0, W15) Last Season (28 - 44)
Gerald : Even after last weeks result, I can't see the Saints being able to win on the road to the Rams, but with a little luck, who knows? It's a funny old game. Rams by 10.
Jon : Rams by as many as possible (B&T? Nah!)
Graham : SR by 7.
Richard : The Saints came alive last week, but the Rams must start favourites, Rams by 14.

by Graham Canwell (Week 7)  
Offence Cincinnati Seattle were good, but against a dodgy 'D' so the Bengals' effort on the road against one of the league's top 'D's was clearly the best.
Defence Cincinnati A terrific performance, especially the pass 'D', from a unit which has underachieved so far this year but looks to improving.
Coach Udowiczenko (NE) Narrowly missed out on the defensive award, having this week's meanest In-Range 'D', but for such a crucial win gets the coaching honours.
Offence San Francisco Beautifully balanced, and look at that completion percentage. Against Steve's old 'Boys too - could the Niners be back for real this time ?
Defence Washington Five straight wins for the 'Skins after holding the in-form Lions to just 7 first downs. Great run 'D' and a good pass rush.
Coach Cooksey (NO) A stunning second half comeback to notch up the Saints first win, achieved against one of the League's powerhouses.
Barry Switzer Award The Eagles Offense Philly needed a win badly, but that's tricky if you're going to cough the ball up five times.


Gerald to Graham : Thanks for sending in your stuff early, it does help a great deal. Especially as I've been so busty as of late. It looks like AB will be a very tough league again this season. I'm glad to see your getting some competition in the West, from the 49ers, as Paul's Falcons seem to have hit a bad patch.

Graham to Gerald : You've found a way to sabotage me and Jon in the prediction league haven't you? You refuse to predict your own result, then make sure you suffer a shock defeat or manage an upset win every week. And it's working.

Graham to Geoff/Steve : Great wins! Those East boys think they're soooo tough.

Graham to Paul S : You going to try and bypass the wildcard game this year and go straight for the divisional? Could bring a change of luck . . .

Graham to Jon : I don't think I've ever seen you lose three straight AB games. Have you? Still, at least it's the Cards this week (though we said that about the Saints . . .)

Graham to Gerald : If you were referring to the Bills & rams as going perfect until the Superbowl, we can't - we meet in week 12 (sadly for us, but probably not for you lot!)

Richard to All : Oilers, Dolphins, Bengals, Rams, Broncos, Pats, Seahawks and Jets. No easy games in a very difficult second half of the schedule.

Richard to Peter : I really enjoyed your weekly reviews. (with time, some should appear in this week's newsletter. Ed)

Richard to Terry : Excellent game in week 5 and you were very unlucky to lose.

Richard to Lewis : Your defence was tough. Good luck for the rest of the season.

Richard to Bruce : Good choice of Free Agent, you beat me to him as I was about to waive a player to give me the points to bid. (Thank good you didn't get him. Your squad is hard to beat now. Ed)

Richard to Graham : Your defence does not look too bad to me.

Richard to Dean : I think your defence is the best in AB. It may give more points and yards, but it has had to defend terrible field position all season. It looks like the San Diego situation in the NFL. Good luck with the rest of the season.

Richard to Jon : Your uncoached Dolphins team defeated me easily in week 6 in AW.

Gerald to Richard : So where are you moving to now? Down South to a more civilised place?

Jon to Steve : Impressive win over your successor!

Jon to All : Aaargh. The last time I lost 3 games in a row was in my first season. That was 6 seasons ago (so it's about time then? Ed).

Jon to Gerald : You're right. We predicated you to lose and you won.

Jon to Graham : Bet the scouting report made interesting reading?

Jon to Richard Ogg : Well, I pushed the Raiders close. At the end of the game I was on his 4 and trailing by 8 (with a 1st down). Good luck in the Championship - I think the Vikes are actually the defending champs.

Peter to All : No reports for a few week as I am on secondment to an area where I can't get any typing done. So if any reviews turn up in the next two months, it's with Gerald's assistance.

Peter to Derek : In my other Gameplan I recently came from 3 second half TDs down to take a 4th quarter lead, which was lost to a FG as time expired. Hurts doesn't it.

Well the WLAF has started again. Has anyone watched any games? I caught about 10 minutes of the Claymores game on Saturday, and they tanked whomever they were playing. I think it was a German team, but as there are now 3 in the league, it doesn't really narrow it down.

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