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Week 15

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well it was a very poor show for me last week, not only did the team not do well, but my predictions fell to an all time low. 3/11, a miserable 27.3%. The worst I've ever done, and probably the worst by anybody this season. Well I won't dwell on it, I only wish I had the luck of the Bengal, or Redskin. Then I might have got somewhere?

Thanks to Jon, Graham & Bruce for this weeks contributions. Thanks guys, it helps a lot when I don't need to do all the thinking....

SS (9-5, W1) @ BB (11-3, W1) Last season (37-21)
Gerald : It's a battle between, the Seahawks and the Bengals for the last W/C. As I can't really see the Bills loosing out, as they've got such a good points spread, and they'd have to lose their last 2. So this should be a great game. I would normally go with homefield, but as the Hawks need the game, and I think they just have the edge, I'll go with them. Hawks by 3.
Jon : A key game for both teams. BB by 1.
Graham : BB by 7

DB (12-2, W7) @ NJ (12-2, L1) Last season (28-35)
Gerald : Homefield should see the Jets home, but I've a feeling that the Broncos will surprise. Broncos by 5.
Jon : The Broncos have sealed the division, whilst the Jets have Buffalo breathing down their necks. Mind you, this game could decide homefield. Jets by 3.
Graham : NJ by 1

CI (9-5, L1) @ NE (6-8, L1) Last season (3-28)
Gerald : No comment.
Jon : The up and down Bengals need revenge for last season to keep their W/C hopes alive after last weeks upset. CI by 7.
Graham : NE by 1

PS (6-6-2, W1) @ MD (4-10, W1) Last season (21-24)
Gerald : Good wins last week, but with really nothing to play for (expect the draft) I'll go with homefield. Fish by 10.
Jon : Both had huge upset wins last week, both too late to make a difference. MD by1.
Graham : MD by 3

KC (3-10-1, L2) @ CL (3-10-1, W2) Last season (13-17)
Gerald : Another game that means nothing. The Chiefs should win, but as of late I'm not sure if Ian is with us anymore? So I'll go with the Browns by 6.
Jon : As another disappointing season comes towards a close for Ian, here's some cold comfort. KC by 7.
Graham : KC by 1

OR (2-12, L2) @ TT (10-4, W2) Last season (13-42)
Gerald : The Raiders may surprise as all, and win this one. But I think Alan should be able to coup with whatever Lewis throws at him. Titan by 10.
Jon : More of a learning curve for Lewis. Next season we'll see what he's learnt. TT by 10.
Graham : TN by 10

SR (11-3, W2) @ PE (9-5, L1) Last season (24-17 wk.15 & 38-24 wk.19)
Gerald : Touch one to call. After last weeks lose, I think Jon will be up for it, and who better then the Rams to play against. I think this will go to overtime, with the Eagles kicker winning it for Jon. Eagles by 3.
Jon : Looks like the last time (for a while) that we'll meet in wk.15. But I would really like to win it!
Graham : PE by 7

AF (4-10, L3) @ DC (6-8, W1) Last season (21-16)
Gerald : Could this be the start of something in Dallas? No, but against the Falcons, it may look like this. Cowboys by 10.
Jon : I really don't know. Um..... Falcons by 1.
Graham : DC by 1

TB (6-8, L5) @ WR (10-4, W1) Last season (21-10)
Gerald : Paul shouldn't have any problems with the Buccs, but they do have the annoying habit of wining. Even so I'll go with the coached team. Skins by 10.
Jon : Paul should be able to virtually secure the division here, but stranger things have happened. WR by 7 (No! TB by 42!)
Graham : WR by 7

CB (6-8, L1) @ AC (1-13, L1) Last season (17-23 OT)
Gerald : Can Dean do it again? I think so. Cards by 3.
Jon : If the Bears win, they're still in with a shout. But AC by 3.
Graham : CH by 3

SF (8-6, L1) @ MV (7-7, W1) Last season (14-23)
Gerald : A win here for the 49ers and they're off to the play-offs. The Vikings need it to stay on top of the Central. Couldn't be closer, but I think the 49ers will just nick it. 49ers by 3.
Jon : A win for Tim and the Central is nearly his (in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King). Steve's got the W/C a small chance of homefield for that game. MV by 1.
Graham : MV by 3

NO (5-9, W2) @ DL (6-8, L1) Last season (23-31)
Gerald : The Lions are still in with a shoot at the title, but they will need to win against a Saints team who have surprised us over the season. It's going to be tough for Bruce, but I think he'll fall just short. Saints by 6.
Jon : Bruce went for it last week & fell short. The Saints have come good of (too) late. NO by 3.
Graham : NS by 6

by Graham Canwell (Week 14)  
Offence Buffalo Not much competition for this given that the Jets managed to make enough cockups to negate their big yardage gains. The Bills persevered and finally came through at the end of a tough game.
Defence Cleveland Pulled off a surprise by holding the Cincinnati to just 9 points, all of which were scored by the Bengal 'D' ! The Steelers, who pulled off the other AFC Central shock, had pretty good 'D' too.
Coach Guard (MD) For being the first coach in ages to shoot down the Jets.
Offence New Orleans The Saints late season surge is providing a taste of what might have been if they hadn't waited until mid-season to start playing.
Defence St. Louis Because it was so out of character - hey, that was the defence I used to have. No doubt it was just a tease, though, and I'll be stuck with this year's model again this week!
Coach Spence (WR) Dramatic comeback (2 TDs in the final 60 seconds) to regain the East lead. With just the Buccs and Cards to play surely only Paul can stop himself now . . . (no pressure, Paul!)
Barry Switzer Award Seymour (CI) & Dadswell (TN) Its the NFC Central no-one wants to win - not the AFC!!!!


Gerald to All : Sorry if this is a bit rushed, but it is.

Gerald to Jon : Sorry mate, but I couldn't make any sense of the above (Streak Busters). But I've excluded it anyway.

Gerald to Peter : Hope it was a good game at least. No DL vs WC with 5 seconds to go for the winning TD I hope, as we've done it the past.

Gerald to Graham : Have a good holiday. Going anywhere nice? And good luck with the move.

Graham to Jon H : I did look at that game summary and, boy, did that look painful (happened to me in the AC playoffs once, so I know!)

Graham to Paul S : Well done, cometh the hour etc etc (but I bet you were thinking "Here we go again" for 59 minutes)

Graham to Steve D : I'll be rooting for you in the Wildcard because a) its a Western pride thing, b) I want another shot at the Vikings (my worst performance of the season by miles) and c) otherwise I might well be playing Jon again, and he is due big time!

Graham to Geoff : Looking damned good now, you must be optimistic for next year!

Jon to Graham : I hope I've won.

Jon to Paul S. : Spawny Git! 1 minute to go and you get 2 TD's from2 plays after my final 2 plays are intercepted! OT would at least have been fair. Still, looks like you've got the division. Tell you what - I'll beat the 49ers & Rams for you & we'll meet in the NFC Championship for a revenge match. OK?

Jon to Paul S. : Maybe you'll win a play-off game this year.

Jon to Lewis : Are you still persevering? I hope so cause it'll come good eventually.

Jon to Bruce : The curse of playing up hit both you & Gerald. At least it was better than last season.

Jon to Tim : Are you still with us? If not, I hope Bruce pips you for the division so we've got coached teams in the play-offs (now that would make a change. Ed)

Well that's all for this week. I'm running out of time, so I had better so now.

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