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Week 10

by Gerald Udowiczenko

A very rushed newsletter this week, apologies for any typos or the general look of it. But this is being done on Monday, just before the deadline, and I need to catch the 6 o'clock post, and do the gameplan. Oh woe is me....

Thanks to Jon & Graham for their invaluable input.

BB (8-1, L1) @ MD (3-6, W1) Wk.8 (41 - 17)
Gerald : At home the Fish might be hard to beat, and especially after last weeks loss, the Bills could be ripe for the picking. But I think the Bills will be just a little too hard for the Fish 'D' to contain. Bills by 3.
Jon : Though the Bills lost last week, they looked a little unlucky to do so. Bills by 3.
Graham : BB by 10

NJ (8-1, W4) @ NE (4-5, L2) Wk.8 (30 - 3)
Gerald : No Comment, but this is make or break time...
Jon : This is the sort of game you'd think the Pats could lose badly. So they'll probably do quite well. All the same, Jets by 7.
Graham : NJ by 7

CI (6-3, W1) @ TT (7-2, W2) Wk.8 (6 - 27)
Gerald : Tough one to call, but I think homefield will be the key. Titans by 4.
Jon : If Peter doesn't win this then he can probably kiss goodbye to the divisional title. It'll be an upset if he does, but I'll go for it. Bengals by 1.
Graham : TN by 7

PS (4-4-1, T1) @ CL (1-8, L2) Wk.8 (18 - 13)
Gerald : Steelers by 10.
Jon : After week 8, the Steelers may struggle a little. But not enough. Steelers by 3.
Graham : PS by 1

DB (7-2, W2) @ KC (2-6-1, T1) Wk.8 (32 - 7)
Gerald : Ian's season is over, and I can't see him getting revenge for week 8 against the Broncos. But Ian is a seasoned veteran, and may just have one or two surprises left. But I can't really see it. Broncos by 3.
Jon : Sadly, the Chiefs season is already over. Broncos by 10.
Graham : DB by 10

SS (5-4, L1) @ OR (0-9, L13) Wk.8 (31 - 13)
Gerald : Can't see coach Lewis winning his first game yet. Hawks by 10.
Jon : New coach Lewis doesn't quite seem to have got the team going how he wants yet. Seahawks by 7.
Graham : SS by 14

PE (6-3, W2) @ AC (0-9, L18) Wk.8 (24 - 11)
Gerald : If the Cards 'D' can perform like they did in the 2nd half again, and their 'O' wakes ups, then we could have an upset on our hands, and I reckon it possible. Cards by 2.
Jon : The Eagles had 8 play (total) for 12 yards in the 2nd half against the Cards in week 8. I hope it doesn't carry on into this game.
Graham : PE by 10

DC (5-4, L4) @ WR (7-2, W7) Wk.8 (13 - 18)
Gerald : Both teams are going in the different directions at the moment, and I can't really see it changing. Skins by 10.
Jon : I don't know what's gone wrong with the Cowboys - but Paul must be damn happy to be top of the division. Skins by 3.
Graham : WR by 7

TB (6-3, W2) @ DL (4-5, L3) Wk.8 (16 - 3)
Gerald : The Buccs really are looking good for the division. Buccs by 10.
Jon : After a brief resurgence it seems to have gone wrong for Bruce again. But he's at home this time. Lions by 1.
Graham : TB by 3

CB (2-7, L5) @ MV (4-5, W3) Wk.8 (17 - 21)
Gerald : The Vikes have put together some good wins, and have a reasonable chance of the division. This week takes them one step closer. Vikes by 10.
Jon : Tim has to be encouraged by his win last week. Vikes by 7.
Graham : MV by 10

AF (3-6, L1) @ SF (5-4, W1) Wk.8 (27 - 24)
Gerald : Paul loses again. 49ers by 10.
Jon : The Falcons just aren't themselves at the moment. Maybe Paul's mind is on other things. 49ers by 6.
Graham : SF by 3

SR (9-0, W17) @ NO (1-8, L2) Wk.8 (38 - 15)
Gerald : Who's going to stop this man? After Geoffs shock win back in week 7, he could be the man, but I fear even at home, won't be enough. It'll be closer than week 8, but still the same result. Rams by 10.
Jon : Geoff'll give it his best shot, but it won't be enough. Rams by 10
Graham : SR by 7

by Graham Canwell (Week 9)  
Offence New York Jets Smooth, efficient and error-free. Just what you want from your offence, in fact.
Defence Miami Surprised an in-form Seattle offence to notch up an upset win. The Fish are surely better than their record suggests.
Coach Dadswell (TN) No-one else in the running. Ended the Bills unbeaten start to the season, and did it the hard way in Buffalo. Enough said.
Offence Minnesota Very good efforts by the Buccs and Rams, but the Vikes efforts in Texas took this week's prize.
Defence Philadelphia Enabled the Eagles to amass over 40 points despite what looked a pretty ordinary offensive display.
Coach Whitfield (MV) Gradually hauling the Vikes back into NFC Central contention (faint praise though that clearly is).
Barry Switzer Award The Lions Offense Lions? Even pussycats would be a step in the right direction on this showing!!!


That's about it. I'm in the (drawn out!) process of moving house at the moment so I'm glad of a break from the delights of solicitors !!!

Gerald to Graham : Good luck with the move, when and where? And don't worry most people I know hate solicitors (leeches).

Gerald to Paul M. : As predicting us to lose works (in the sense that we lose). Any other ideas on how we can improve?

Graham to Paul M : I wish I shared your optimism. But, hey, I can dream.

Graham to Richard : Just trying to shift the pressure onto me, eh? Still reckon you're favourite for week 12 though.

Graham to Tim : Come on, catch those Buccs - they're getting as annoying as the Lions used to be (though at least the Bears have finally been rumbled)

Graham to Geoff : Unlucky again - you don't deserve to be 1-8.

Graham to Paul M : My ability to help Gerald win by predicting him to lose seems to be wearing off, so maybe the power is being transferred to you. I'm doing my bit this week anyway.

Jon to Graham : Neither do I - I just thought you'd notice the turnovers, etc.

Jon to Tim : Great win last week.

Jon to Andy : What's happened?

We'll I leave it at that. All the best for your re-matches, hope some of the results are reversed.

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