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Week 2

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well at least I know that my defence works, shame that the offence was AWOL. But then again it was a monster of a defence game. I was hoping to get the Pro Bowl into this week newsletter, but again, I've had to cut it out. Just too much to fit in. I'm in two mind whether to even include it. Let me know what you think, should it see print?

Many thanks as always to Jon, Graham, Pat & Paul M. for their contributions

NE (0-1,L1) @ BB (1-0,W4) Last Season 0-23
Gerald : No comment. Just hope the 'O' turns up this week. I've a bad feeling, that I'm going to emulate the Falcons from a couple of seasons ago and lose my first 4 games without conceding an offence TD.... Hope that isn't the case.
Jon : Can't see New England being able to de-rail Buffalo at home, even though their D looks good so far. BB by 6
Graham : If the Pats offence doesn't improve big-time they won't even make OT this week. BB by 10.
Paul M. : Bills by 7.
Pat : Unless New England have some inside knowledge (so are you going to give me any? Ed), or the Bills are relaxing after their 'Steel Lesson', there can only be one winner. Bills by 21.

MD (1-0,W1) @ NJ (1-0, W1) Last season 17-31
Gerald : Don't think it will be as easy for the Jets this year. The Fish had a good start, but I think the Jets will be too tough, but only just in the 4th. Jets by 6.
Jon : The Dolphins got out of their rut in a big way last week and that makes this game more interesting. I'm still going with homefield though. NJ by 1
Graham : Great win last week for the Fish, but the Jets might not be as generous as Seattle. NJ by 7.
Paul M. : Jets by 7.
Pat : Delighted that an old adversary, Coach Guard, is off to a winning start, and I wish him well, but the Fish will be hooked and cooked in the Jets afterburners this week. Jets by 14.

PS (0-1, L2) @ TT (1-0, W3) Last season 19-10
Gerald : If the Steel Curtain turns up, then it could be a game, they came close last week only losing by 11 points. Can they turn it up? I don't think so, especially on the road. Titans by 6.
Jon : 2 division winners from last season in 2 weeks is not a nice start for Pittsburgh, but a win here would certainly worry the rest of the Central. But the Titans will probably hold out. TT by 3
Graham : Could be close but the Titans are Central champs, and at home. TT by 1.
Paul M. : Titans by 10.
Pat : Unless the Men off Steel do it now, on the road, in the sunny south, it'll be a titanic task to turn'tseason around. No Prediction.

CL (0-1, L2) @ CI (1-0, W3) Last season 10-13
Gerald : Should be an easy win for Peter, but he does like to win it in the last seconds of the game, especial when it should be an easy win. Even so, class should shine though. Bengals by 10.
Jon : Even though the Browns are uncoached Peter tends to struggle against them. But he'll still win. CI by 7
Graham : Raiders and now Browns. A very tasty start for Peter. CI by 10.
Paul M. : Browns by 4.
Pat : A scoreless tie, after overtime, with both QB's carried home in a box would be my preferred outcome, but I reckon the paper tigers will be wrapped up in Brown paper. Surprise! Browns by 3.

OR (0-1, L5) @ SS (0-1, L1) Last season 13-31
Gerald : An unexpected loss last week. Should be back to normal this week, as I can't see the Raiders put up much resistance. Seahawks by 10.
Jon : The Seahawks suffered a shock against Miami but won't do so this week. SS by 10
Graham : Just what the 'Hawks need after last week. Expect many more yards. SS by 10.
Paul M. : Seahawks by 10.
Pat : Raiders to roar in and sneak a win, but who cares? Raiders by 10.

KC (0-1, L1) @ DB (1-0, W1) Last season 7-32
Gerald : The Broncos only just one last week, turnovers helped a lot. The Chiefs look like they could be back to the team of old, as they narrowly lost to the Titans. Should be close and the Broncos struggle again to score them Ian should nick victory. Chiefs by 3.
Jon : It will have worried the Broncos not to be able to get in the end zone last week. Kansas will have just been disappointed with their result. Homefield takes it again. DB by 3
Graham : Both had tough games last week. Expect another. DB by 3.
Paul M. : Broncos by 4.
Pat :
I reckon Currie will be going though them all night. "Well they ought to know better than to eat that stuff before a big game." Chiefs by 7.

