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Week 9

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Thanks to everyone who wrote in, or called with your kind words, regarding my redundancy, Well hopefully with all this time on my hands, I can write a winning gameplan (or get the Offence to turn up at least?) and the newsletter will be word perfect? Yeah like that's going to happen.... Apologises for the layout of the newsletter, I need to keep it to 2 pages.

Thanks to Jon, Graham and Richard for this weeks contributions.

CL (1-7, L3) @ BB (7-1, W2) Last season 3-27
Gerald : Can't really see an up-set, but it would be nice. Bills by 31.
Graham : It would be the upset of the Century if the Bills messed up here.... BB by 24.
Jon : Can't see Richard slipping up here. BB by 14.

PS (1-6-1, L4) @ NJ (4-4, W1) Last season 14-28
Gerald : Hopefully Pat will have more luck than i did, and I mean goo luck. Steelers by 1.
Graham : Steelers really do deserve more wins then they have. Same story again I fear. NJ by 3.
Jon : A tough assignment for the underperforming Steelers. NJ by 3.

SS (4-4, W2) @ NE (2-5-1, L1) Last season 28-18
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : No.1 Offence vs. No.2 Defence. Hawks the in-form team but anything could happen. SS by 3.
Jon : The Pats have a 'D'. but can they hold out against the Hawks? Possibly, but luck lets them down. SS by 3.

DB (6-2, W2) @ MD (7-1, L1) Last season 23-17
Gerald : I've got to agree with Graham and Jon, definitely Game of the Week. However I don't think it will be that close, as both teams can score points, and especially at home I can't see the Broncos doing it. Fish by 13.
Graham : Game of the Week. To stay top the Fish must win this. Toss a coin time.... DB by 1.
Jon : Game of the Week and hard to call. Miami to recover and win by 1.

OR (1-7, L2) @ TT (5-3, W1) Last season 20-26
Gerald : I think the Raiders will find the Titans too hot to handle, in a high scoring game, but only just. Titans by 3.
Graham : Solid Titans should be too tough for rebuilding Raiders. TN by 13.
Jon :
Stuart hasn't managed to turn the Raiders around yet and last week they lost their 40th consecutive divisional game. TT by 6.

KC (3-5, L1) @ CI (5-3, W1) Last season 10-14
Gerald : Peter never likes playing Ian, as the Chiefs always seem to be able to spoil the day. The Chiefs have shown signs of the team of old, but they're letting in far too many points. Don't think it will be as low scoring as last season, but the result should still be the same. Bengals by 7.
Graham : Big loss for the Chiefs last week, and the Bengals probably will make thinks worse. CI by 7.
Jon : The Chiefs recovery came to an abrupt halt last week. CI by 3.

TB (4-4, L3) @ WR (7-1, W3) Last season 11-27
Gerald : Paul is looking good for the Division this season, and with a convincing win over the Buccs. He'll make it even tougher for Jon to catch him. Skins by 13.
Graham : Buccs still damnably tough, but new improved offence will keep Skins rolling. WR by 10.
Jon : Paul could (but won't) slip up here. WR by 7.

DL (1-7, L2) @ PE (5-3, W1) Last season 0-41
Gerald : Could we have an up-set this week? (Well we've had one nearly ever week so far this season). I don't think so, but it would be as convincing as last season. Eagles by 10.
Graham : Eagles 'D' might not be what it was, but it would be a shock if they couldn't handle the Lions. PE by 14.
Jon : Please let the result be the same. (So is that a prediction for the Eagles to win or a cop-out? Ed)

SF (5-3, W2) @ DC (3-5, L1) Last season 24-10
Gerald : It's going to be interesting to see if Steve can beat his old team. I can't really see it being a probably, as he's moulded the 49ers into a team that will challenge (with time) the Rams, and the rest of the league. Whereas Stuart has only just taken over the reigns. 49ers by 10.
Graham : Steve visits his old stomping ground and finds a new coach waiting. Potentially close. SF by 3.
Jon : Can Stuart resurrect the 'boys against their old coach. Probably not. SF by 3.

