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Week 3

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well it looks like my euphoria over the Patriots, in the NFL was short lived. They've now lost (don't know about the game from last night yet vs. DC) 3-in-a-row, and the Colts are leading the division. The bloody Colts! Who would have thought that? So anyone who bet on a Colts vs. Rams Superbowl, could be siting on a lot of money? As I'm guessing the odds on that must have been very big.

Well at least its nice to see some new teams doing well, the Colts, Rams, Giants & Lions, to name just a few (well the ones I can remember the records for, anyway). It's especially good to see the 49ers, and to a lesser degree the Broncos being so crap. And what a shame about the Jets, everyone tipped them to be the team to beat, well ok they beat us. But they've still got a pants record.

I've left the Pro-Bowl out, as I got no feedback from anyone on whether to include it or not, so I've not. Well its something less for me to type up, and I'm still recovering from my work Christmas do on Saturday. So if there are any typos it the alcohol....

Many thanks as always to Jon, Graham, & Pat for their contributions.

CI (2-0,W4) @ BB (2-0,W5) Last Season 24-17
Gerald : It's been a good start to the season for both these teams. Unfortunately, one of them has got to lose their unbeaten record. Unfortunately, I can't see it being Buffalo as they are at home. But Peter did surprise us all last season, so maybe he'll do it again? Bills by 3 (OT).
Jon : This should be a great match-up, but I fancy Buffalo to be that little but too strong. BB by 3.
Graham : A big step up in class of opposition for the Benglas. Maybe too big a step. BB by 7.
Pat : Up to Coach Ogg to keep the Steelers faint hopes of AFC Central glory alive, in this table topping clash. Bills by 14.

TT (2-0,W4) @ NJ (1-1,L1) Last Season 19-29
Gerald : It's going to be hard for the Titans on the road to the Jets, but I think they will be too strong. But only just. Titans by 3
Jon : Revenge for Tennessee this time round. TT by 3.
Graham : Not what the Jets need after last week's upset. Oilers look great. TN by 3.
Pat : Those tough Titans to trounce the Tuna. Titans by 7.

OR (0-2,L6) @ NE (0-2,L2) Last Season 16-30
Gerald : No comment.
Jon : Oakland are sill one of the AFC's weakest team, so Gerald should be able to finally get off the mark. NE by 6.
Graham : Respite at last for the Pats. Confidence booster for Drew? NE by 13.
Pat : Well somebody's got to win, or will it be a scoreless tie? Patriots by 1.

KC (0-2,L2) @ MD (2-0,W2) Last Season 0-16
Gerald : The Chiefs seem to be struggling, so an in-form Dolphins is the last thing coach Currie wanted, especially at home. Can't see it being a shut-out, but not far off. Dolphins by 13.
Jon :
Kansas are still struggling to win games whereas Miami seem to have finally got it together. MD by 7.
Graham : Miami soaring right now. Chiefs again a disappointment, but have potential to improve. MD by 7.
Pat : 'Killer Fish en Guard!' 'New Dolphin Diet - Currie!' Miami by 3.

SS (1-1,W1) @ PS (0-2,L3) Last Season 37-10
Gerald : The (insert what you want) Curtain, seems to be flapping in the wind at present. Even at home, I can't see the Steelers getting off the mark, especially against Seattle. It looks like it will be a long hard season for the new boy. Hawks by 13.
Jon : It looks like Pat needs more time to get his team in shape than I estimated. Or was I misled by his easy schedule in NFLB? SS by 6.
Graham : Another tough game for the Steelers. Both teams really need to win. Probably close. SS by 1
Pat : Will the 'Paper Curtain' topple Tottle? Only god (Coach Canwell) knows! But we pray for success.

DB (2-0,W2) @ CL (0-2,L3) Last Season 24-14
Gerald : Denver stay on top of the division with what should be an easy win on the road, to a team that need a new direction. Broncos by 17.
Jon : Can't see Denver losing this. DB by 14.
Graham : No trouble for Denver. Defence way too much for the Browns. DB by 10.
Pat : Coach Carruthers gallops in rescue Steel Town! Denver by 17.

CB (0-2,L2) @ WR (2-0,W5) Last Season 20-17(OT)
Gerald : Can't see the Skins slipping up like they did last year, especially as they are at home. Skins by 12.
Jon : Washington should have wrapped it up this time before the end of regulation. WR by 10.
Graham : Washington offence doesn't look great, but D is top notch. Bears offence underperforming. WR by 10.
Pat : Skins skin Bears!. Redskins by 14.

MV (1-1,W1) @ PE (1-1,W1) Last Season 10-44
Gerald : Should be back on course for the Eagles this week after that little hick-up in week one, (no Jon, I won't let you forget it). Can't see it being as convincing as last season, but it still should be a win. Eagles by 7.
Jon : Well, the way my Eagles are going this ones going to be tough. Where's my defence gone?
Graham : NFC Game of the Week. Philly offence needs to step up a gear as Vikes D is terrific. MV by 1.
Pat : No Eagle features for the Vikings head gear. Eagles by 14.

