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Week 7

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well, what a game. The best I've seen in years! It was a real shame the Titans couldn't make it go to OT. Though I'm sure the people that had go to work the next day were very happy it finished, when it did, so they could get some sleep.

Thanks to Jon, Graham, Paul Spence, Pat, Ian, Tim & Stuart MacKinnon for this week's bumper post bag. I just hope I can fit it all in.

BB (4-2, L2) @ OR (1-5, W1) Last season 30-3
Gerald : Even after breaking their duck last week, I really can't see the Raiders doing me any favours, but maybe this is the beginning of the end for the Bills (3-losses in a row?)? Bills by 10.
Graham : First win for Raiders last week but they'll be pushed to repeat it. BB 14
Pat : Bills desperately need this to keep in touch at the top. Bills by 21.
Jon : 2 bad weeks on the trot for Richard, and a good start for Stuart last week. However the Bills should still win this. BB x 6

NJ (3-3, L1) @ KC (2-4, W2) Last season 23-15
Gerald : Could this be the start of something great from Kansas? I think so. Chiefs by 3.
Graham : Jets are very unpredictable this year and Chiefs offence could make it very nasty. NJ 1
Pat : Jets to recover winning ways. Jets by 7.
Jon : This one could be close. Hmmm. NJ x 1

NE (1-4-1, L2) @ CL (1-5, L1) Last season 17-0
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : Browns couldn't intercept one of the Falcs 53 pass attempts last week. Hope they weren't saving themselves for Drew. NE 7
Pat : I don't cheer for you often, but "Way to Go, Pats!". Pats by 3.
Jon : If Gerald doesn't win this he should shoot himself. NE x 10

MD (6-0, W6) @ PS (1-4-1, L2) Last season 3-15
Gerald : The Fish are looking mighty unstoppable at present, I can only hope they slip up soon. However, I can't see it this week. Even after Pats cheer for me, I fear mine will not be enough. Dolphins by 13.
Graham : Dolphins just keep rolling along. Not what the Steelers need right now. MD 7
Pat : Killer Fish on the road. En Guard, Steelers!
Jon : Pat's going to struggle to make the playoffs unless things pick up soon. A visit from one of the league's only two unbeaten teams is hardly the way to get going. Or is it? MD x 3

TT (4-2, L2) @ SS (2-4, L2) Last season 31-10
Gerald : Even though the Hawks 'D' have let in more points than the Titans 'D', I think their 'O' is better. Hawks by 7.
Graham : Titans rushing vs Hawks passing? Titans have a better D so . . . TN 3
Pat : Titans to triumph in micro-chip city. Titans by 10.
Jon : The Seahawks were far closer to a win last week than the Titans. What effect has it had on the Titans' morale? SS x 1

CI (4-2, W2) @ DB (4-2, L1) Last season 17-14
Gerald : I've got to agree with Graham & Pat, AFC Game of the Week. Should be close. Both 'D' are mean, but I think offence will win this one. Bengals by 3.
Graham : AFC Game of the Week and a close one to call. So go with homefield. DB 1
Pat : AFC Game of the Week! Bengals with attitude at Altitude? No way! Broncos by 7.
Jon : Peter's got a good record against Dave & on current form I'll go with that. CI x 3

WR (5-1, W1) @ AF (4-2, W2) Last season 30-14
Gerald : Both Paul's (especially Daddy Paul) seem to have found winning ways. Nevertheless, I think the 'D' of the Skins will win the day. Redskins by 8.
Graham : If the Skins offence shows up again they'll surely win, given that D. But won't be easy. WR 6
Pat : NFC Game of the Week! But the Falcons are all hot air! Redskins by 10.
Jon : Paul's chance to prove he's a genuine contender this season. Depends on whether the Skins from last week or the week before turn up. WR x 1

PE (4-2, W2) @ NO (3-3, W1) Last season 15-29
Gerald : They did it last season, and I've been predicting big things form the Saints. So Saints by 3.
Graham : Saints beat the Eagles last year, but somehow it's hard to bet against Jon. PE 3
Pat : Eagles have a tough job to hold NFC West. Eagles by 10.
Jon :
Some pass defence needed, perchance?

DC (2-4, L1) @ TB (4-2, L1) Last season 49-21
Gerald : It looks like the Buccs will again get to the play-offs, thought hopefully the rest of the central will have something to say about that. But not this week. Buccs by 10.
Graham : Buccs are not bad for a coachless team (again!) so they should beat the Boys (damn!). TB 7
Pat : Cowboys don't travel well. Outgunned by Pirate ship! Buccs by 14.
Jon : Could Dallas do it again? I'm not too sure. TB x 1

AC (0-6, L9) @ DL (1-5, W1) Last season 3-10
Gerald : After breaking their duck last week, could they have a winning season? I can't see it. But a win this week will help. Lions by 10.
Graham : Lions D should make it a very long day for the Cards. Probably a low-scorer. DL 6
Pat : Lions to prevent 'Cards from breaking duck. Lions by 10.
Jon : Bruce got one win last week. This should make it two. DL x 3

MV (4-2, W2) @ SF (3-3, L3) Last season 16-7
Gerald : It's going to be tough for the Vikings on the road, but the 49ers seem to have lost the way. Vikings by 3.
Graham : Three straight losses for the Niners, and it doesn't get any easier. MV 7
Pat : '9ers on a roll! 49ers by 3.
Jon :
A great win for Tim last week put his Vikings back on track. SF shouldn't be as much of a challenge. MV x 7

