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Week 13

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well congratulations to the NFC, a 7-5 win last week giving them a total this season for the interconference games of 15-9. Lets hope that we'll win the Superbowl, that will wipe the smile off their faces....? Well not much to say this week, I'm brooding over last weeks result.

Thanks to Richard, Graham & Paul Spence for this weeks contributions.

BB (8-4, L1) @ SS (6-6, L1)
Gerald : The Bills need to pull their socks up (and not turn the ball over too many times) if they're to keep the divisional crown. But against the Hawks and on the road it will be tough. Hawks by 3.
Graham : Another 6 turnovers and the Bills might lose again. But that won't happen. BB 10.
Richard : Bills by 7

NJ (7-5, W2) @ DB (9-3, L1)
Gerald : Well I need the Jets to lose most of their remaining games (and the Titans & Hawks), if I'm to get that last wildcard. So I'm going to have to with Dave. Broncos by 7.
Graham : Two great running games go head to head. Better Bronco D to edge it. DB 3.
Richard : Broncos by 7.

NE (5-6-1, L1) @ CI (8-4, W1)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : Defeat for Jets in above game keeps Pats in playoff hunt if they win. A big big if . . . CI 7.
Richard : Bengals by 2.

MD (10-2, W3) @ TT (6-6, W1)
Gerald : The Titans have struggles of late, and the Fish are on fire. Dolphins by 10.
Graham : Titans offence struggling, while Fish now hot Eastern favourites. MD 7.
Richard : Fish by 14.

CL (2-10, L2) @ KC (4-8, W1)
Gerald : Not much to play for here, but I can't see the Chiefs loosing at home (this week). Chiefs by 10.
Graham : Too late for disappointing Chiefs, but a consolation win here. KC 10.
Richard :
Chiefs by 7.

PS (2-9-1, W1) @ OR (1-11, L6)
Gerald : Again not much to play for, but I think the Steelers could show us some form in the last couple of weeks of the season. Steelers by 5.
Graham : Steelers much better than their record, which should improve this week. PS 6.
Richard : Steelers by 8.

WR (9-3, W3) @ SF (8-4, L1)
Gerald : Paul looks like he's taken the division away from Jon, with a 3 game lead and only 4 to play. But this week will be a very touch game. Again Paul will be relying on his D to slow down the opposition, as will Steve. A battle of the D's, but the O will need to do something, and I think the 49ers have the edge. 49ers by 3.
Graham : NFC Game of the Week. Hard to predict, but my coin toss says 49ers so . . . SF 3.
Richard : Skins by 3.

PE (6-6, L3) @ SR (12-0, W13)
Gerald : Well that 3-in-a-row. He's now had 2 of these this season. I think Jon will struggle against the Rams, and if he does, I think its curtains for the post season. But Jon is a seasoned campaigner, so I'm not going to write him off yet. Hopefully he'll find his form of old and break that winning streak and unbeaten record. Eagles by 3.
Graham : Not used to playing Jon this early in the season. We ought to win, but not easily. SR 7.
Richard : Eagles by 4.

DC (4-8, L2) @ CB (5-7, W2)
Gerald : The Bears have a mathematical shot at the playoffs but they are relying on a lot of teams doing them favours. I think they'll fall just short in the end, but not this week. Bears by 10.
Graham : Stephen has really toughened up the Bears, and I fancy them to edge a close game. CH 3.
Richard : Bears by 3.

AC (2-10, W1) @ MV (9-3, W5)
Gerald : A win this week should give the Vikings the division. It should be an easy win, but then again this has been the season of upsets. But I can't see it. Vikings by 10.
Graham : Massacre of the Week, as Vikes ought to pound the Cards. MV 17.
Richard : Vikings by 10.

TB (6-6, W2) @ NO (7-5, W2)
Gerald : The Buccs are one of the teams hoping Geoff will slip up and give them a shot at the last wildcard spot. It's going to be tough for Stephen, especially on the road, and especially against that bloody D of Geoff's. it could be closer than many will expect. Saints by 1.
Graham : Huge wildcard implications. Hard to bet against Saints after last week but they are erratic.. NS 6.
Richard : Buccs by 3.