AF (1-1,L1) @ DC (0-2,L3) Last Season 13-21
Gerald : Paul, sorry Nathaniel, should bounce back after last weeks loss, against a Cowboys team that seem lost. Falcons by 10.
Jon : Probably Atlanta, though maybe not. AF by 1.
Graham : Distractions or not, Falcons should tear through Boys defence. AF by 10.
Pat : Coach rules - K.O. 'Baby beats Boys!' Falcons by 14.

NO (1-1,L1) @ AC (0-2,L3) Last Season 27-11
Gerald : The Saints shouldn't really have any problems with the Cards. Saints by 17.
Jon : Both teams had tough losses last week, but I reckon that the Saints will come out of it quicker. NO by 3.
Graham : Forget last week, Saints are still too good all-round for punchless Cards. NS by 10.
Pat : Is there an offence here? Hope for one card trick! Cardinals by 10.

SF (2-0,W3) @ DL (0-2,L5) Last Season 21-13
Gerald : The 49ers should stay with the Rams at the top of the division, as I can't see the Lions putting up much of a fight. Won't be that close, but no enough points will be scored to keep up with the Rams. 49ers by 14.
Jon : Steve's started well this season and Bruce hasn't. SF by 7.
Graham : If Lion's offence were just average their D would make them contenders. A big "if" so far. SF by 6.
Pat : 49ers to strike gold again. 49ers by 19.

SR (2-0,W3) @ TB (2-0,W2) Last Season 35-17
Gerald : Will Graham make the same mistake as the Eagles did in week one? Well we can only hope. The Rams seem to be scoring at will, and I can't see it slowing down this week. Rams by 21.
Jon : Hello, here comes an offence! Much though it pains me I'd like to see the Rams give the Buccs a damn good kicking. And they will. SR by 21.
Graham : Buccs shouldn't have any new tricks up their sleeves. If we don't get sloppy we should win. SR by 10.
Pat : Game of the Week. No Shepherd can contain these Rams! Rams by 14.

by Graham Canwell (Week 2)  
Offence Miami Honourable mention to Alan again, but the Fish's performance on the road against a tough Jets team just pipped them.
Defence Tennessee No keeping the Oilers from this award, though, and they're certainly showing they were no one-season wonders.
Coach Guard (MD) Innovation award goes to Dave in Denver for springing the Wishbone on KC, but Stuart's continued excellence against strong opposition gives him another award.
Offence St. Louis Offences generally found it tough going this week, so I couldn't avoid honouring a Rams unit that destroyed a Saints D that had been so awesome in week 1
Defence Tampa Bay Philly and Vikes were great, but against two rather scrawny offences, so I (after a lot of internal debate) gave it to those damned Buccs.
Coach Whitfield (MV) Got his season back on track with a great display against Detroit.
Barry Switzer Award Arizona's Offense Not for the first time. Not much point outgaining your opponents in yardage if you're going to turn it over 6 times!!!


Gerald to Ian Currie : I've missed your annual round-up, I usually get it about week one or two. Hope the PC fine, and you haven't lost all that information? Or have you finally given up the ghost, of the Chiefs having a winning season?

Gerald to Graham : Glad to see you're still Bitter & Twisted about your week one loss.

Gerald to Graham : Your predictions, are looking good. Only got 2 wrong last week. So how do you do it?

Jon to Dean : You didn't deserve that result and you certainly didn't deserve to be shutout.

Jon to Pat : You've had two real games now - get it sorted!

Jon to Graham : The division may be tougher, but if you keep scoring 50+ points per game you'll win it easily.

Pat to Alan D. : Wow! I hope my learning curve begins to rise soon. Well done, but it was easy, wasn't it! New Target 1 - winning a match. New Target 2 - a winning season!

Pat to the 3 Predictors : Correct again, gentlemen! I don't think any 'Curtain', net or otherwise turned up - just a vacant space where the 'D' should have been. Depression!

Graham to Gerald : Are you actually putting a curse on your opponents . . . or only on the Lions, poor buggers.

Graham to Jon : Well yes you did, but I agree the Post Office certainly deserved it. Maybe we won't see so many experimental pre-season gameplans next year, if they can't get their act in gear. Which would be a shame.

Graham to AFC West : Come on guys, four more wins again wins again this week. Definitely a possibility.

Graham to Dave : Woah, that took guts!

Graham to Pat : God, your opening schedule really is horrendous (though "nice" games in the AFC are few and far between)

Well that's all for this week. Here's hoping I can start winning again, and start challenging for the division... The next issue will probably be the last before Christmas. So I hope you've all done you Christmas shopping? I have this year for a change. Damn, no rushing about like a headless Turkey on Christmas Eve, trying to buy people presents. Oh well, can't have everything...

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