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Week 16

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well playing-up hasn't worked as I had hoped this season. But at least they'll all been close games. With a little more luck (read that as winning 4 more games) I may have even got to the play-offs. But (I think I'm correct in saying this?) I'll be of to one of the various Con-Bowls (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and with luck may go all the way, after all last season I did win one post season game.

Well I'm off to FurryCon South this coming (long) weekend (13 - 16 August) in Brighton. Staying at the Stakis hotel. So maybe I will have seen some of you? But as you'll get this after the weekend, it won't be much use. So now you know why your letter (or e-mail), if you send one wasn't used, as I'm typing this up on Thursday night, to post early Friday morning. So apologies to anybody that missed the post. I should really have said something last week.

And finally thanks to Jon for this weeks letter. I'll return the favour and get something to you for NFLB. Assuming I'll have time after the weekend?

NJ (13-2, W1) @ BB (12-3, W2) Last season (27-44 wk.5 24-30 OT)
Gerald : Tough one to call, both looked unbeatable a few weeks ago. But even with the odd shock result, they are in the running for the division. I'm going to have to go with the same result as wk.5, and this time the Bills are at home. Bills by 10.
Jon : Without a doubt the biggest game of the week. This game decides the AFC East and homefield for the play-offs. Tough call, but Bills by 1.

MD (4-11, L1) @ NE (6-9, L1) Last season (17-35 wk.5 9-10)
Gerald : No comment
Jon : I don't think that either of them will really care. Pats by 3.

PS (7-6-2, W2) @ CI (10-5, W1) Last season (24-33 wk.5 0-24)
Gerald : Again I think it will be the same result as the wk.5 game, but the Steelers should get on the score sheet. Bengals by 7.
Jon : Simple enough, if the Bengals win, they have a W/C. they should do. Bengals by 7.

TT (11-4, W1) @ CL (4-10-1, W3) Last season (21-27 wk.5 10-3)
Gerald : The Browns of late have been on a roll, which could spell disaster for Alan. But the Titans should come though, but only just. Titans by 6.
Jon : The Titans do struggle against the Browns. They've also, barring a total disaster, won their division. But that shouldn't be enough to see the Browns win. Titans by 6.

OR (2-13, L3) @ KC (3-11-1, L3) Last season (13-20 wk.5 6-10)
Gerald : Nothing to play for except pride, will make this an interesting game. I think it will be as tight as the last two games, but a different winner. Raiders break their divisional duck by 1.
Jon : The Raiders haven't won a divisional game for 6 seasons. Chiefs by 3.

DB (12-3, L1) @ SS (9-6, L1) Last season (10-24 wk.5 37-14)
Gerald : A very tight game, with the Hawks needing the win and other results to go their way. I think they can do it, but will fate be kind to them? Seahawks by 10.
Jon : A must win for the Seahawks and then praying for the Bengals to lose. The Broncos need to win to ensure a home game in the play-offs. Could be a cracker. Seahawks by 1.

DC (7-8, W2) @ PE (10-5, W1) Last season (27-20 wk.5 23-20 OT)
Gerald : Well they've won their last 2, which could make it a little more difficult for Jon. But not that difficult. Eagles by 13.
Jon : IF I win this and IF the Cards beat the Redskins I'll be a happy man.

AC (2-13, W1) @ WR (11-4, W2) Last season (9-10 wk.5 7-17)
Gerald : It be nice for Dean to finish on a high, and cause another upset, but I really can't see it. Skins by 10.
Jon : I know whom I want to win, but I don't think it'll happen. Redskins by 7.

CB (6-9, L2) @ TB (6-9, L6) Last season (14-41 wk.5 16-34)
Gerald : Well at least a coached team is going to the play-offs from the NFC Central. With nothing except the draft to play for it will probably be a corker of a game. Bears by 10.
Jon : With the same Gameplan, same result. Buccs by 21.

DL (6-9, L2) @ MV (8-7, W2) Last season (0-22 wk.5 19-8)
Gerald : Well done to the Vikings, on getting to the play-offs. But without a wining record I fear they will go out in the first game. Bruce will probably be kicking himself after the last 2 results, as if he'd won, things would be so different. But thems the breaks. Lions by 10.
Jon : This game should have been for the division, but the Lions choked it at the death. Vikes by 3.

NO (6-9, W3) @ SF (8-7, L2) Last season (14-21 wk.5 14-24)
Gerald : 49ers get the last play-off spot, but it will be a struggle as the Saints have shown signs of greatness. But not this week. 49ers by 3.
Jon : Nothing to play for but pride here. 49ers by 1.

AF (4-11, L4) @ SR (11-4, L1) Last season (17-10 wk.5 21-35)
Gerald : Paul will want to win, but after his last couple of experiments got him nowhere I fear the result will be the same as wk.5, and not last season. Rams by 10.
Jon : Paul may have had a bad season (so which definition of the word bad are you using? 4-11 is bad. Ed), but he'll still want to win this one. If he does then the Redskins could get homefield. Falcons by 1.

by Graham Canwell (Week 15)  
Offence New York Jets For totally destroying one of the leagues top defences, that of the Broncos. Easily the best effort in a week where the defences tended to dominate
Defence Miami In a game where defence reigned supreme the Dolphins awesome effort turned out not to be enough thanks to some sloppy special teams plays. Their conquerors the Steelers had great D too
Coach Purrington (NJ) The leagues No.1 performance in its No.1 game.
Offence Philadelphia Defences were on top in the NFC too, but the Eagles effort (crucially with only one turnover) just piped that of the Cowboys.
Defence Minnesota Continued their good form with a strong defensive showing against the Ninners, whose passing attack must be giving them cause for concern.
Coach Heath (PE) Absolutely had to win, and in a great game did just that.
Barry Switzer Award Miami & Pittsburgh Offenses I know this is a defensive league but you guys are allowed to turn up!!


Gerald to Bruce : Did you get any response to the advert? If so I may have to do the same thing, before week one comes around.

Jon to Graham & Paul S. : Just to top my loss to the Redskins in wk.14, I lost a game in NFLD by 30-29 having been 29-9 up with 2 minutes left. My opponent scored and then recovered 2 onside kicks.

Jon to Paul M. : Are you a farther yet? If not, when's it due?

Jon to Graham : That was close. But for once Miller let you down with some crucial interceptions. No KO returns for TDs! (Though that was also close)

Well all the best for your week 16 lottery, and here's to a great draft. I just hope that I can get that 5* QB. As Drew just hasn't worked out since we drafted him 4 years ago. He still can't tell the bloody difference between out players (the ones he meant to pass to) and the opponents.

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