CH (2-4, W1) @ SR (6-0, W7) Last season 0-35
Gerald : Not as convincing as last season but convincing enough (they should score 30+ points). Rams by 10.
Graham : It'll be tough (Bears have the no.1 D) and I've certainly been crap against the Bears before now. But I'll stay optimistic for another week. SR 7
Pat : Can the Nears create a 'Switzer' for Coach Canwell? Sadly, "No!" Rams by 21.
Jon : Stephen did well to win last week. He'll be doing even better if he wins this. SR x 6

by Graham Canwell (Week 6)  
Offence Cincinnati Not too many contenders (ho! ho!). Chiefs were great (but against Dallas) but Cincy win it for doing miles better against SF than me the previous week!
Defence Buffalo Well the D did their job! Pats and Raiders were good too, though against worse offences than that of the Vikings.
Coach Seymour (CI) Regained the Central lead with a great win. Special mentions to the two Stuarts for still being perfect and breaking their duck respectively.
Offence Washington Just when you though they might be slipping they whip out a great offensive showing against a strong D to stay atop the East.
Defence Minnesota Loads of contenders here but for keeping the Bills offence out of the endzone the Vikes just have to get this award.
Coach Parratt (CH) Obviously lots of contenders here too, but I was particularly impressed by Stephen's performance against the Jets. Now please go easy on me this week!
Barry Switzer Award The AFC We in the NFC have had this enough recently, usually for achieving pretty much what the AFC achieved in week 6 (ie. humiliation)


(From the letter that was sent just too late...)

Pat to Coach Havenhand : Congratulations! An excellent play to stop me on 4th & 1 from the 2, and a well constructed drive to get the winning FG. Till next time!

Pat to Jon : Found the Coaching stats interesting and revealing. Thanks a lot!

Pat to Richard & Jon : See! Only one win - perhaps all season!

Pat to Graham : No more Rammys please. I was only an inch away, and then The Bus hit a brick wall. He was probably thinking of a mention in your column.

Pat to Stuart : Welcome to a tough league. See you in week 13. Best of luck - now. Not then!

(This week's)

Gerald to Stuart M. & Bruce : Congratulations on breaking those ducks.

Gerald to Graham : I felt you were a little bit harsh in given the AFC the Barry. I'm sure there were individual teams who deserved it more? Just glad it was me.

Gerald to Stuart M. : Thanks for writing in, all the best with the Raiders. Well you really can't do any worse than they've done before.

Gerald to Pat : I'm glad to see your letter got to me on time, this time.

Jon to the NFC in general : Well done last week. It's about time we won more than 50% of the games. Now we've just got to do the same in week 12!

Jon to Richard : Good 1st round pick in AW! I've lost all my RBs and 2 out of 3 LBs. Bad news. Every reduced player (bar rookies) of mine retired. Then the Bills out-bid me for that free agent RB.

Jon to Paul Spence : Congratulations on your win last week. I seem to remember that your record against the AFC is none too good? Maybe this is heralding a post season win as well?

Jon to Graham : It was (unless I typed it in wrong - I can't be bothered to go back up to the loft) 24-10. I've still got the results sheet. The only doubtful one is XI as I can't find the sheet for that. It's (apparently) from Dave's memory.

Jon to Graham : I'm a Dolphins fan. I gave up at halftime. It's what I've described, in another newsletter, as a game with every single 'gameplan moment'. Never again will I not believe it when I see it on paper. (OK, I lied just there.)

Jon to Gerald : Strange page order last week.

Gerald to Jon : Photocopier going mad?

Graham to AFC : Beware, the Sleeping Giant has awakened. Still, if you all change your names to Stuart before week 12 you might do better.

Graham to NFC : Well done - we suffered enough last year. Let's go for all 12 next time, eh!

Graham to All : A great Superbowl, to cap the best NFL season I can remember. Roll on September.

Graham to Paul M : For a Defence and Offence that don't turn up for whole seasons I seem to bump into them unerringly often. And I'm sure I will again in the next few weeks . . .

Graham to Gerald : I think that was another rotten week of predictions. Didn't expect such a rapid NFC turnaround.

Graham to Paul M : I see you've got your "Kiss of Death" message earlier this season. Bugger!

Graham to Gerald : How many of those fumbles are Drew's?

Gerald to Graham : Drew leads the team with 5!

Paul Spence to All: You all said it couldn't happen but I held my faith and lo, the Rams did win the Superbowl and all was right with the world.

Paul Spence to All: I admit, I was panicking in the fourth quarter ... and yes, I did do a little silent prayer a few times but it worked.

Paul Spence to All: We are the champions (join in if you know the words), we are the Champions, no time for losers because we are the champions of the world!

Tim to Jon : 'probably the weakest division in the league'! - what does that make the AFC East then?

Tim to Richard : I'll take the 15 yard penalty for taunting - we stuffed you sucker!!!

Tim to the Tipsters : have a look at your record: are any of you better than 50% on my games?

Tim to Graham : Thanks for the Rammies this season - I can't wait for my chance of revenge come week 18.

Tim to Stephen : Good start. The Jets are hard to beat. We have some great games to come.

Tim to All : The Titan beat the Jags twice in regular season and yet they were underdogs for the play-off game. The Titans beat the Rams earlier in the season, and yet they are 7 point underdogs. Don't the bookies ever learn? (Not, so how much did you make? Ed)

Stuart M. to Jon : Thank you for the message of good luck.

Pat to Coach Canwell (formal name not friendly one!) : 'Contrived to lose'. Factually incorrect, and you should know better! See my message to your less un-loved self from last week, in the snail mail that didn't arrive on time, if the Editor had space to print it!

Pat to Jon : The way things are developing, I'm not looking forward to any games now! Perhaps the Owner will sack me!

Well not much space this week so I'll leave it short, but remember, NFC we will get revenge come week 12!

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