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Week 12

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well I'm going to have to cut this one short. Must have knackered myself out after last issues Editorial? At present I'm house/dog sitting for a friend for the next 2 weeks, which is a nice holiday of sorts. But as I have to be up at 6 in the morning to take him out for his walk, I'm not too sure...... Well I can hear Sammy calling out for his walkies, (woof, woof!) just before the X-Files starts. So I better finish this and print it off. Thank god I've got a decent printer, well it looks decent. Only time will tell........

Thanks to Jon & Graham for their contributions this week.

SR (9-2, L2) @ BB (9-2, L1) (Last Superbowl SR won)
Gerald : It's going to be close. Both teams have the same record, but it was expected for them both to be unbeaten. But it's a funny old game. I think revenge and homefield should swing it Buffalo's way, but only just, and in the dying seconds. Bills by 3.
Jon : Both teams were looking good for being 11-0 at this point until some other teams unexpectedly intervened. I'm going for the Bills to get revenge for the last Superbowl, so that Graham finds out what it's like to lose 3-in-a-row! Bills by 1.
Graham : BB by 10.

NJ (10-1, W6) @ AF (4-7, W1) No known match-up.
Gerald : Paul has been surprisingly bad this season, and we have had the odd upset along the way. So we could be due another? But in all honesty, I can't see it (though it would be nice). Jets by 10.
Jon : Terry is once again, working wonders with a relatively limited squad. Jets by 7.
Graham : NJ by 10.

MV (5-6, W1) @ NE (5-6, W1) 1996 Season (10 - 37)
Gerald : No comment.
Jon : The Vikings seem to be a bit of a Jekyll & Hyde team at the moment (just ask Graham!). I reckon the Pats should, however, just take this one. NE by 1.
Graham : NE by 1.

MD (3-8, L2) @ DL (5-6, L1) 1997 Season (9 - 17)
Gerald : Tough one to call, but I'll go with the AFC. Dolphins by 3.
Jon : The Dolphins are making hard work of this season. Lions by 7.
Graham : DL by 3.

PE (8-3, W4) @ CI (7-4, W1) 1999 Season (14 - 36)
Gerald : Should be a great game. Another one that will be decided in the last few minutes of the game, possibly even in OT. Jon has picked himself up after that 3-in-a-row streak of losses, but I fear the spectre of Cincinnati will strike down the Eagles again. Bengals by 3.
Jon : Peters won the last 2 meetings. No comment.
Graham : PE by 3.

PS (4-5-2, L1) @ DC (5-6, L6) 2000 Season (7 - 20)
Gerald : After loosing 6 straight games, I think the fire has gone out of the belly of the Cowboys. Again, I'll have to go with the AFC team. Steelers by 10.
Jon : I think this should see the end of Andy losing streak. DC by 10.
Graham : DC by 3.

SF (6-5, L1) @ CL (1-9-1, L1) 1998 Season (24 - 35)
Gerald : The 49ers have dragged themselves up into wildcard contention, and I can't really see the Browns stopping them. 49ers by 13.
Jon : Steve gets 1 step closer to a W/C. SF by 14.
Graham : SF by 7.

TT (8-3, L1) @ NO (3-8, W2) 1997 Season (0 - 14)
Gerald : Can't really see the Titans losing this one, but up against the Saints, (the upset team) it may be a lot closer than Alan would wish. But even so, still a win. Titans by 6.
Jon : With the Saints at present, I haven't got a clue. The Titans are a good team, so Saints by 3 (in OT).
Graham : TN by 1.

TB (6-5, L2) @ SS (7-4, W2) 2000 Season (31 - 47)
Gerald : Seahawks by 17.
Jon : No problem for the Hawks. SS by 21.
Graham : SS by 3.

DB (9-2, W4) @ CB (4-7, W2) 1998 Season (3 - 14)
Gerald : Denver stay ahead of the Seahawks, and look good for the division. Denver by 13.
Jon : Not this time. Denver are way too strong. Broncos by 17.
Graham : DB by 10.

WR (9-2, W9) @ KC (2-8-1, L2) No known match-up.
Gerald : After losing his first 2 games, Paul hasn't looked back, and even against an old pro like Ian, I can't see the Skins losing this one. Redskins by 10.
Jon : A first (that I know of) meeting - certainly for the coaches. At present the Skins have a big edge. WR by 14.
Graham : WR by 7.

OR (1-10, W1) @ AC (0-11, L20) 2000 Season (27 - 16)
Gerald : Dean should be due a win, but I favour the Raiders, who should be on a high after last weeks win. Raiders by 10.
Jon : A maiden win for Lewis last week, but its about time Dean won again. AC by 1.
Graham : AC by 1.

by Graham Canwell (Week 11)  
Offence Cincinnati A great offensive display to down the Bills and enough to edge a great Denver performance for this award.
Defence Cincinnati Not too much competition for this, though a wicked voice told me to give it to Denver for missing out on the offensive award. But Bengals it is.
Coach Williams (OR) A first win at this stage of the season deserves the award. Let's hope for plenty more next year.
Offence Minnesota OK, so it was against my increasingly desperate defence, but it was a fine show (so was the Bears, but they annoy me so . . .)
Defence Washington Effective aggression. Bonus points from me for keeping the Niners three games back!
Coach Whitfield (MV) The NFC Central is up for grabs now ( if anyone actually wants it that is . . .)
Barry Switzer Award Canwell (SR) The unbalanced squad is really hurting now and it is my fault because I drafted it. As the old phrase goes, we couldn't beat an egg right now . . .


Gerald to Brucey : Glad to hear you're still with us. I haven't had the time to look at your web site. But I will soon.

Gerald to Lewis : Congratulations on your first win, it was a long time coming. Hope you get many more, unless you play me, in which case I'd prefer it if you lost.

Gerald to Alan : Well done you increased your predictions by 4.6%. With only 3 weeks left you might just be able to win the Top Tipster Award. But only if you write in.

Gerald to The AFC : Here we go again, another massacre. When will they learn.....?

Jon to Lewis : Well done on win No.1. Now win a divisional game, and break the most hideous losing streak I've seen (almost 6 full season)

Jon to Tim : Well done as well.

Jon to Geoff : 2-in-a-row? It's been a while. Just imagine if you'd beaten me & the Rams, but nobody else all season!

Jon to Paul S. : 9-wins-in-a-row! A record? It won't last past week 14! I hope.

Jon to Gerald : Yes - only 2 teams with winning records.

Graham to Tim : Well done, you might have timed your charge about right.

Graham to Steve : Given my remaining fixtures I am looking very nervously over my shoulder.

Graham to Gerald : Great predictions by you this week, I must say (though not my game I notice!!!)

Graham to Richard : Well, we're going into this on a roll. How about we toss a coin (I know I'd fancy my chances better that way)

Graham to Geoff : Chance for another big scalp this week. And an NFC one at that!

Well it's the Interconference games part II this week, and it doesn't look very good for the NFC. But when has it ever looked good, over the past couple of seasons? Could even be a massacre? A bit like today's (20.06.99) cricket. Congratulations to Australia on winning the Cricket World Cup, the first half was brilliant cricket will all those wickets falling, just a shame Pakistan couldn't make a match of it, as I hope will be the same from the NFC.

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