DC (0-1, L2) @ WR (1-0, W4) Last season 13-33
Gerald : Washington stay ahead of the rest of the division with a big win. Skins by 28.
Jon : This should be a stroll for Washington. WR by 14
Graham : Boys defence stinks again this year. No trouble for the Skins. WR by 13.
Paul M. : Redskins by 14.
Pat : The tomahawk chop for those pretty 'Boys. Redskins by 14.

AC (0-1, L2) @ PE (0-1, L1) Last season 11-24
Gerald : Well that was a shock! Could this be the start of a 3-in-a-row losing streak for the Eagles? I think it could, and I've got to go for the upset. Cards by 1.
Jon :
After last week, who knows?
Graham :
Cardinals offence won't be able to match Tampa's. Good news for Jon. PE by 13.
Paul M. : Cards by 1.
Pat : Nothing witty to say - some would say I say nothing witty. Eagles by 6.

DL (0-1, L4) @ MV (0-1, L1) Last season 14-26
Gerald : Look's like I could be Bruce's bad omen. So lets see if it works this week? They fell apart in the 4th last week, I think it will be the 2nd this time around, just too many points conceded to catch up in the second half. Even so close. Vikes by 8.
Jon : The Lions competed well last week for 3 qtrs. Minnesota were very disappointing. All the same, MV by 4
Graham : Detroit have the knack of finding banana-skins to slip on. Vikes on rebound. MV by 7.
Paul M. : Lions by 14.
Pat :
Come on, Bruce. Lift your team up from down under. Lions by 7.

TB (1-0, W1) @ CH (0-1, L1) Last season 34-16
Gerald : I think Jon is being a little Bitter & Twisted (see below). Even so I can't see the Buccs winning, but then again, they do seem to do well in the first half of the season. So maybe, just maybe... Buccs by 9.
Jon : Chicago by 50.
Graham : Miracle by Buccs last week. Hopefully Bears will put them in their place. CH by 3.
Paul M. : Buccs by 10.
Pat :
Buccs? Against Neil? Naaaaaaaaah. Ok Graham? Buccs by 10.

AF (1-0, W1) @ SF (1-0, W2) Last season 6-34
Gerald : Paul's first opening day victory for quite a while. Both these teams will be trying to keep up the good start with another victory. It's going to be tough for the Falcons on the road, but I think they will just do it, thanks to their special teams. Falcons by 7.
Jon : Could be close, but let's see if Atlanta can go 2-0. AF by 3
Graham : Better offence from Falcs last week, but if Paul is distracted, the Niners will pounce. SF by 3.
Paul M. : Cop Out. No prediction.
Pat : Coach Meskill won't have time. Sleepless nights. 49ers by 9.

NO (1-0, W1) @ SR (1-0, W2) Last season 15-38
Gerald : I really do fancy the Saints this year, to surprise the hell out of us. And what better way to surprise us than by beating the Rams. Saints by 3.
Jon : IF the Saints can slow down the Rams' offence they've got a chance. But it's probably too much to ask for. SR by 7
Graham : Rams offence won't have it so easy this week. A crucial early game. Tight. SR by 3.
Paul M. : Saints by 21.
Pat : It's head vs heart here, and I think head wins! Rams by 21.

by Graham Canwell (Week 1)  
Offence Buffalo Starting where they left off last season, the Bills looked very smooth in Steeltown. Seahawks had many yards but many cockups.
Defence Denver In the defensive game of the week, the Broncos just edged the Pats to both the win and this award.
Coach Guard (MD) The AFC's biggest surprise this week. Not too many people win in the Kingdome. Alan did An excellent job of protecting his rookie QB in KC.
Offence Tampa Bay The Rams were near-perfect, but against the leagues worst D. the Buccs did it against Philly, Traditionally one of the leagues toughest defensive units.
Defence New Orleans There was a lot of D on display in Detroit but the Saints performance against the much fancied Vikies (holding them to just 30 yards in the 2nd half) easily too the honours.
Coach Cooksey (NS) With a big D the Saints could be mighty scary.
Barry Switzer Award Heath (PE) We all hate the Buccs. Jon probably hates them even more now. And managed the mighty feat Of beating the Charlie Batches and Drew Bledsoe to the Barry


(From the lost letter - Yes Pat did send me one. D'OH!)

