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Week 14

by Gerald Udowiczenko

I'm going to cut this short, as I'm running short on time. I'm off to Regents Park for some softball coaching. I've just joined a team (the Chargers), and I've never played before. So I think coaching could be a good idea. Hopefully it'll stop me breaking my hand while catching the ball amongst other things. The coaching starts at 6.30, so I've got to get this in the 5pm post.

Thanks to Graham, Paul Spence and Dave Jones for their contributions this week.

BB (9-4, W1) @ NE (5-7-1, L2)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : Do or die for Gerald now, and death looks the more likely prospect this week. BB 10

NJ (7-6, L1) @ MD (11-2, W4)
Gerald : Can't really see the Jets winning on the road, as the Fish are too good at present. Fish by 10.
Graham : Another win and the Fish are within touching distance of the East crown. Great game. MD 1

TT (6-7, L1) @ PS (3-9-1, W2)
Gerald : Well they've won 2-in-a-row, but even at home I think that streak will be broken. Titans by 7.
Graham : Titans need the win more, but Steelers arguably in better form. Titans to edge it. TN 3

CI (9-4, W2) @ CL (2-11, L3)
Gerald : Peter needs this win, to keep up with the Fish for the battle of Homefield. While it should be an easy game the battle for Homefield will be a lot tougher. Bungals by 21.
Graham : No slip-ups for Bengals against the lethargic Browns. CI 17

DB (10-3, W1) @ KC (5-8, W2)
Gerald : Dave is also chasing Homefield, but this is not such as easy game. The Chiefs are out of it, but I think they may just surprise us. Chiefs by 3.
Graham : Broncos D to get them past the disappointing Chiefs. DB 7

SS (6-7, L2) @ OR (1-12, L7)
Gerald : Hawks by 10.
Graham : Seattle must win, and fortunately for them it's a game they ought to. SS 17

WR (9-4, W4) @ DC (4-9, L3)
Gerald : Paul looks like he's got the division sown up. But it's not over yet. This week should see him win the division. Skins by 10.
Graham : Dallas should contend once they've drafted a defence. But Skins are contending now. WR 7

PE (6-7, L4) @ AC (2-11, L1)
Gerald : Well, will the return of Coach Heath be able to kick some life back into the Eagles. Yes it will, but against the Cards I don't think it will make any difference as the Eagles should just be too strong. Eagles by 21.
Graham : Eagles to break that losing streak and stay in contention for the playoffs. PE 17

MV (10-3, W6) @ DL (2-11, L3)
Gerald : Tim needs the win just in case the Rams start falling apart, and leaves homefield wide open. Can't see it though (the Rams falling apart). Vikings by 17.
Graham : Hot vs Cold. Massacre of the Week. MV 21

CB (6-7, W3) @ TB (6-7, L1)
Gerald : Both teams have a mathematically shot at the play-offs, but they will need a lot of luck. Homefield should be the difference between these two teams. Buccs by 10.
Graham : Two new coaches an two closely matched teams. A pointer to next year perhaps? TB 3

SR (13-0, W13) @ NO (8-5, W3)
Gerald : This should be the game of the week, as the Saints might just be able to break that wining streak. It's going to be touch, but as I've said all along. It's been a season of upsets. Saints by 1.
Graham : The Saints ended my 100% record last season, and I fancy them to do it again. NS 6

SF (9-4, W1) @ AF (6-7, W1)
Gerald : The Falcons will probably finish even this season (8-8) unless they surprise the 49ers this week. Which I can't see. 49ers by 10.
Graham : Red & Gold machine to make the Falcons blue as well as black. SF 7

by Graham Canwell (Week 13)  
Offence Cincinnati Bills were great too, but against a better D the award went to the surging Bengals, who effectively regained their Central title with the win.
Defence Denver The Broncos seem to get this a lot. The Bengals were in contention (as were the Bills), but Gerald is always telling me his Pats have no offence so . . .
Coach Ratcliffe (PS) OK, it was against the Raiders, but we've waited too long to see what the Steelers can really do. Richard deserves a mention for bouncing back in style.
Offence Minnesota Looking great right now, the Vikes offence was in top form this week. Saints deserve a mention too, as (as usual) do the Niners.
Defence Atlanta Not much competition for this, and the Falcs effort was terrific even if it was against the Lions
Coach Daniels (SF) Narrowly edged Geoff for this, as he NFC West edges closer to filling those two wildcard spots.
Barry Switzer Award That Lion's Offense Again! Just when you thought they couldn't get any worse . . . .