DL (2-10, L2) @ AF (5-7, L1)
Gerald : Well it's a roll of the dice to who wins this one. I'll go for Paul at home. Falcons by 10.
Graham : Unlucky Falcons on brink of elimination but they should hang in one more week. AF 10.
Richard : Lions by 4.

by Graham Canwell (Week 12)  
Offence New York Jets Most of the AFC's wins weren't earned by offence. Even the Jets offence had defensive help, but they were still the best.
Defence Miami The Falcons have a good offence (I've gone up against it twice so I know!) so to shut them out was a great effort.
Coach Purrington (NJ) Coming into form at the right time, Terry has the Jets looking good for the playoffs. An honourable mention to Pat for a well-deserved victory.
Offence Minnesota Went to Mile High to take on that great Denver D and were nothing short of sensational. Saints & Skins get a well deserved mention too..
Defence New Orleans The Pats offence has shown a lot of firepower in recent weeks but the Saints put a stop to all that in comprehensive fashion.
Coach Whitfield (MV) The NFC team I've feared the most this season from day 1. And as last year they're coming into form at the right time. Excellent coaching.
Barry Switzer Award The Bills If you only go down by three points after losing the turnover battle 6-0 you can be pretty sure those cockups cost you the game. I was there and they certainly did. Turnover Trauma of the Season surely . . .


Gerald to Graham : So where is this offensive firepower we have shown? Never thought we had any, just look at our rating, 22. Not what I would call powerful. But then I guess you had to come up with some excuse for giving the Defence award to the Saints. Tennessee has a better Offence than we do.

Gerald to Graham & Richard : Well we pretty much sucked last week with our predictions. Maybe we shouldn't have been so confident of the AFC ability of wining games.

Gerald to the AFC : We've got to do much better next season in the interconference games.

Gerald to Paul Spence & Brucey : Hope you're enjoying the Claymores games? Any sign of Monarchs fans making those protest (about London/England loosing their team)? Also I'm thinking of going up to Scotland for the Barcelona game. Any idea when it is?

Gerald to Geoff : Congratulations on your win last week (damn you!). That was a game we both needed to win. It looks like you've got a very good chance of getting a wildcard spot. In fact your division seems to have all the cards (wild). Guess I shouldn't be surprised, as I did tip you to be a dark horse. Next time I'll keep my lips firmly closed.

Graham to Jon : I'll be preparing as though homefield were directly on the line because that's what the Eagles game has come to mean to me in this league.

Graham to Gerald : I have no idea who won the World Bowl last year but I'd guess it was a German team!!!!

Graham to NFC : Well done. Not as comprehensive as week 6 but still a fine effort.

Graham to NFC West : Well we currently have three playoff spots. Let's keep 'em.

Graham to Richard : That was very bizarre and I won't be confident if we do meet again this season.

Paul Spence to All NFC coaches : Congrats on a job well done this season. Beat them in week 6 and continued the massacre in week 12.

Paul Spence to All AFC coaches : Ha, ha!

Paul Spence to Graham : Strangely, I'm also looking forward to our game. Should be a good test going into the playoffs. I'm just glad I shouldn't need to win it for the division.

Paul Spence to Graham : I was going to put myself forward for the Switzer Award for last week, but it was for my NFLAK result. I got beat by Green Bay after posting 252 passing yards, 148 rushing for 4.4 ave and 24 first downs and holding the Bay to 91 yards passing and 91 yards rushing for 2.7 ave. and 12 first downs. I fumbled 4 times, losing the ball twice. Sometimes Gameplan just aint fair!

Paul Spence to All : Boom, boom, boom, let me hear you say Claymores ...

Gerald to Paul Spence : Just a wild guess. 'Claymores' So was I correct?

Paul Spence to Dave Jones : Thank you for taking over the Buccs. Please change their gameplan cause at the moment I just can't beat them!

Richard to Graham : Message was a bit garbled (no it was totally pissed, no sorry that was me. Hic hic hic Ed) as I meant to say I would be insulted if you did not try to win and knock me out early. If I had expected to lose I would have said so in the Crystal Ball section.

Richard to Graham : It was an excellent close game but I do feel the cookie did not crumble my way. Barry Award for turnovers goes to me.

Richard to Dave : Welcome to the league.

Richard to Jon : The message was slightly incomplete. Congratulation on your Superbowl win in AW. I found it a frustrating game as your Defence completely shut me down and held me to fieldgoals.

Richard to Gerald : With your handwriting you should have been a Doctor!

Dr. Gerald to Richard : Well that's a thought. As I am still looking for a new job (but not really that hard, as they're still paying me), only problem would be the years and years of training. So maybe not.

Richard to Pat : Good win, the start of the recovery?

Just had a thought. I don't get many as of late, so I better write it down before I forget. Does anyone fancy going to the NFLE final wherever its being held? Does anyone know where? At present Scotland (2-0) are looking really good, especially their D. I've caught about half of their first two games. But were the hell did the 'Hound Dogs' (the name for the defence) come from? Doesn't sound very Scottish to me.

Also just to let you know that I will be moving in the next couple of months or so. Probably at the end of May in all honesty, as one of my flatmates is driving me mad and I need to get out otherwise I may just kill him. So expect the address to change sometime soon, and this time its not just down the road so I'm probably going to sell some of my stuff and start afresh. Anyone interested in a single bed and wardrobe? You know the address if you do......

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