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Week 12

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well it looks like the WLAF is back with us again. Doesn't time fly (so who one it last year anyway?), just happened to be channel flicking this afternoon (Monday) and caught a bit of the Claymores game against the Admirals. So will anyone be going to any of the games?

Hopefully this newsletter will get out on time, as I'm recovering from a very heavy weekend of drinking and role-playing. I went up to Glasgow to complete in the Students Nationals and got back 4 O'clock this morning. Didn't help either, that I didn't go to bed over the weekend before 4am, and up at 8am (to have breakfast) and I drank lots. But as they were selling shots of Vodka for 60p, well I did have to drink a lot, so as not to waste the opportunity, now didn't I? Thank god I'm not a student, as I don't thin I could cope with all that cheap alcohol.

Thanks to Richard and Graham for this weeks contributions.

SR (11-0, W12) @ BB (8-3, W1)
Gerald : This has got to be the Game of the Week. The Bills need the win to keep up with the Dolphins, and one more win for Graham should see him get homefield for the playoffs. Hopefully homefield should see the Bills break that winning streak, though it will be tough. Bills by 3,
Graham : We couldn't stop the Bills in last year's Superbowl, and doubt we will on their own turf. BB 7
Richard : No comment.

NJ (6-5, W1) @ SF (8-3, W5)
Gerald : The 49ers look very good for the first wildcard unless something very strange happens, to the Rams and they get the division, can really see that though. The Jets have been hot and cold this season, but I feel they'll fit the hot tap and turn it on. Jets by 1.
Graham : The 49ers are really on a roll right now, and with homefield they should be too strong. SF 6
Richard :
Jets by 3.

NO (6-5, W1) @ NE (5-5-1, W2)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham :
Two unpredictable teams and two tough defences. Pats by a nose (maybe). NE 1
Richard : Pats by 7.

MD (9-2, W2) @ AF (5-6, W1)
Gerald : Tough game for Baby Nat, may be a little too tough. Fish by 10.
Graham : Marino power might just be too much for Falcons. MD 10
Richard : Fish by 10

WR (8-3, W2) @ TN (6-5, L2)
Gerald : Both teams have slipped-up against relatively easy teams this season, but I think that the Skins had the slightly stronger team. Though anything could happen. Skins by 6.
Graham : A low scorer probably. Titan offence under pressure and Skins D is a mean unit. WR 3
Richard : Skins by 7.

CI (7-4, L1) @ PE (6-5, L2)
Gerald : Well this is going to be fun. If Peter beats Jon, then I think the Eagles could really struggle to get a wildcard spot. Jon's also in the NFC, so Bungals by 3.
Graham : Both coming off tough losses and could be a great game. Eagles to bounce back. PE 3
Richard : Eagles by 3.

DC (4-7, L1) @ PS (1-9-1, L7)
Gerald : Can't see it getting any easier for Pat and his Steelers. Cowboys by 10.
Graham : Improved Cowboys should pile more misery on Steelers, but it could be close. DC 3
Richard : Steelers by 3.

CL (2-9, L1) @ AC (1-10, L4)
Gerald : Tough one to call. Both teams are looking towards the draft and next season. Look like I'll have to go with the AG+FC again, even if they are on the road. Browns by 3.
Graham : Oh dear, another real low scorer surely. Cards to lose it (can't see anyone winning it!). CL 1
Richard : Browns by 3.

MV (8-3, W4) @ DB (9-2, W5)
Gerald : Another great battle. Both teams are leading their respective divisions, and quiet easily. Homefield will be the real decider, and another AFC win. Broncos by 7.
Graham : Should be a terrific game, but Denver homefield and recent form gives them edge. DB 6
Richard : Broncos by 3.

SS (6-5, W2) @ CB (4-7, W1)
Gerald : The Hawks are one of many teams chasing a wildcard place, and a win this week will help greatly. Hawks by 10.
Graham : Hard to predict this, but with a wildcard spot up for grabs I narrowly favour the Hawks. SS 3
Richard : Hawks by 7.

DL (2-9, L1) @ KC (3-8, L4)
Gerald : The seasons over for both these teams, so only pride to play for (the pride of the AFC, I hope?). Chiefs by 6.
Graham : All-Defence vs All-Offence. I'm going with the Offence. KC 10
Richard : Chiefs by 3.

OR (1-10, L5) @ TB (5-6, W1)
Gerald : As this is Coach Jones first game, the Raiders may be able to sneak a surprise win, but I can't really see it. Oh what the hell, here's hoping for an AFC massacre. Raiders by 1.
Graham : Dave should get a first win in Tampa this week as his D should handle the Raiders. TB 10
Richard : Buccs by 7.

by Graham Canwell (Week 11)  
Offence New York Jets Over 300 yards rushing and a dramatic 4th quarter comeback to propel the Jets into a wildcard spot.
Defence Denver There wasn't a huge amount of D on display in the AFC this week, so by recording a shutout vs Pittsburgh the Broncos helped themselves to this one.
Coach Purrington (NJ) Its been a struggle at times this year, but the Jets are hauling themselves into playoff contention as others falter.
Offence San Francisco Another offensive award for the powerhouse Niners, punishing the Buccs for their aggression.
Defence Chicago Its not often the Eagles are kept to just ten points so this was a worthy winner, though the Vikes deserve an honourable mention.
Coach Parratt (CH) Jon's record in this league warrants a lot of respect, but he wasn't shown much by the Bears this week!
Barry Switzer Award No Award Its getting really hard to give this. The league is so tough that there are hardly any teams so weak that to lose to them deserves an award. Nor could I find any fumble frenzies, interception mayhem or cockup kickers. Maybe next week . . .


Gerald to Dave Jones : Welcome to NFLAB and thank you for taking over the Buccs. They have been uncoached for a number of seasons, and somehow have managed to sneak it to the playoffs, the last two seasons. One as the divisional winner. At least if they do it this time they will have a coach to thank rather than Lady Luck.

Gerald to Ian : Well done on a great game. I haven't giving up that many points since weeks 2 and 4. Both times I gave up 31 points. Didn't help that my 'D' decided to go on holiday. No sooner am I praising them with being among the best in the division, and the drop from No.2 to No.12 and then give up 4 TD's. Next time I'll keep my month firmly shut.

Gerald to Peter : Looks like you've got a touch game this week against Jon? But he does look ripe for a good trashing. All the best.

Gerald to Peter : I've been calling you the Bungals again, so when are you writing in?

Graham to Jon : Well you're certainly making the NFC playoff race look a lot more exciting all of a sudden !

Graham to Gerald : Another game closer the postseason. Your offence seems to perform in inverse proportion to your defence. One bad = other good.

Graham to NFC : Let's see if we can repeat that week 6 performance.

Graham to Dave J : Welcome to AB. Hope you have a long & fruitful career.

Graham to Paul S : I haven't played you for ages (week 1 last year) so I'm sort of looking forward to it.

Graham to Richard : I did better in week 12 last year when I didn't get a gameplan in than in the Superbowl, when I did. So maybe I shouldn't this week!!!

Richard to Graham : I'd expect you to beat me

Richard to Stuart : Congratulations on your win in week 10.

Richard to Jon : Congratulations on your win in AW.

Gerald to Richard : I hope the above messages are correct, as I'm still suffering from the weekend, and also I can't read my own handwriting, D'OH! So if they are wrong. Please contact me, and I'll try and write it down so that I can read it.

Well I'm cutting this short, and hope I feel better soooonnnnn......

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