SR (8-0, W9) @ AC (1-7, L1) Last season 38-21
Gerald : Can't really see any other result than a whipping for the Cards. Rams by 31.
Graham :
Hopefully I'll play better than in this fixture a couple of years ago. SR by 14.
Jon : It's not a real contest! SR by 21

AF (4-4, L2) @ MV (5-3, W1) Last season 3-15
Gerald : Both teams need this win. The Vikings to stay at the top of the Central, and the Falcons to keep up with the others vying for a wildcard place. Its going to be close, but I fear being on the road to the Vikings will be just too tough for the Falcons. Vikings by 10.
Graham : Two unpredictable teams. Vikes 'D' will have to play well but should just manage it. MV by 7.
Jon : Baby Nat attempts to find the Vikings on an off day. MV by 3.

NO (4-4, L2) @ CH (3-5, W1) Last season 3-13
Gerald : Another two team chasing the wildcard spots. I'm going with the Saints to do it just. Saints by 3 (OT).
Graham : This is a fascinating looking contest, the sort that can determine seasons. Homefield? CH by 1
Jon : This will be tight, I reckon Stephen is still somewhat of an unknown quantity. CH by 1.

by Graham Canwell (Week 8)  
Offence Buffalo Won the Great Eastern Shootout against Miami in devastating fashion. Fish themselves weren't bad, but...
Defence NY Jets A few contenders here, but the jets efforts with little offensive support just gets the Nod.
Coach Ogg (BB) Produced the goods Big Time with the Division Title on the line.
Offence Washington Started the season very slowly, but have really opened out in recent weeks to leave the Skins looking scary. Mention to the Cards, who hit 20 points for the fist time and in the process become the first to notch 20 against that Skins 'D'.
Defence San Francisco I know how good the Ninner 'D' can be, and they were in terrific from this week to secure a crucial divisional win.
Coach Daniels (SF) Moved back into the play-off places with a big come-from-behind win.
Barry Switzer Award None Try as I might I just couldn't find a worthwhile contender. Maybe next week...


Gerald to Terry : If I hadn't missed that 41-yard FG I would have had you. But fair dues, your 'D' knocked me back 10 yards to make it a more difficult FG.

Gerald to Graham : I'm a little surprised you gave the Defensive award to the Jets last week. You know I haven't got an offensive, and the Jets do. So I think you should have given it to us.

Gerald to Stuart C. : Welcome back, and good luck playing the Skins and Eagles twice a season. I wouldn't rule out the Cards either, they have on occasions surprised us all.

Jon to Richard : Hope AW's a good game.

Jon to Stuart C. : Welcome back. But I hope you don't have any more luck than last time, as you've got the Cowboys.

Jon to Graham : I expected a Rammy that last time!

Jon to Pat and Paul : Hope one of you wins the big one in B.

Jon to Stuart G. : As I'm not sure I'll get time to send anything for D - thanks for the win last week. I'm glad I returned the favour.

Richard to Terry : Congratulations on the win in week 5. It was a close game but you deserved the win after coming back so well.

Richard to Tim : Was that you doing well in the First Down fantasy competition? If so excellent incite.

Richard to Tim : Congratulations on not only beating me in week 6, but holding us only to FG's. that fumbled punt return was critical. At least I avoided the Rammy all to myself!

Richard to Stephen : Welcome to the league I think you will enjoy it as there are very few easy games.

Richard to Stuart Mac : Welcome to the league and thanks for a good game in week 7. The score line did not reflect the improvement of the Raiders. Once you sort out special teams the Raiders will be nasty again.

Richard to Stuart : Welcome back another improvement to the league.

Richard to Jon : I will not wish you best in the AW Superbowl, but it was the Raiders who beat mw in week 12.

Richard to Pat : Looked like you played really well in week 7, but had no luck (except bad luck).

Graham to Paul S. : Where were you keeping that offence earlier in the season? Wish I'd played you then...

Graham to Gerald : Are you going to draft a QB this year? You nearly did last year, didn't you?

Gerald to Graham : I may try and pick up a QB? But you never know, if I can get this damned Offence of mine to turn up and play. I might have too high a draft pick to get one?

Graham to Richard : Great win. Week 12 is getting closer, I fear.

Graham to Gerald : I thought the AFC should adopt the NFC's usual fallback of collective responsibility.

Graham to Stuart C. : Welcome to AB. You've probably already discovered that scoring points won't be a problem. Good luck, they Boys are a useful team.


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