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Week 4

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well week 3 was a great week for upsets. The Steelers beating the Seahawks. Looks like the (insert what you want) Curtain did something, not quite sure what, as lots of yards where racked up by the Seahawks. But maybe the curtain blinded the Seahawks to force those all-important turnovers? The other upset was over in the NFC, where the Eagles went down to the Vikings. Not quite sure how that happened, but I'm sure Jon will tell us in due time, wouldn't you Jon? Or maybe Tim could write in and gloat?

Those two major upsets, also upset us predictors. As without them all four us would have been 100% perfect (yes even Pat). The first time ever in the history of, not just NFLAB, but Gameplan, I'm sure?

Thanks to Jon, Pat & Richard for this week's post bag.

KC (0-3,L3) @ BB (3-0,W6) Last Season 10-27
Gerald : Well Ian's got to break his duck sometime. But I can't see it being on the road to the Superbowl Champions. It should be a close game, as from last weeks display, the Chiefs do seem to be getting better with ever week. Bills by 8.
Jon : BB by 3.
Pat : Unless complacency sets in! Bills by 14.
Richard : Should be close, last year certainly was.

OR (0-3,L7) @ NJ (1-2,L2) Last Season 10-33
Gerald : Can't really see the Raiders doing much this season. Jets by 10.
Jon : NJ by 7.
Pat : Who knows and .......! Toss a coin! Hometown win! Jets by 1.
Richard : Jets by 10.

PS (1-2,W1) @ NE (1-2,W1) Last Season 3-28
Gerald : No comment.
Jon : NE by1.
Pat : Confidence rising, but on the road, against a GOOD 'D'?
Richard : Pats by1, both teams much better than their current records.

CL (0-3,L4) @ MD (3-0,W3) Last Season 17-14
Gerald : The Fish keep up with the Bills with a powerful display against the Browns. Dolphins by 17.
Jon : MD by 10.
Pat : 'Dolphins make Hash Browns!' Miami by 14.
Richard : Fish by 13.

DB (3-0,W3) @ TT (3-0,W5) Last Season 30-17
Gerald : Game of the week perhaps? Best game in the AFC this week as someone's going to lose that unbeaten record, and I think homefield will play an important part. Titans by 10.
Jon : TT by 1.
Pat : Clash of the week? Will this be a galloping success, or a Titanic triumph. Titans by 77.
Richard : AFC game of the week. Titans by 3.

SS (1-2,L1) @ CI (2-1,L1) Last Season 34-37
Gerald : The Bengals came very close last week to an upset (and upsetting the predictors). They are looking a very good team again this season. The Seahawks are looking a little shaky, but it's early days. But Peter hates playing the Hawks, as they always seem to pip him to the post. But the last couple of games between them have gone his way, so I think it will again this time. Bengals by 3.
Jon : CI by 3.
Pat : Seattle on the come-back trail! Seahawks by 10..
Richard : Another tight one, Bengals by 3.

NO (2-1,W1) @ WR (3-0,W6) Last Season 11-21
Gerald : Should be a great game, probably game of the week. The Skins are looking very good, scoring lots on offence and keeping their opponents to very few. The Saints are looking good too, but I think the Skins will be just too tough to them to handle. Skins by 6.
Jon : WR by 4.
Pat : Could be a real close cut! Skins scalp Saints! Redskins by 3.
Richard : Difficult week to predict. Skins by 3.

AF (2-1,W1) @ PE (1-2,L1) Last Season 17-20
Gerald : Well, well. The Falcons have a better record than Jon does. That hasn't happened in a lonnng time. I fancy an upset or two this week, so I'll go with Coach Nathaniel, to upset the Eagles. Falcons by 1.
Jon : Beaver.
Pat : Eagles to pierce Falcons leaky D. Eagles by 10.
Richard : Eagles fly higher than Falcons and win by 7.

DL (0-3,L6) @ DC (0-3,L4) Last Season 26-31
Gerald : Someone's got to break their duck this week. I think homefield will be all-important. Cowboys by 3.
Jon : DL by 1.
Pat : See raiders v Jets! Lions by 1.
Richard : Bruce's defences decide to win without offence. Lions by 3.

TB (2-1,L1) @ AC (0-3,L4) Last Season 13-17
Gerald : The Cards seem to be able (well last week anyway) to score points, again but their 'D' has really got to play up. Otherwise it will be a hard season. Even though I'd like the Cards to win, I think the Buccs will be just too strong. Well they did beat the Eagles in week 1. Buccs by 7.
Jon : AC by 3.
Pat : Pirate Ship fires broadside into Arizona. Buccs by 10.
Richard : Buccs by 4.

