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Week 9

by Gerald Udowiczenko

A very light postbag this week. None! Looks like everyone was out enjoying the wonderful weather we've been having recently. Well here in London anyway, it's been lovely. Don't know about the rest of the country? Why not write in and let us know?

Even though I received nothing via the post, we still have a newsletter thanks to the computer age. What would I do without good old e-mail? Thanks as always to Graham for his contributions.

TT (6-2, W1) @ BB (8-0, W8)
Gerald : This has got to be the game of the week. The Titans showed last week, that they can win on the road, and may snap that unbeaten record of the Bills. I think they will, but only just. Titans by 2.
Graham : BB by 10

CL (1-7, L1) @ NJ (7-1, W3)
Gerald : A hard road game for the Browns, and the Jets are looking good at the moment. Jets by 17.
Graham : NJ by 17

DB (6-2, W1) @ NE (4-4, L1)
Gerald : No Comment.
Graham : DB by 3

SS (5-3, W3) @ MD (2-6, L2)
Gerald : The Fish didn't do well in the first half of the season. Maybe things will change? Unfortunately, can't see it. Hawks by 10.
Graham : SS by 6

OR (0-8, L12) @ CI (5-3, L1)
Gerald : I still can't see a win for the Raiders, which must be really disheartening for Lewis. Bengals by 10.
Graham : CI by 10

KC (2-6, L2) @ PS (4-4, W1)
Gerald : Ian dream is over. I can't see the Chiefs getting a W/C this year, even going .500 will be hard work. Steelers by 7.
Graham : KC by 1

DL (4-4, L2) @ PE (5-3, W1)
Gerald : Eagles back to winning ways? I've no doubt about it. But it may be close. Eagles by 3.
Graham : PE by 3

MV (3-5, W2) @ DC (5-3, L3)
Gerald : The Boys have lost their last 3-in-a-row (following the Eagles a little to close I think?), but this week should see them back to winning ways. Cowboys by 10.
Graham : DC by 10

AF (3-5, W1) @ WR (6-2, W6)
Gerald : Paul wants me, and everyone to predict him to lose. So he'll win. Sorry Paul, Skins by 10.
Graham : WR by 6

SR (8-0, W16) @ AC (0-8, L17)
Gerald : Both ends of the record books here. I can't see the Cards doing it but, their D is awesome, so maybe?? Rams by 3.
Graham : SR by 14

NO (1-7, L1) @ TB (5-3, W1)
Gerald : I think the Buccs will win their division again, unless some teams can beat them. It's going to be hard for the Saints, too hard I think. Buccs by 10.
Graham : NS by 3

SF (4-4, L1) @ CB (2-6, L4)
Gerald : The 49ers are trying to keep up with the Rams, but it already looks like a lost cause. But they do look good for a W/C. 49ers by 10.
Graham : SF by 7

by Graham Canwell (Week 8)  
Offence Tennessee Tough competition from the Bills, but the Titans game was more crucial and against tougher opposition (though arguably not a tougher 'D')
Defence New York Jets The Titans were in contention for this too but the Jets (aided though they were by a ball-control offence) were just too mean to ignore.
Coach Dadswell (TN) Easily the AFC's Game of the Week was won easily by Alan's Titans.
Offence Atlanta Bang with a bang from the five week lapse that may well cost them a playoff spot, and against the in-form Niners too.
Defence Arizona Tried hard to make up for THAT offence, but once more it was too much to ask. Honourable mentions to the 'Skins & Buccs.
Coach Spence (WR) Yes, we're halfway through the season and the Redskins sit proudly above the more fancied 'Boys & Eagles. And after an 0-2 start. Great stuff.
Barry Switzer Award The NFC Central The coachless Buccs are back on top, and even the Vikes are back in with a title shot. Mediocrity gone mad.


Gerald to Paul M. : I've tipped you to lose, because you will. Not because of some Voodoo magic. Just looked at me last week. Tipped to lose, and boy didn't I just.

Gerald to Graham : Thanks for the offer. I may just take you up on it sometime.

Graham to Richard : Yeah, if I played the Bears every week my 'D' would indeed look sensational. So maybe its my schedule that's to blame, and not my dubious drafting policies.

Graham to Jon : Here's a confession. I don't actually spend much time looking at the scouting report, especially the previous match summary bit (though I do notice that you crop up again on mine this week!)

Graham to Paul S : Trust me, if you win the division you WILL win the divisional game. Probably.

Graham to Geoff : That was another pretty crazy game. Not so surprised you beat the Eagles now. Not looking forward to going to your place in week 10.

Jon to Dean : Awesome second half defensive performance.

Paul M to Graham : Congratulations on winning the Super Bowl.

Paul M to Graham : Congratulations on winning the Division.

Paul M to Graham : Congratulations on going undefeated.

Paul M to Graham : Congratulations on beating me again.

Paul M to All : If you are sending in predictions - please do not predict the Falcons to win. 15 predictions to win over 5 games = 5 losses. 4 predictions to lose over 1 game = 1 win.

Well, now the time has come..... Sorry I can't remember the rest of Olde Blue Eyes song. Answer on a postcard, to the usually address. The prize will be........ seeing your name in print. What more could you ask for?

Hope you're enjoying the NFLE. It's not bad, but 11-1am on a Sunday night D'OH! Schedulers should be shot. People might actually watch a game if the hi-lights were on at a sensible time. At least they show some of the live Claymores games, as long as it's on a Saturday? Well it's better than nothing.

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