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Week 6

by Gerald Udowiczenko

So the Colts didn't quite make it to the Superbowl, but the Rams did. If memory serves, and quite often it doesn't. Both these teams had the worst records last season (98). Just goes to show what you can do with an easy schedule, and a good team. I'd like St Louis to win it, but I'd be happier for the AFC to dominate for a couple more years.

Thanks to Jon, Graham & Paul Meskill for this week's post bag.

BB (4-1, L1) @ MV (3-2, W1) Season 2000 42 - 13
Gerald : Could the Bills be on the slippery slop after last week loss? I can't see it especially as its Inter-conference week. Bills by 7.
Graham : Vikes capable of winning, but Bills will be really fired up after last week. BB 3.
Paul M : Bills by 7.
Jon : BB x 3.

CH (1-4, L1) @ NJ (3-2, W2) Last Season 0-16
Gerald : Real test for the new coach. Can't really see the Bears finding their feet straight away. Jets by 10.
Graham : Jets might just have turned their whole season round last week. Bears still building. NJ 7.
Paul M : Bears by 1.
Jon : NJ x 6.

NE (1-3-1, L1) @ DL (0-5, L8) Season 2000 16-10 (OT)
Gerald : No Comment.
Graham : Lions will lose a heartbreaker in the final quarter. They specialise in it. NE 3.
Paul M : Pats by 3.
Jon : NE x 3.

TB (4-1, W2) @ MD (5-0, W6). Season 1999 17-30
Gerald : The Fish should be able to win especially at home. Fish by 10.
Graham : Buccs D is hugely improved this year (dammit!) but their secondary won't stop the Fish. MD 10.
Paul M : Buccs by 3 OT.
Jon : MD x 4.

TT (4-1, L1) @ SR (5-0, W6). No known match up
Gerald : After last week's loss, the Titans will be looking to bounce back. But against the Rams it will be hard. First win for the NFC I think. Rams by 3.
Graham : My first ever meeting with Alan. Should be very very tight. Hopefully homefield edge? SR 1.
Paul M : Titans by 47.
Jon : SR x 3.

SF (3-2, L2) @ CI (3-2, W1). Season 1997 15-13 (OT)
Gerald : Bengals by 10.
Graham : Bengals were sensational last week, while Niners were unlucky. Morale edge to Cincy. CI 7.
Paul M : Bengals by 3.
Jon :
CI x 1.

PS (1-3-1, L1) @ NO (2-3, L2) Season 1999 21-17
Gerald : The Steelers should get back to winning ways, but if they do what they did last week (which was what Pat?) then the Saints will be laughing. I still fancy the Saints for a good run this season, so I think I will have to go against the AFC. Saints by 3.
Graham : Both teams have been disappointing so far. Depends who decides to play on the day. NS 1.
Paul M : Saints by 1.
Jon : PS x 1.

AF (3-2, W1) @ CL (1-4, W1) Season 1999 6-34
Gerald : Falcons by 10.
Graham : Browns offence won't get away with daylight robbery two weeks running. AF 7.
Paul M : Baby rattle Grrr!!
Jon : AF x 3.

DB (4-1, W1) @ WR (4-1, L1) Season 1999 10-6
Gerald : Should be a great game. Probably as tight as last season, and with the same result. Broncos by 2.
Graham : Skins have done well considering they have no offence. But Denver will punish them. DB 10.
Paul M : Redskins by 3.
Jon : DB x 2.

PE (3-2, W2) @ SS (2-3, L1) Last Season 14-30
Gerald : The Hawks have shown some good form, as have the Eagles. Depends on which team turns up. Eagles by 3.
Graham :
Jon must fancy regaining his title after last week, while Hawks D is struggling. PE 3.
Paul M : Eagles by 1.
Jon :
No comment.

KC (1-4, W1) @ DC (2-3, W2) Season 2000 21-34
Gerald : After their first win, can they carry on the momentum? I think so. Chiefs by 5.
Graham : Boys' D has recovered well after catastrophic start, but KC are probably better overall. KC 6.
Paul M : Chiefs by 2.
Jon : KC x 6.

AC (0-5, L6) @ OR (0-5, L9) Last Season 8-13
Gerald : Well one of them had got to break their duck, and with a new coach I think it will be the AFC team. Raiders by 6.
Graham : The two worst teams in the league (probably) so hard to see anyone winning. OA 1.
Paul M : Overtime tie. Please.
Jon : OR x 3.

by Graham Canwell (Week 5)  
Offence Denver The Jets & Bills deserve some plaudits for their shootout, but I've opted for the Broncos demolition of the Seahawks.
Defence Cleveland Denver were in contention for this, too, but given that the Browns' D got no help whatsoever from their offence I thought they deserved it.
Coach Purrington (NJ) Innovation award goes to Dave in Denver for springing the Wishbone on KC, but Stayed in playoff contention by inflicting a first defeat of the season on the Superbowl Champions. An honourable mention to Peter in Cincy too.
Offence Minnesota Not too much NFC offence around this week, so the Vikes 400+ yards to down the Bears was an easy selection.
Defence Philadelphia On the other hand, there was a lot of D around. The Eagles shutout of the (admittedly rather feeble) Redskins attack, in a must-win game, got my vote.
Coach Heath (PE) With his back to the wall, showed why he's won this division so many times.
Barry Switzer Award Ratcliffe (PS) Gave up no turnovers. Allowed no TDs. Contrived to lose. Has to deserve an award of some kind . . . .


