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Week 13

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Thanks to Paul Spence & Graham for their contributions this week. Also thanks to Richard (for the postcard). It had nothing to do with NFLAB, but it was post, and as it was so light this week, I thought I mention it anyway.

BB (10-2, W1) @ DB (10-2, W5)
Gerald : The Broncos are on a good streak at the moment, and playing at home should help them greatly against the Bills. It will be a tight, close game. But the Broncos winning streak will come to an end. Bills by 3.
Graham : DB by 1.

NJ (11-1, W7) @ SS (8-4, W3)
Gerald : The Jets have done very well, and haven't fallen apart in the second half of the season, as I predicted. Damn! It's going to be very close for that second wildcard spot, as I think either the Jets or Bills will take the first. So it's a big game for both teams, as the Jets are looking for the Division and the Seahawks for that second wildcard spot. Can't really see homefield helping the Hawks much, as the Jets look too good. Jets by 7.
Graham : NJ by 6.

NE (5-7, L1) @ PS (5-5-2, W1)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : NE by 3.

MD (3-9, L3) @ CI (8-4, W2)
Gerald : The Bengals stay one step behind the Titans, in what should be a reasonable easy game, but I think the Fish will be hard to beat. But the Bengals should get the win. Bengals by 7.
Graham : CI by 7.

TT (9-3, W1) @ KC (3-8-1, W1)
Gerald : Even after last weeks shock win, I can't see the Chiefs doing it again. Titans by 10.
Graham : TN by 7.

CL (1-10-2, L2) @ OR (2-10, W2)
Gerald : I'm going for the Raiders to win there last 6-in-a-row, and this week against the Browns should be 3-in-a-row. Raiders by 10.
Graham : CL by 1.

PE (8-4, L1) @ AF (4-8, L1)
Gerald : This game comes nicely after their week 1 clash in NFLB, a couple of week ago. In which Paul's Falcons (now that's a surprise) beat Jon's Eagles (something familiar about that, just can't place it....). This incarnation of the Falcons hasn't been their old selves (which could be said about many of us). So I think it could be a blow out, and revenge for Jon. Eagles by 21.
Graham : PE by 7.

DC (5-7, L7) @ SR (9-3, L3)
Gerald : Both on losing streaks..... But I can't really see the Cowboys breaking theirs, though it would be nice to see the Rams losing it, in the second half of the season, well losing 3 is a start. But that's about it I think. Rams by 10.
Graham : SR by 6.

WR (9-3, L1) @ CB (4-8, L1)
Gerald : After losing their winning streak last week, they should bounce back with a vengeance. Skins by 10.
Graham : WR by 10.

AC (0-12, L21) @ TB (6-6, L3)
Gerald : The Buccs have finally been toppled from the top spot in the Central, and are on a losing streak. But, the Cards are on the worst streak I have even seen. Its' about time that change. Cards by 3.
Graham : TB by 7.

DL (6-6, W1) @ SF (7-5, W1)
Gerald : Both teams have had on/off days. This week, I think both teams will be on 'on-days'. But I think homefield should see the 49ers home in a tightly fought game. 49ers by 3.
Graham : SF by 6.

MV (6-6, W1) @ NO (3-9, L1)
Gerald : Homefield sees the Saints home, but only just. Saints by 1.
Graham : MV by 1.

by Graham Canwell (Week 12)  
Offence Kansas City The Chiefs haven't picked up too many awards recently, but in ending the Skins nine game winning streak they pulled out something really special.
Defence Cincinnati May seem an odd choice, but their 'D' made the big plays that enabled the Bengals to overcome a rather lacklustre offensive effort.
Coach Currie (KC) Easily the weeks biggest shock, and by a stunningly large margin.
Offence Minnesota Obviously, given that its interconference week, not many NFC contenders. The Vikes were the best offensively, exhibiting nice balance.....
Defence Detroit ..... and the Lions the best defensively, displaying their usual over-the-top aggression to good Effect. Good efforts in defeat by the Eagles and Bears.
Coach Whitfield (MV) For (a) actually wining and (b) dethroning the annoying Buccs from atop the Central.
Barry Switzer Award The NFC Pitiful again. Almost gave it to myself personally again, since I contrived to lose my gameplan & thus failed to get one in, but since we may well have done worse if I had posted it I let myself off.


Gerald to Ian : Congratulations on your win last week, could this be your turning point? Just in time for the various Bowls, Con, Bronze, Silver & Gold. I think?

Gerald to Jon : All the best with the move, I assume that's why you didn't send me anything, unless you did and I've lost it?

Gerald to Jon : Spoken to you this morning (Saturday) and thanks for confirming I didn't loose it.

Gerald to Richard : Thanks for the postcard got it on Friday. Hope you enjoyed/are still enjoying your little break? Great win last week over the Rams, could this be our (AFC) year. Here's hoping....

Paul S. to To all the predictors : Thanks very much! Not only did you all predict me to win last week, but you all said I`d thrash KC ... Talk about jinxing my winning streak.

Graham to Jon : Wasn't that a taste of your own medicine from last season?

Graham to Richard : Great game. If I'd got a gameplan in I'd have won (I don't think!!!)

Graham to NFC : I guess we'll just have to win the Superbowl again.... Though how remains something of a mystery at this point.

Gerald to AFC : Congratulations guys. Yet again, we put the NFC in their place. 9-3. Sorry I couldn't make it 10-2, but those bloody turnover killed my yet again.

Well hopefully you'll be reading this.... But circumstances may conspire, to stop you. As I went to Party in the Park on Sunday, (which was brilliant) I was a little tired Monday morning, and forgot to bring in my stuff for AB. I asked my flatmate to e-mail the newsletter so I could finish it off, and post it in time. But alas, our system at work went down, and therefore I couldn't receive or send anything.

So with luck Danny should get this in time, if not, you'll not be able to read it so there's no point in apologising...... Now is there.

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