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Week 14

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well apologises for no newsletter last week, not quite sure why it didn't make it in time? But I did win (used the same gameplan as the week before), so I'm not too sure whether it not getting there was a good or bad thing? Probably bad, as I'm sure you were all dying to read the newsletter. I'm probably going to have to cut this quite short this week (the newsletter, not the Editorial), as I'm doing the newsletter for NFLB again. Boy ain't I a sucker for punishment?

Thanks to Paul Spence & Graham for their contributions last week. Also thanks to Richard (for the postcard). It had nothing to do with NFLAB, but it was post, and it's been so light recently, I thought I mention it anyway. Thanks to Graham for this weeks contributions.

BB (10-3, L1) @ NE (6-7, W1)
Gerald : No comment. But damn I need the win.
Graham : BB by 6.

NJ (12-1, W8) @ MD (3-10, L4)
Gerald : Can't really see the Fish doing anything against the Jets expect lose. But as the season is nearing closing, we may still get the odd up-set or 3. But not this week, but I think it will be close. Jets by 3.
Graham : NJ by 10.

CI 9-4, W3) @ CL (2-10-1, W1)
Gerald : With only one game behind the Titans, Peter must be quietly confident that he can win the division. But with a worse points spread, I think he'll be unlucky and get the last wildcard spot. But a win this week will keep up the pressure on Alan, who may fall? Bengals by 13.
Graham : CI by 7.

PS (5-6-2, L1) @ TT (10-3, W2)
Gerald : Could be a tight game, but I think the Titans will come home, especially as they have homefield advantage. Titans by 10.
Graham : TN by 10.

SS (8-5, L1) @ KC (3-9-1, L1)
Gerald : The Chiefs just ain't the team they used to be. But Ian is playing his old nemesis, so we could have an up-set? I think that it's unlikely, but just possible. Chiefs by 3.
Graham : SS by 3.

DB (11-2, W6) @ OR (2-11, L1)
Gerald : The Broncos are on a roll at present, and I just can't see the Raiders doing them over. Broncos by 10.
Graham : DB by 14.

PE (9-4, W1) @ WR (9-4, L1)
Gerald : Another clash of old enemies. Both need the win, with Jon just having the edge with a far superior point difference, hence why he's on top of the division. But I think homefield will play an important part in this game. Skins by 3.
Graham : PE by 7.

DC (5-8, L8) @ AC (1-12, W1)
Gerald : Could this be the start of a good run for the Cards? I think so, maybe even 3-in-a-row. The Cardinals 'D' should have great fun with the Cowboys who seem to have lost the will to win. Cards by 10.
Graham : DC by 6.

TB (6-7, L4) @ MV (6-7, L1)
Gerald : Its going to be tight. Will a team with a winning record, win the NFC Central? On current records, I think it will be extremely likely. The Buccs who earlier on in the season looked good for the division crown have slipped back lately, but I think they will come though this week. Buccs by 7.
Graham : MV by 7.

CB (5-8, W1) @ DL (6-7, L1)
Gerald : The Bears still have a shot at the division, being only one game behind the pack. It's going to be close come the end of the season, and I've a feeling that the difference between a lot of these teams (in the NFL Central) will be points spread. The bears need the win, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if they play-up. Bears by 3.
Graham : DL by 6.

SR (10-3, W4) @ SF (8-5, W2)
Gerald : Well the Rams have had a couple of scares this season, and Graham can't be looking forward to this game. The 49ers have pulled out all the stops recently, and are looking very good for the last wildcard spot (the first going to the Eagles or Skins, depending on who slips up). Which will make this one hum dinger of a game. Homefield again may play an important part, so I'll go for the up-set (of sorts). 49ers by 3.
Graham : SF by 1.

AF (4-9, L2) @ NO (4-9, W1)
Gerald : This looks to be the battle to decide who comes bottom of the NFC West. I think that this week the Falcons 'D' will shine though and win the game for Paul, and break his losing streak. Falcons by 10.
Graham : NS by 1.

by Graham Canwell (Week 13)  
Offence New England A rare bonanza for the Pats as Drew had an interception-free day while actually throwing for many yards. The Bills got many yards too but failed to turn them into those oh-so-crucial points.
Defence Cincinnati The Bengals 'D' started the season very slowly but they're starting to get up to speed now, and at just the right time.
Coach Carruthers (DB) The lone AFC Superbowl champ in recent years, and who's to say he won't do it again . . .
Offence St. Louis 10 drives, 7 TDs, 2 FGs, 1 punt, 0 turnovers. Defence was dodgy again (in the first half anyway) but, in a welcome change from recent weeks, it didn't matter.
Defence Arizona Their offence was awesome but the awful standards it has set this year, but it was the 'D' that really got the win it has deserved for so long.
Coach Daniels (SF) For keeping me on my toes (and still a tiny bit concerned)
Barry Switzer Award Spence (WR) Help, help, here come the Bears??? The Bears, dammit . . .


Jon to Paul M. : Ha Ha

Gerald to Graham : I though you were on a good roll with the predictions, last week. 8/8 until you came to the up-sets, I bet you'd like to thank them all?

Gerald to Dean : Congratulation on your win. Believe it or no, and most of you won't (as you didn't receive the newsletter). I did predict the Cards to win by 3. So I wasn't that far off.

Gerald to Jon : Hope you've sorted everything out after the move? Hope it all went well, and usually service will be resumed? As the postbag is looking very, very thin at present.

Gerald to Graham : Thanks for the Offensive Rammy. I wasn't expecting it. Just a shame that Drew can't play like that all the time, as if he did I might be in a stronger position for the play-offs. As it is, I need the Bengals & Seahawks to lose their remaining game. Which is very unlikely.

Gerald to Brucey : Sorry I've not been back in contact with you, but I've been busy. I've had a look at your web site and it's very impressive, especially the schedules. Must have taken quite a while to do? Do you want me to publish the address in the newsletter, so that other can have a look, or do you want to want until, you've completed more?

Gerald to Neil Young : Are you the same Neil, who's got the Seahawks in NFLB??

Time has court up with me, so I'll have to keep this sort and sweat. All the best for those who need it, and hope we get a couple more up-sets, hopefully I'll be amount them..... Well I can pay can't I?

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