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Week 11

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well at least this time when I Played-up, I kept it close. Unlike last season when I was totally humiliated, against the Broncos. I'll just have to figure out how to pass the bloody ball, and stop throwing those interceptions. Again, it looks like Bledsoe will lead the league for interceptions come the end of the season. The annoying things is, this time I've got 4 star wide-outs for the idiot to pass to and still he picks the wrong colour. Anyone want to trade?

Some good results last week, the best of the bunch had to be the Rams finally losing that unbeaten record, to a great performance by the Saints. With a bit of luck, the 49ers may push the Rams to the wire for the division, at least it's not a one horse race. In the AFC East it's now a two horse race between the Bills & Jets. The AFC Central again looks like a two horse race, but some bad results from the Bengals may just let the Steelers in. In the AFC West both the Hawks and Broncos are battling it out for the divisional crown, with the Broncos having a 2 game lead. The NFC East look very tight, and if the Cowboys can recover from their slump, it might be between three teams. And finally we come to the worse of the league, where again, it looks like the uncoached Buccs could get to the play-offs. Unless the Lions, Vikings & Bears start showing some form.

Well that's it for the league round up, thanks to Jon & Graham for their invaluable contributions for this week newsletter.

BB (9-1, W1) @ CI (6-4, L1) Last season (24 - 22)
Gerald : An important game for both teams, more important for the Bengals, as they need to catch up with the Titans. Tough to call but I'll go with homefield. Bengals by 3.
Jon : Tough one to call, with the Bengals being a bit erratic at present. Bills by 3.
Graham : BB by 10.

NJ (9-1, W5) @ PS (4-4-2, T2) Last season (31 - 0)
Gerald : I think the Steelers will break their streak, with a lose. Jets by 10.
Jon : It shouldn't be a shutout, but Jets by 10.
Graham : NJ by 13.

NE (4-6, L3) @ KC (2-7-1, L1) Last season (17 - 16)
Gerald : No comment, expect I wish this was week 15. As both Ian and myself would probably having winning records and be heading to the play-offs.
Jon : This used to be the big week 15 clash. Pats by 1.
Graham : NE by 1.

MD (3-7, L1) @ OR (0-10, L14) Last season (20 - 11)
Gerald : I'll go for the upset. Raiders by 1.
Jon : Probably Lewis's first chance to have a competitive game, the way Miami have been going. But Dolphins by 3.
Graham : MD by 7.

CL (1-8-1, T1) @ SS (6-4, W1) Last season (7 - 54)
Gerald : Hawks by 28.
Jon : More of the same. Seahawks by 21.
Graham : SS by 10.

TT (8-2, W3) @ DB (8-2, W3) Last season (27 - 10)
Gerald : The Titans are on a roll, but against the Broncos and on the road, their streak could be over. But I think they are good enough to overcome the Broncos. Titans by 3.
Jon : Big game for both coaches here. The Broncos had a scare last week. This week could be worse. Titans by 1.
Graham : TN by 3.

PE (7-3, W3) @ TB (6-4, L1) Last season (21 - 14)
Gerald : Jon shouldn't have any problems with this game, but the Buccs have surprised us over the last couple of years, as have the Eagles this season. So it may be closer than many people would think. Eagles by 3 (OT).
Jon : Back to an old gameplan again.
Graham : PE by 10.

DC (5-5, L5) @ CB (3-7, W1) Last season (52 - 10)
Gerald : After a great start, the Boys really have slipped, but they should beat the Bears, ordinarily... But this season has been anything but ordinary. Bears by 3.
Jon : I would go for the Cowboys in a big way, but after 5 straight losses I'm not so sure. Cowboys by 1.
Graham : DC by 10.

WR (8-2, W8) @ SF (6-4, W2) Last season (27 - 10)
Gerald : The Skins are the hot team at the moment, and even on the road to the equally impressive 49ers. I can't see them losing. Redskins by 10.
Jon : Steve seems to be getting it together, but Paul's on a roll. Skins by 6.
Graham : WR by 3.

AC (0-10, L19) @ NO (2-8, W1) Last season (27 - 14)
Gerald : Could Dean get his first win? I'd like to say yes, but I think not. Saints by 4.
Jon : Well, Geoff's won against the team with the longest winning streak. Can he do it against the longest losing streak? Probably. Saints by 3.
Graham : NS by 3.

MV (4-6, L1) @ SR (9-1, L1) Last season (7 - 30)
Gerald : The Rams should be back on track after last weeks little hiccup (may there me many more). Rams by 10.
Jon : Normal service resumed. Rams by 17.
Graham : SR by 7.

DL (5-5, W1) @ AF (3-7, L2) Last season (6 - 16)
Gerald : I can't see Paul's season improving (sorry mate). Lions by 10.
Jon : But that was last season. Lions by 6.
Graham : DL by 1.

by Graham Canwell (Week 10)  
Offence Buffalo Recovered nicely from last weeks effort, and edged their conquerors, the Titans, to this award.
Defence Tennessee A good effort by the almost-inspired Pats, but given the potency of the Bengals offence I felt the Titans deserved it.
Coach Dadswell (TN) Just keeps rolling along. A huge clash with the Broncos coming up this week.
Offence Detroit After a few miserable efforts the Lions roared back into form in the nick of time.
Defence New Orleans Won the turnover battle against my Rams (I believe a first this season) and got the win their efforts deserved too.
Coach Cooksey (NS) No-one will argue with this. The toast of the league (even I'll raise a glass, it was becoming ever more tricky to explain how we were undefeated).
Barry Switzer Award Canwell (SR) I've been waiting all season for the chance to give myself this, and the fact remains that after years of Gameplan experience I STILL have all sorts of problems coaching those week 10 rematches.


Gerald to Paul S. : So are you still away, or can't you be bothered to write in? If it's the first I'll let you off, otherwise.....

Gerald to All : In last week predictions, I said that we where due for an upset and by mistake put down the Cards over the Eagles. When I obviously meant the Saints over the Rams. Sorry about any confusion that may have caused. But I did warn you about the typos before hand.

Gerald to Geoff : Congratulations on that great win.

Gerald to Jon : Thanks for the encouragement at the end of your letter, but have you seen who I still have to play.....

Graham to Paul M : Well, a right kiss of death you turned out to be!!

Graham to Geoff : Brilliant performance. How can you beat me and Jon and still be 2-8 (I suppose we should be grateful you won't get the chance to whip our butts in the postseason. Maybe next year . . .)

Graham to Gerald : I'm not moving far (about half a mile!) and I'd love to be able to tell you when. But . . .

Graham to Jon : I'd already spotted the turnovers from the league report. And the only thing a Saints game summary tells you is that anything can happen!!

Graham to Richard : See, I can do it too!!!

Jon to Geoff : You deserve a medal. All is forgiven!

Jon to Graham : Well, that's you as well as me.

Jon to Bruce : Obviously your offence responded to the 'pussycats' taunt.

Jon to Dean : Come on! It's about time you won again. You seem to have got the D playing OK - you just need some offence.

Jon to Paul M. : Don't worry, you'll have far less free time soon!

Well that's all for this week issue of the Drawing Board. All the best, and here's hoping we have lots of upsets on the run-in to the play-offs.

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