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Week 8

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well I'm afraid this week's newsletter will have to be short. So I'll apologise in advance. The result for this is due to my circumstances changing at work, I have been made redundant. I don't want to go into a long-winded whinge, this is not the place for it, and in fact it's probably the best thing that could have happened (I'd been there far too long).

Because of this please don't use the old e-mail address. I do have a yahoo account, but at present I don't have any easy access to it. I will have to sort that out soon. That's the problem when you use the company perks (e-mail & Internet). So the best bet at present is good old Royal Snail (sorry about the Pat, just after you got connected), as I will check my yahoo account very infrequently.

Well that's enough of a downer, no onto NFLAB. That's to Graham, for without whom there wouldn't have been an issue this week. And thanks to Jon and Pat for their e-mails.

Graham : Game of the Week, and where we find out just how good the Fish are. BB 6

Graham : Jets have been disappointing since they beat the Bills. If Drew doesn't cock it up . . . NE 1

Graham : Titans need an easier game after recent weeks. Fortunately, here come the Browns. TN 10

Graham : In a tight division, the Steelers have been just a few points away from real contention. But they haven't quite made it and Cincy should be too good at home. CI 7

Graham : Should be a great game, with the winners set up or a playoff push. Chiefs hot right now. KC 1

Graham : Oakland improving, but still not in same league as Broncos. DB 10

Graham : Skins D against Card offence? Might not be pretty. WR 13

Graham : If Eagles commit 6 turnovers again they'll lose. But I suspect they won't!! PE 10

Graham : Disappointing result last week for Lions, and Bears D should make them suffer. CH 7

Graham : Vikes D were bad last week, so they should be good this time up. MV 7

Graham : Two evenly matched teams and a close one to call. Saints, if they can stop the run. NS 1

Graham : Last time I went into a game against Atlanta 7-0 I got well beat. And they were 0-7 then. To quote a rather famous film, "I have a baaaad feeling about this". AF 3

by Graham Canwell (Week 7)  
Offence Denver Having already proved that they can run, the Broncos decided to show how well they can pass too, and managed 458 yds against the in-form Bengals.
Defence Kansas City Suddenly hot, the Chiefs clamped down impressively on the Jets. Hawks D did well too against the slumping Titan offence.
Coach Tottle (SS) After some disappointing results Seattle needed to win badly, and managed it with some style.
Offence San Francisco A breathtaking display against he Vikes, whose D isn't the worst in the world. Ball control at its best.
Defence New Orleans A mention is due for the Cards D, who managed to overcome the handicap of their offence at last, but the Saints showing against Philly just edged them.
Coach Daniels (SF) After three straight losses, turned his season around again superbly.
Barry Switzer Award Whitfield (MV) As he pointed out in his messages, Tim makes life miserable for us predictors. Since he drew attention to it, I'm giving him a Barry for it. Serves you right, Tim


Graham to Pat : Sorry, I got a bit confused by your message last week. The only facts I stated were that you dominated the game and yet lost, both of which appear to have been correct. Judging by your Italics, I presume you're reading something into the phrase "contrived to lose" that isn't there. Its just a phrase to signify a failure to make the plays at the really important moments and thereby not getting the result the rest of your performance deserves, as in "found a way to lose". As a Norwich City season ticket holder it's a phrase I'm quite familiar with. In Norwich's case it means missing open goals and giving away comedy ones (bless 'em) - in Gameplan it means such things as giving up kick return TD's and, apparently, not getting in from the two yard line at the crunch. It doesn't imply anything sinister or deliberate.

Graham to NFC West : Four teams, four winning records. Not something you see every day. Keep it up, and let's make sure we send three to the playoffs.

Graham to Tim : No, we haven't predicted your results accurately very often. Haven't noticed you trying it, mind you.

Graham to Paul M : Here we go again. I'm sure you'll have a few nasty surprises in store for me.

Graham to Pat : I didn't manage it last week, but I agree I am certainly a Switzer waiting to happen right now. This week is a good opportunity I fear.

Graham to Gerald : I thought the AFC should adopt the NFC's usual fallback of collective responsibility.

Gerald to Jon : Sorry if you did send anything for the newsletter, but the only e-mail I was able to retrieve from work from you was about NFLB. If you did do predictions, please send them to me (or the number correct - I trust you)

Gerald to Pat : Hope your mother-in-law gets better soon, I know how hard it can be when a family member is ill.

Gerald to Pat : Hope the title of the newsletter helps you in your plight. I'm having to do the same. I've got the leagues No.1 'D', but no offence to speak of. How about using 'Bounty'((( for the curtain. Its looks very strong in the adverts?

Well that's it for this week. Hopefully next issue will be a lot less hurried, as I'll have a lot more time to do it. And please remember that I need to post to on the Monday before the deadline, so please get you letters to me by Saturday at the latest. I can probably for the next couple of issues still include anything that gets to me on Monday. But as I hope to have a job soon, it's probably best to aim for Saturday.

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