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Week 15

by Gerald Udowiczenko

I do hope that the new address hasn't confused you? As I received nothing by post this week. I do hope that will be rectified for the next issue? Well I've just got back from Scotland, after see a great game at Hampden Park. The Claymores shut-out the dragons 28-0. It was a good game that had everything. Great plays from the offence (those they were few and far between), brilliant defence (which probably won the Claymores the game) and some crap calls from the Zebras. How they didn't call a safety, when the Dragons started on the 2-yd line and the QB was sacked in the endzone. Or possibly a TD as there seemed to be a fumble in there somewhere. Beats me, instead the Dragons got the ball back on the 1/4 foot line.

Well its looks like my season is over again for another year. I just don't want to talk about last week's game. How we even scored 13 points is beyond me. I just hope we improve with the draft, but I'll be darned if I know what to pick up. Oh well I reckon the week 16 culling will help me out.

DB (11-3, W2) @ BB (10-4, W2)
Gerald : Broncos wipe the floor with some Buffalo hide, as they go down to a humiliating shut-out. Broncos win 28-0!!
Graham : Could well be a divisional round preview. Bills at home should edge it. BB 7
Jon : BB x 1

SS (7-7, W1) @ NJ (7-7, W1)
Gerald : These teams both need the win to stay ahead in the last wildcard hunt. I think homefield will just help the Jets win it, but it will be close. So close that it'll go to overtime. Jets by 3.
Graham : Wildcard decider? Probably. The Jets have homefield and are arguably a little better. NJ 7
Jon : SS x 3

TT (6-8, L2) @ NE (5-8-1, L3)
Gerald : No Comment.
Graham : Defences might just be on top. I fancy the Pats, but it'll probably be tight. NE 3
Jon : NE x 1

CI (10-4, W3) @ MD (12-2-, W5)
Gerald : With the division won, and no real chance of homefield in the play-offs. I can't see the Bungals winning on the road to the Fish. Miami by 10.
Graham : Another divisional round preview probably. Fish need it more to finally clinch the East. MD 6
Jon : CI x 3

KC (5-9, L1) @ PS (4-9-1, W3)
Gerald : The Steelers are on a role, which may bold well for the Con Bowl, but this week I think they will come un-stuck. Chiefs by 10.
Graham : Would you bet against the Steelers right now. I wouldn't. PS 10
Jon : PS x 2

OR (1-13, L8) @ CL (2-12, L4)
Gerald : The Raiders don't really wart to win this one, as they at present have the No.1 draft pick. It will be close and high scoring I think, so 38-35 win to the Browns.
Graham : League's lowest scorers go head-to-head. Heart says Raiders, head says Browns. CL 7
Jon : CL x 7.

SR (13-1, L1) @ WR (10-4, W5)
Gerald : Can they fall apart after their first loss? One can but hope. The Skins will make it tough for them, and as the Saints showed last week, it does matter how late you leave it you if you believe (and most of us have for the last couple of seasons) you can beat the Rams you will beat them. This has got to be Game of the Week, and I fancy the home team to make it 2-losses-in-a-row for the Rams (first time in a long time I think?) Skins by 3.
Graham : Yet another probable divisional preview. Who knows, but probably close. WR 3
Jon : SR x 7

SF (10-4, W2) @ PE (7-7, W1)
Gerald : Well even coming back from holiday won't help the Eagles this week. 49ers by 10.
Graham : Niners need one more win to clinch wildcard homefield. Never count out Eagles but ... SF 3
Jon : PE x 3

MV (11-3, W7) @ DC (4-10, L4)
Gerald : Tim can but hope that the Rams loss their next 2 games big time and his Vikings can improve their points spread. But I fear that homefield in the NFC is destined to go to St Louis. This week should be a formality, but after last weeks display, against the Skins, the Boyz could make this a very close game? Even so, Vikings by 6.
Graham : If Boys can draft a defence they should be OK, but for now . . . MV 10
Jon : MV x 6

CB (7-7, W1) @ AC (2-12, L2)
Gerald : Bears by 10.
Graham : Stephen's done a good job so far with the Bears, and should get another win here. CH 10
Jon : CH x 9

NO (9-5, W4) @ DL (2-12, L4)
Gerald : Jon's only hope is for the Lions to come alive and up-set the Saints. Can't see it myself. Saints will be on a high after last week, and I can't see the Lions stopping them.. Saints by 13.
Graham : Saints to clinch playoff spot as their hot streak continues. NS 13
Jon : NO x 14

AF (6-8, L1) @ TB (6-8, L2)
Gerald : Not much to play for, for either of these teams, other than getting ready for the Con Bowl. Homefield wins it for the Buccs by 3.
Graham : Two identical records. I'd ;like to see the Falcs win, but I suspect it'll be the Buccs. TB 7
Jon : AF x 1

by Graham Canwell (Week 14)  
Offence Miami The Fish moved to within touching distance of the Eastern crown with a demolition of the in-form Jets.
Defence Pittsburgh A worthy mention to the Broncos (who were aided by a ball-control offence) but the Steelers shutout of the Titans will have the AFC worried about next year.
Coach Guard (MD) No sign whatsoever of the Dolphins fading away. They seem to be improving as the season progresses.
Offence New Orleans A brilliant effort, finally ending the Rams 100% record in a mad 4th quarter shootout.
Defence San Francisco Not a big week for Ds in the NFC, but the Niners performance against the Falcons was the best of the bunch.
Coach Cooksey (NS Did everyone a favour (me included, probably) by beating me!
Barry Switzer Award The Rams Scored a 90 yd TD inside the two minute warning to go up by seven points and still contrived to lose without even needing the aid of overtime!


Gerald to Jon : D'OH! No I think about it, of course those predictions and messages were for AB and not B.

Gerald to Richard : Git, that was one of the worst game I've ever played, and get no 3rd downs, well that just ...........

Gerald to Geoff : Congratulations on beat him.

Gerald to Jon : I guess I'll see you in the Con Bowl. Here's hoping we meet and have a bloody good game?

Gerald Stuart : I think the division is yours, unless something strange happens...... (Que The Twilight Zone music)

Gerald to Alan : Well it looks like you won't get a winning season this year. How could you get shut-out against the Steelers?

Jon to All : OK, so my defence hasn't been too good this season (14th currently). Yet somehow I've managed to get 18 defensive form gains!?

Jon to Paul S : Don't ask me. It's really a reverse of a few seasons ago. Congratulations on the division & good luck in the playoffs. I hope you manage to upset the odds & win the big one. It's about time you won at least one playoff game.

Jon to Bruce : Go on - upset the Saints. Please. You're my last best hope!

Graham to Geoff : What a terrific game, up there with the most exciting I've had in Gameplan. Fluctuating fortunes, and seven scores in the final quarter. Congratulations - I'd love to go head-to-head again in the Championship Game so good luck 'til then.

Graham to Gerald : Your "offence" cost someone else a defensive Rammy this week!

Graham to Paul S : In answer to your question last week. No, I definitely am not !!!!

Well that it's for this week, hope you get the wins you need, expect for the Bills who I hope get slaughtered. Yes, I'm still Bitter 'n Twisted. And also good luck to the Claymores, who will need it if they're to get to the final. Thankfully they've got a D and something of an O, well a running back at least.

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