Gerald to Graham Tim and Dave C. : Congratulations on winning your divisions.

Gerald to Graham : Congratulations on last week's predictions. A perfect 100% set of guesses predictions.

Gerald to Graham : Thanks for listening to me (re Rammys). Told you I had no Offence.

Gerald to Dave Jones : Don't worry about not have e-mail, Royal Snail is fine, as long as it's posted in time.

Graham to Jon : At 23-10 in the 3rd I thought you had me. Furthest behind I've been this year, and you were the first team to score a point against me in the 3rd quarter his season. If you played like that very week you wouldn't be 6-7!

Graham to Gerald : You might still make the playoffs, but you'll certainly play a big part in deciding who wins the Eastern title.

Graham to All : I think I predicted a Bills-Vikings Superbowl at the start of the season. My gut feeling is still that that'll be how it pans out.

Graham to Geoff : I know my week 2 whipping of you was freak result (you must too!). I'm certainly not expecting a repeat.

Graham to Paul S : I haven't played you for ages (week 1 last year) so I'm sort of looking forward to it

Graham to Pat : Nice to see you getting to grips with the Steelers at last. We'll be expecting great things next year.

Paul Spence to Graham : Going to go unbeaten this year?

Paul Spence to Jon : What happened to your team this year? I've fallen off track in recent weeks and expected to see you catch up and push me for the division to week 16. My schedule is only getting harder further down the line.

Paul Spence to Brucey : What to say, eh? 2-11 says it all my friend. Maybe next year huh!

Dave Jones to Graham and Richard : Thanks for the welcome to the league.

Dave Jones to Paul Spence : Sorry I might change the gameplan but my aim is still to win. See you in the next match up

Coaches Corner

By Stuart Guard

Well the Dolphins have certainly finally woken up after far too many seasons in the doldrums of the AFC East. The team has been pretty strong each time, but a lack of experience has often seen us struggle. This season we've had to rely on out air attack even more, and I'm pleased to say at the moment it appears to be paying dividends. The offence has been quiet a weapon, but I still find it hard to believe that we are up where we are. To be honest there are still a lot of areas that we need to work on, but there can be no question that we are enjoying out lofty position while we have it. There are still three weeks to go and still a lot to play for. It's certainly nice to see us in the playoffs though for a change, and as we all know once you get in there almost anything can happen. I think the team has even more to offer is we can keep it together, and the playoffs will be a good starting place to see how we get on.

Claymores Up-Date

I asked last week why the Scottish Claymores Defensive Linemen, where called the 'Hound Dogs', as it didn't sound very Scottish to me. Thanks to our Claymores fan, Paul Spence I have that answer and I thought the rest of you might like to know as well. So now over to Paul, and the answer we have all been waiting for.....

The 'Hound Dogs' are called that because during camp when they set up in scrimmages against other teams one of the DL would start barking at the Offence and then the rest of the DL would join in. Defensive Linemen always were barking mad!

As I mentioned last issue, I'm thinking of heading up to Scotland for the Barcelona game. It's on Sunday 28th May at Hampden Park, Glasgow. Kick-off time 3.00pm. This is the Bank Holiday weekend, so if anyone is interested in going, or will be there (Brucey, Paul?) already. Then give me a ring and we'll try to meet up either at the game or before/after. I'll be flying up on Saturday night, hopefully I'll be able to get a flight about 8ish?

I've had no feedback on the NFLE Final, other than is in Frankfurt (possibly - not 100% confirmed), as they won the World Bowl last year. I'm guessing it's sometime in June. So if you're interested or even going then drop me a line. And if you've anymore information, them please let me know, as it's a little vague at the moment.

Also please note the change of address. I haven't completely moved in. At present all I have are a couple of changes of clothes, as I'm still painting the flat, which is taking longer than I had thought. It doesn't help that I've just joined a softball team so that's taking up some evening as well. But I'm their most evenings, and so is the Girlfriend, well it is her place after all. So I should get any post send there, or messages from the answerphone. If you do send it to the old address (Peter?) it shouldn't get lost, my soon to be x-flatmates couldn't be that useless...... Could they? Nar. I hope not.

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