SR (3-0,W4) @ MV (2-1,W2) Last Season 20-23 (OT)
Gerald : Can the Vikes produce another surprise? If they play like last week, then I think so. As I said I fancy an upset or two. So Vikes by 9.
Jon : MV by 3.
Pat : Rampant Rams rout Vikes! Rams by 21.
Richard : Rams score less than usual but still win. Rams by 4.

SF (3-0,W4) @ CB (0-3,L3) Last Season 24-3
Gerald : The 49ers are looking very, very good at the moment. Could they take the crown from Graham? Well one can hope. The Bears will be no match for the 49ers, even if they are at home. 49ers by 9.
Jon : SF by 14.
Pat : Bears raise white flag to flamboyant '9ers. 49ers by 14.
Richard : 49ers keep pace with sheep. 49ers by 14.

by Graham Canwell (Week 3)  
Offence Kansas City The Chiefs lost again, but you couldn't really fault the offence. The Dolphins did superbly to overhaul them, but KC just got my vote.
Defence Denver OK, it was against the Browns . . . but it was awesome all the same.
Coach Ratcliffe (PS) Pat opened his account with a good win against Seattle, and just edged Alan for this award.
Offence Minnesota A terrific display under any circumstances, but on the road against Philly even better (though Jon must be worried).
Defence Washington Not too many contenders for this (the Vikes were the main other contenders) but the Skins have a great unit and deserved it.
Coach Whitfield (MV) All of a sudden the Vikes are looking like we expected them to, and that's a scary prospect.
Barry Switzer Award The Atlanta &
Dalla Secondaries
Did they actually turn up ??? And, if so, why ????


Gerald to Pat : Well here's to a good game.

Gerald to Pat & Tim : Congratulations on those up-sets last week.

Gerald to Jon : So what when wrong this time? Wrong gameplan again? Or did they just whip you arse!

Gerald to All : For sale - One useless Centre. Any offers accepted. After 3 games, we've (and I'm blaming him and not Drew. Well not yet anyway) fumbled the long snap 7 times.

Richard to Paul M. : Congratulations to the addition to the family.

Richard to Peter : Thanks for a great game, it was fitting it went to the last play.

Richard to Dave : Great coaching against the Chiefs.

Richard to Graham : Take my advice get rid of the offensive co-ordinator he is after your job. PS kickers are excellent I had hoped to get one but you cannot have enough QBs.

Richard to Pat : Well done on your first win, you got it a lot quicker than I got mine. The last time coaching records for the league were posted, I had the worst winning percentage of any coach ever in AB.

Richard to Gerald : Your defence looks really solid.

Richard to Jon : Good luck in AW for the perfect regular season, only two games to go.

Pat to Alan D : Target 1 - winning a match - achieved. Target 2 - a winning season - still a very long way off!

Pat to the 3 Predictors : Stick it up your respective ****! The 'new boy', with the 'easy schedule', turns on Team Tottle, (and cartwheels after virgin win)! 'The (insert what you want) Curtain', still flaps in the air, but has its feet on the ground!

Pat to Jon : Sorted! All wight, son!

Pat to Gerald : Who is this 'Brat Favre' on your roster as BQ16? Bring him on!

Gerald to Pat : Its ok I'll leave Brat on the bench if that's all the same to you.

Pat to Graham : The AFC schedule has got to be easier than playing the NFC West!

Jon to Tim : That's the equal worst regular season defeat I've suffered in AB, and the second worst ever (31-3 vs Tampa being the worst) and the worst home defeat ever. Congratulation. I was woeful and you completely out-played me.

Jon to Pat : Well done on your first win - and it was against a good team. Obviously my message worked?

Jon to All : Anybody got an offence & defence for sales? Especially a run defence.

Well that's all for the week, this year, this millennium. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and great New Year. Have fun seeing in the new millennium, even if it isn't. But we won't go down the road, I'm a bit tired of the argument.

All the best and enjoy the festivities, however you celebrate them. I'll be drinking lots, eating lots and enjoying (I hope so anyway) my presents. Not any different from every other year, except this year I won't be going up to Scotland for Hogmanay. I'll be watching the fireworks along the Thames. So if anyone else is doing the same give me a ring and we can see if we can meet up.

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