Pat to Gerald : Didn't say that I was intimidated by big squads, merely that they were new to me in gameplan, and there's more to consider!

Pat to Graham : Maybe we'll meet in the season, or maybe you won't get there!

Pat to Richard : Thanks for the good wishes. Here's hoping that Bradshaws backup all those years ago, now promoted to starter, does the job, especially in week 1, where, thanks to the fixtures committee, he'll meet a lot of old pals early on! Interesting comment re Special Teams - I'll try to bear it in mind.

Pat to Alan D. : Target 1 - a winning season. Target 2 - winning the Division. Hope that those excellent coaches, Peter & Glenn, are ready to set up.

(Now onto this weeks insults...)

Gerald to Dave : Boy you were lucky. I thought I had it in OT, but then the fumble, and the rest is history. . .

Gerald to Pat : I've included your prediction from last week in the round up. I am very disappointed. I was expecting the same predications as everyone else.

Gerald to Graham : Ok so I said that I didn't snub real post. But that doesn't mean you have to use it. All that bloody typing up. Please resume normal service soon.

Pat to Richard : Thanks for the lesson, Coach! Its no pleasure to lose, but your 28 unanswered points, from the end of the 2nd quarter to the beginning of the 4th quarter, really showed how both 'O' and 'D' should be played. Congratulations.

Pat to Graham : Good win against the 'Boys', but how will you do against MEN?

Pat to Gerald : Thanks for the apology. I think you've got a wonderful team, and that you're a brilliant coach, and that your newsletter is stupendous, and that the Broncos must have been incredibly lucky last week. (I bet this gets a mention in the newsletter!)

Gerald to Pat : Yes it did, but that because I felt so guilty about leaving out your contributions from last week. Nothing to do with all those complements. Honest!

Pat to the 3 Predictors : Correct this week, gentlemen. I think it was the 'Net Curtain' - too many holes

Pat to Jon : Please issue a reassessment of the AFC Central - I'm sure I need more time.

Pat to Paul M. : Congratulations on the new arrival! Yours are just coming, I've just got rid of one and am trying to get rid of the other!

Gerald to Pat : So at what age (oh old wise) do you want to get rid of them?

Jon to All : Danny's warning regarding the Post Office was ironically timed. I posted my orders 6 days before the deadline, first class. They didn't arrive. So my somewhat silly experimental pre-season game plan was in action again.

Jon to Graham : No doubt I have this week's Rammy. You should have given it to the Post Office.

Jon to Gerald : I must have missed the competition. What did the 'mystery contributor' contribute? Anyway, my guess is Geoff. Don't know why. (Nope you're wrong about it being Geoff. Look to NFLB, and a very bitter bunny. Hope I haven't given it away. Ed)

Paul M. to Jon : Me! Last! Baby Nathaniel is installed at head coach already!

Graham to Jon : Obviously I'd love to go back again, but that's a long way off. Division is much tougher this year.

Graham to NFC West : Great start guys. Not going to be any doubts about the toughest NFC division this year.

Graham to Paul M. : Many congratulations. When are you expecting him to take over the Falcons QB job?

Graham to Gerald : Was that why you hate drew so much?

Gerald to Graham : Yep you got it in one. I really do feel I've got a 'bust' with him. He been so shite at times, and unfortunately this division, let alone the league I can't afford to throw the game away with turnovers.

Graham to Stuart : Nice to hear from you. Maybe you should do it more often, given your team response!

Graham to Jon : Any Superbowl predictions? For my money, the Bills are still the Boys to beat.

Graham to Geoff : Here's to a great game. Where did you get that 'D' from?

Graham to Jon : What the hell happened last week? Have the Buccs finally changed their gameplan?

Graham to Gerald : That was a spookily prophetic prediction about the Lions faltering in the 4th. Or are you the one who put the curse on Bruce?

Gerald to Graham : Don't know yet if the 'curse' will work again. But if it does then my opponents had better watch out!

Graham to Jon : I guess some in real life would want Chris Miller. But then it is the Broncos, and they're in such a state he's actually made a big improvement.

Well again I'm push for space, so I'll have to cut this short. So short, in fact that, that's it.

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