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Week 11

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well that was a close win over the Jets last week. Looks like Lady Luck may just see me into the post season. But then again, I've just looked at our remaining games, and its not going to be easy. But at least most of them are at home.

Thanks to Graham, Stuart & Paul Spence for this week contributions.

BB (7-3, L1) @ TN (6-4, L1)
Gerald : Should be a great game. Probably AFC Game of the Week. Both teams can win games, but the Bills can score a little easier, which will make the difference. Bills by 3.
Graham : Two teams needing to bounce back from week 10. Bills look better equipped. BB by 7.
Stuart :
Bills bounce back by 7

NJ (5-5, L1) @ CI (7-3, W3)
Gerald : The Bungals are looking good for the division. But they will need to stop the running game of the Jest if they're to win this one. Shouldn't be that tough, but the Jets can surprise you. Bungals by 3.
Graham : Jets look average this year, and the Bengals are on a roll at the moment. CI by 10.
Stuart :
Close call but Bengals pull through. CI by 3

NE (4-5-1, W1) @ KC (3-7, L3)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : Playoffs closer for the Pats now, but they can't afford any slip-ups. Chiefs underachieving. NE by 3.
Stuart : Pats win a low scorer by 2

MD (8-2, W1) @ OA (1-9, L4)
Gerald : The Fish are looking good at the moment, too good (if you're in the same division) and I can't see them slipping up against the Raiders. But this has been a season of upsets...... Even so, Fish by 10.
Graham : Surely the Fish won't mess up here after a great performance last week? MD by 14.
Stuart : Dolphins points machine rolls on by 17

PS (1-8-1, L6) @ DB (8-2, W4)
Gerald : The Broncos are another team that are looking very good. The Steelers, haven't been able to do anything with their 'Net Curtain' and this should be a formality for the Broncos. But this has been a season of upsets. Steelers by 3.
Graham : It doesn't get any easier for Pat. Broncos have the AFC best record and should keep it. DB by 13.
Stuart : Broncos too tough. DB by10

CL (2-8, W1) @ SS (5-5, W1)
Gerald : Even after last weeks brilliant win. I can't really see the Browns being able to stop the Hawks. Seahawks by 10.
Graham : Seahawks have Titans wildcard spot in their sights, and the Browns won't slow them down. SS by 14.
Stuart : Browns end streak at 1. SS by 9

WR (8-2, W1) @ MV (7-3, W3)
Gerald : With a nice two game cushion over the Eagles. Paul must be happy, but I've a feeling the division will be a lot closer than that, come week 16. Especially as the Cowboys look like they've found some form. The Vikings surprised the Skins in the playoffs last season, and I reckon Paul will be looking for some payback. But the Vikings are no pushovers. So it's going to be a hard forth battle in the NFC Game of the Week. Skins by 3.
Graham : Game of the Week. Can the Skins get revenge for last years playoffs? Probably not. MV by 6.
Stuart : Crucial game for both. MV has homefield and win by 5

PE (6-4, L1) @ CB (3-7, L2)
Gerald : I don't know what's happened to the Eagles (and I bet neither does Jon), but they're going to have to start sorting it out, as the division slips from view. This week shouldn't be too hard for the Eagles, but you never know..... Eagles by 10.
Graham : Bad results for both teams last week. Eagles should be too good all round. PE by 7.
Stuart : Eagles take it out on the Bears. PE by 6

DC (4-6, W1) @ NO (5-5, L1)
Gerald : If Stuart can keep the team playing like they did last week, even if they were lucky (but that's part of the game as well). Then they could get a wildcard spot. Though I think they will just fall short, as I think their opponents this week will get it. Saints by 6.
Graham : Saints lost last week, so probably a win this week. Such is their season. But not easy. NS by 7.
Stuart : No comment.