(From the e-mail that arrived a day after it was sent....)

Jon to Gerald & Pat : At least you don't have to play each other twice per season in this league!

Jon to Richard : Thanks for last week's message. I was wondering how long was left in the season! (Get the hint?)

Jon to Pat : Well, you've got 12 more games to get that winning season. By the way, the AFC has been somewhat more competitive than the NFC over the last few seasons - just wait until the interconference games & you may see what I mean.

Jon to Graham : At least you've got the Bills & Titans to come! Not that the Bengals & Seahawks will be much easier for me.

Jon to Stephen : Welcome to AB. Those Bears haven't been coached for an awful long time. I assume that you've got plenty of LPs to play with! By the way, the Buccs are not coached - just to give you a hand. Good luck - you're in what is probably the weakest division in the league.

(and this week)

Gerald to AFC : Come on lets whip them into submission.

Gerald to Paul Meskill : What's wrong with e-mail? I could barely make out your scribble.

Gerald to Stuart M. & Stephen : Welcome to the league. So what are your coaching credentials?

Gerald to AFC East : So are we all going to try and allow the same number of point though out the season? We've done well up to wk. 5, a difference of only 2 points.

Gerald to Pat : Did you send anything? I'm currently dog/house siting for some friends, I popped home on Friday to see if there was any mail for me. The only thing I found was bills, bills and more bills. Shame it wasn't the Real Bills, well their Cheerleaders anyway.

Gerald to Graham & Pat : Didn't we have a bad week in predicting?

Paul M. to All : Did anyone see the week 16 (or whatever week it was with bye weeks) Sky coverage? Apparently with play-offs and homefield spots sewn up, the Rams and Colts were taking it easy. Taking it easy - isn't that what gets people branded as cheats?

Paul M to Graham : Congrats on going undefeated again, winning the Division again, getting the to the Superbowl again (5th time in a row) winning the Superbowl again.

Paul M. to Graham : Of your 13 regular season losses - have I beaten you - I can't remember?

Paul M to Gerald : Looked like a forward pass to me and don't cry too much after Parcells retiring!

Paul M. to Graham : Re wk.2 Rammy for Falcon secondary. I'll have you know for several seasons my Defence (and Offence) have consistently refused to turn up for entire seasons!

Paul M. to Jon & Geoff : Adding insult in injury : Injury - I didn't get any orders in for the Eagles game (honest). Insult - I didn't get any orders (or money sorry Danny) in for the Saints game.

Paul M. to Danny (GM) : Thank you for the apology about being late. It is very annoying when something people pay for arrives late, but an explanation helps greatly.

Paul M to Jon : Well done on the all time records, I can't believe it's my 11th full season!

Gerald to Paul M. : I had to edit one of you messages. But I think you know why.

Jon to Richard : Congratulations on getting the best record in AW. Who beat you?

Jon to Stuart Mack & Stephen : Welcome to the league & good luck.

Graham to All : Like many of you, I've been following the NFL a long time. I reckon I've never seen anyone play as badly as the Dolphins against the Jags last Saturday (and I'm a Seattle fan, so I've seen some crap!!!). Has anyone else?

Graham to Jon : Eagles of old against the Skins. Well done! Good work in updating the league records, though (oh no, I'm nit-picking again) I'm pretty certain I won Superbowl X 28-10 as I seem to recall 4 Chris Miller TD passes

Graham to Steve D : Unlucky - best D I've played so far. Good luck 'til week 16 !

Graham to Alan D : Looking forward to our first meeting. Hope it's a great game.

Regarding the Superbowl, a friend of mine Peter Murray, who coaches the Steelers in NFLB, and did for about a season in AB. Will be hosting the Superbowl at his place. He lives in Selhurst, just behind Selhurst Park (home of Wimbledon). If anyone is interested, please contact me and I can give the address and directions.

I'll also be trying to meet up in London for a few drinks to see those people that can't make it (or have other plans) in the evening. Again contact me and I'll try and sort something out.

Well here's to a good mauling of the NFC by the AFC in gameplan, and a great game on Sunday 30th. Just hope neither team chocks on the occasion?

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