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Week 10

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well if it's true what they say...... 'Defences win Championships !' Could this be the start of something special from the Patriots (with a little help from special teams anyway)? Well I had better stop blowing my own trumpet, and leave it to Graham. Who I must also thank for this weeks letter

BB (7-2, W3) @ MD (7-2, L2) Week 8 - 45-28
Gerald : Its going to be close, in the AFC Game of the Week. But I fear that the lack of a 'D' will hamper the Fish. But in a shoot-out defence isn't usually an issue. I think they will have learnt from their mistakes in week 8, and they're at home this time. Fish by 3.
Graham : Fish needed to find some 'D' to start playing the Big Boys. They haven't' so far..... BB by 7

NJ (5-4, W2) @ NE (3-5-1, W1) Week 8 - 7-6
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : At home, the Pats 'D' must give them a shot, and they were unlucky in week 8. NE by 3.

TT (6-3, W2) @ CL (1-8, L4) Week 8 - 27-6
Gerald : Should be an easy re-match for the Tennessee. Titans by 17.
Graham : Another big day for the Titan defence I suspect. TT by 17.

CI (6-3, W2) @ PS (1-7-1, L5) Week 8 - 30-6
Gerald : This time at home I can't really see the Bengals slipping up. However the Steelers do deserve a little luck, so we could possibly have an up-set on the cards? But I don't think so. Bengals by 10.
Graham : The Steelers stats usually look quite useful, except the point's columns. Same again? CI by 6

SS (4-5, L1) @ KC (3-6, L2) Week 8 - 38-17
Gerald : The Chiefs have shown some signs of the team of old, but in general their performances are erratic. This time they are home, but even so, I can't see them getting revenge over week 8. Hawks by 10.
Graham : Seahawks need to bounce back again, and I think they (just) will. SS by 3.

DB (7-2, W3) @ OR (1-8, L3) Week 8 - 28-9
Gerald : Can the Raiders get revenge? Will they Play-Up, and if so will it be more effective than last time? Are just some of the question being asked. This time at home, they may just surprise us, but not enough to win the game. Closer than last week. Broncos by 9.
Graham : Broncos keep roaring in search of playoff homefield. DB by 17.

WR (7-2, L1) @ AC (1-8, L2) Week 8 - 38-21
Gerald : The Skins do like making life difficult for themselves (and I bet Jon is happy thats the case). But I can't see the Cards answering Jon's prayers. Back to winning ways for the Skins, but not as convincing as last time, and it wasn't that convincing. Skins by 7.
Graham : Back on track for the Skins, as their defence should run riot. WR by 14.

PE (6-3, W2) @ DC (3-6, L2) Week 8 - 44-30
Gerald : The Eagles 'D' isn't what it use to be, and they could struggle on the road, and they have shown that they can be unpredictable. Cowboys by 3.
Graham : Cowboys could be dangerous as the Eagles are unpredictable, but history says.... PE by 7.

MV (6-3, W2) @ TB (5-4, W1) Week 8 - 31-28
Gerald : Minnesota shows Washington how to beat the Buccs. But I don't think it will be as convincing as Tim would want, as the Buccs are still a force in the NFC (which doesn't say much for the NFC - bitchy comment of the week). Vikes by 7.
Graham : Dangerous to predict against the Buccs these days, but the Vikes should be too good. MV by 7.

CB (3-6, L1) @ DL (1-8, L3) Week 8 - 3-14
Gerald : Same results as week 8. Only this time I think the Lions will get even less yards. Bears by 13.
Graham : Seems sadly rash to expect a Lions win these days. CB by 7.

SF (6-3, W3) @ NO (5-4, W1) Week 8 - 27-21
Gerald : The NFC game of the Week. Both teams have shown they have potential, unfortunately I can only see one of them getting a wildcard spot. Its going to be close, but I think Geoff will get revenge for that week 8 loss. Saints by 2.
Graham : The Saints turn this week? Two teams on the verge of being really good. NO by 3.

SR (9-0, W10) @ AF (4-5, L3) Week 8 -38-15
Gerald : After speaking to Baby Nat, I've even conference in the Rams losing their unbeaten record. Falcons by 3.
Graham : Paul is still one of the coaches I fear most, so I wouldn't be shocked to lose. But.... SR by 3.

by Graham Canwell (Week 9)  
Offence Miami The Game of the Week was a real shootout, and thought the Broncos edged it their 'D; is much better, so the offensive award goes to the Fish.
Defence New England No doubts this week. Although the Pats offence failed to notch a TD that magnificent 'D' kept the explosive Seahawks offence to just 10 points.
Coach Udowiczenko (NE) Surely too late for a playoff challenge, but a really gutsy effort.
Offence New Orleans Over 500 yards and a vital win after the disappointment of the previous week.
Defence Tampa Bay Eagles were good too, but the Redskins offence has looked revitalised recently so the Buccs display edged the award.
Coach Cooksey (NS) Tampa Bay don't have a coach. So.....
Barry Switzer Award Spence (WR) I know the Buccs are much improved this year, but they're still coachless and they're still annoying because of results like this (and Jon got a Rammy for a similar result, so fair's fair....)


Gerald to Graham : I can still finish with a 10-5-1 record and hopefully get a wildcard place. Thought it does seem very unlikely

Gerald to Stephen : Shouldn't that have read Ronald McDonald? (see last week special actions, if you've confused).

Gerald to Derek : That was a very close game. I see both our special teams were on fire in the very first play of each half. Shame they don't do that all the time, as we'd be in with a real chance of our respective divisions.

Gerald to Pat : Sorry I haven't had the time to congratulate you on your win in NFLB. Please do us all a favour and whip the Bills into submission.

Gerald to Pat : I hope everything is getting back to normal?

Gerald to Jon : I've a Birthday Present from Graham. I'll bring it along for your birthday drink. You're off the next day aren't you? And I've got Intergames, so we had better not drink too much then.... Hic, hic, hic.

Graham to Jon : Back in the divisional hunt! Down to the wire again this year?

Graham to Gerald : Still no offence, but finding ways to get round it I see.

Gerald to Pat : Congratulation on winning the Superbowl in NFLB. It looked close, but at least the right team won. As Richard (one of my flatmates) would have been unbearable, if he'd won.

Gerald to All : As we've now reached Y2K without any major balls-ups. How about a new name for the Barry? Or is everyone happy with it being Barry Switzer Award? Write in and let me know. I'll keep the voting open for about 6 weeks (6 weeks gameplan time).

Well, as some of you may have noticed (depends on how much attention you pay to the newsletter?). I have a new e-mail address. Unfortunately I still don't have access at home, so I'm using an Internet CafÈ. Because of this I am only checking my e-mails every couple of days. So please don't expect a quick response, as the cheapest times for me are either between 9-11am or 7-11pm. I will check my account for e-mails for the newsletter on the last Friday before the Wednesday deadline, probably in the evening. I may however pop in on the Saturday morning, but to be on the safe side aim to get your e-mails to me before 7pm on the Friday.

Well all the best for those rematches, and here's hoping for a couple of surprises.

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