AC (1-9, L3) @ AF (4-6, L4)
Gerald : Should be an easy win for Baby Nat, especially if they get the same kind of yardage, they got last week against the Rams. Falcons by 10.
Graham : Respite for the Falcons 'D'. I was impressed with Atlanta last week, and they should win. AF by 14.
Stuart : New found running game too much for cards. AF by 12

DL (2-8, W1) @ SR (10-0, W11)
Gerald : Though it would be nice to see that winning streak broken, I can't see the Lions doing it. Even in this season of upsets. Rams by 13.
Graham : Lions 'D' deserves respect and we'll give it to them. But we are at home. SR by 14.
Stuart : Could get ugly. SLR by 21

TB (5-5, L1) @ SF (7-3, W4)
Gerald : The 49ers are looking good for one of the wildcard spots. The Buccs look to be heading the wrong way, well we can only hope that's the case. It won't be as a convincing win, as the Niners would want, as the Buccs do seem to have some charmed existence. But a win is a win is a win. 49ers by 3.
Graham : Buccs slipping out of contention (thank god!). Niners however are on fire right now. SF by 10.
Stuart : SF are a hard team to beat. Ball control wins the day. SF by 7

by Graham Canwell (Week 10)  
Offence Miami Another awesome performance by QB Marino, as the Fish edged the Bills in their Eastern Shootout Part II
Defence Cleveland The Pats were again tenacious but to overcome the handicap of an offence like Cleveland's takes a terrific effort, which the Browns D produced.
Coach Guard (MD) Back on top of the East, the Fish secured a famous win over the reigning Champs.
Offence San Francisco Big chunky ball-control power (yet again) from the Niners.
Defence San Francisco No-one has a better D against the long pass than the Niners (as I discovered) and they really slammed the brakes on the bombing Saints
Coach Clayton (DC) Jon doesn't often lose to his divisional rivals, so this was a great result for the new Dallas coach.
Barry Switzer Award Dadswell (TN) Must have been expecting this. A terrible result for such a powerful team.


Gerald to Paul M. : As you're no longer writing the gameplans, and have left it all to baby Nat. How about writing in (as you've got free time )? Or even let Baby Nat? I'm sure he's got something to say about the decline of the Falcons?

Gerald to Graham : My schedule is Saints, Bengals (away), Bills, Titans & Dolphins. A tough one, but here's hoping that homefield makes all the difference.

Gerald to Stuart C. : I bet that was a sweet win against the Eagles last week? Keep that up and you never know, you may overtake the Eagles. As they have looked a bit shaky.

Gerald to Graham : Keep giving Paul S. the Barry. It's forcing him to write in

Gerald to Graham : You can start using the e-mail again. As it does make my life easier. Lots less to type, just cut-n-paste.

Stuart to All : Thanks for the welcome.

Stuart to Jon : I was a touch lucky to win that one.

Paul Spence to Graham : Oy, Canwell. No! You may be a veritable Dick Vermeil winning Superbowls like they're going out of fashion. But where do you get off giving ME, yes ME the Switzer award - and on a rollover when none was picked the previous week. Are you saying that I doubly deserved the award. Or are you just running scared because we haven't played yet.

Paul Spence to All the new Coaches : Hello. Hope you have very successful careers in AB. All except Stuart Clayton because you're in my division and I intend to stay on top so hopefully I can mark you down for a couple of wins a season. Very kind of you to offer!

Paul Spence to Graham : Just joking dude. I thoroughly deserved that award but Tampa Bay is just one of my bogey teams, coached or not. I had a thought on what to rename the award. Why not name it after the new Claymores QB - Kevin Daft. Classic name, but hopefully he'll play better than his name suggests.

Paul Spence to Brucey : You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel.

Graham to Jon : I hope those weren't chip-shot fieldgoals....

Graham to Gerald : You've got the playoffs in sight now, but Bills and Dolphins still to come looks a daunting prospect.

Graham to Paul M. : That was a good scrap. That 4th quarter comeback had me a bit worried.

Graham to Stuart G. : Great win!!! I'll be trying to help you out come week 12.

Graham to Richard : Nothing personal, just that you're on my schedule and Stuart isn't!!

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