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Week 16

by Gerald Udowiczenko


NJ (8-7, W2) @ BB (11-4, W3)
Gerald : The Bills at home are difficult, and I can't see the Jets upsetting them. Bills by 3.
Graham : Bills should get revenge for week 5 OT defeat, even though Jets need it more. BB 7
Jon : BB x 6
Richard : No Comment.

MD (13-2, W6) @ NE (6-8-1, W1)
Gerald : No comment. Except I'm not changing my gameplan, so maybe, just maybe?
Graham : Homefield already guaranteed the Fish could ease off, but I suspect they won't. MD 6
Jon : MD x 3
Richard : Pats by 3

CI (10-5, L1) @ TT (6-9, L3)
Gerald : The Bungals have the division, so no real reason to win. But it is against the Titans. Bungals by 10.
Graham : Titans look desperate at the moment, and Bengals still hoping for Divisional homefield. CI 10
Jon : CI x 7
Richard : Bengals by 7

CL (3-12, W1) @ PS (5-9-1, W4)
Gerald : The Steelers finish the regular season on a high, after wining their 5th in-a-row, even with the addition of a new coach for the Browns. Steelers by 7.
Graham : New coach Horne will turn Browns round, but in-form Steelers have edge right now. PS 6
Jon : PS x 3
Richard : Steelers by 4

OR (1-14, L9) @ KC (5-10, L2)
Gerald : can't really see the Raiders breaking their loosing streak. Chiefs by 10.
Graham : At least the Chiefs disappointing season will finish on a high note. KC 14
Jon : KC x 10
Richard : Chiefs by 7

SS (7-8, L1) @ DB (11-4, L1)
Gerald : The Hawks need the win, and the Jets to lose BIG. Can't really see either. Broncos by 10.
Graham : Seahawks win could yet see them into the wildcard, but it doesn't look likely. DB 10
Jon : DB x 1
Richard : Broncos by 4

PE (8-7, W2) @ WR (10-5, L1)
Gerald : What a way to finish the season. The Skins have the division, and for a change this last game (between both coaches) will not decide the NFC Western Divisional Champion. But it may yet decide who get that last play-off spot. A tough one to call but homefield should see the Skins home. Skins by 3.
Graham : Still a shot at the playoffs for Jon and he should be more up for it. PE 3
Jon : PE x 3
Richard : Eagles by 4

AC (3-12, W1) @ DC (4-11, L5)
Gerald : Even after last weeks shock (well we had to have one) win, I can't see them doing it again. Boyz by 10.
Graham : Good win for Cards last week but the unfortunate 'Boys are due another win. DC 10
Jon : DC x6
Richard : Cowboys by 7

CB (7-8, L1) @ MV (12-3, W8)
Gerald : Vikings go into the play-offs with the best winning streak. Vikings by 10.
Graham : Vikes gear up for the playoffs with yet another win. MV 10
Jon :
MV x 4
Richard : Viking by 7

TB (6-9, L3) @ DL (3-12, W1)
Gerald : Can lightning strike twice? I think so. Lions by 1.
Graham : Lions pulled off a shock last week but without more offence won't pull off another. TB 7
Jon : TB x 1
Richard : Buccs by 3

AF (7-8, W1) @ NO (9-6, L1)
Gerald : It would be nice for Paul to finish the season even, but I can't see him doing it against the Saints, even after they fell apart last week. Saints by 7.
Graham : Nerves jangling in New Orleans after last week. Falcs win gets them back to .500. NS 6
Jon : NO x 6
Richard : Saints by 4

SF (10-5, L1) @ SR (14-1, W1)
Gerald : Head says Rams, but heart says 49ers. We need an upset or two this final week, so 49ers by 10.
Graham : Niners pretty much assured of wildcard homefield and might have eyes on week 17. SR 7
Jon : SR x 9
Richard : Rams by 7

by Graham Canwell (Week 15)  
Offence New York Jets There was some big AFC offence this week and the Jets balanced effort was even better than the Dolphin's (O/T aided and 4 turnover) 500+yd display.
Defence Denver Controversially, maybe, I'm giving this to the Broncos for their efforts in Buffalo (undone, it looks to me, by some lamentable special teams play).
Coach Purrington (NJ) An inconsistent season but it looks like the playoffs again as the Jets again won under pressure.
Offence Arizona The Cards offence has had a lot of stick but every now and then they burst into life. A good effort for an unexpected win.
Defence St. Louis Our D is a lot better than last year, but still not as good as I'd like. Unusually, it was this week though.
Coach Heath (PE) Never write him off. Still in the wildcard hunt going into week 16 after a great win over the Niners.
Barry Switzer Award The Saints Followed that big win over the Rams by losing to the Lions. Still hungover maybe? Unforgivable, and this weeks turnover trauma kings.


Gerald to AFC East : Looks like we're sending 3 teams this year. Shame we don't have 3 wildcards, otherwise I might have joined you? Oh well roll on next season.

Gerald to Julian : Welcome to the league. So I hear you're quite good? So I guess we can expect some great things from the Browns next season?

Gerald to Richard : Yes I did receive your e-mail. I'll try and reply to you before you read this, but I think it's unlikely.

Graham to Julian : Long time no see. This is a good tough league and its almost fully coached. I've never seen you go worse than 15-1 (two AA seasons only its true) so I'm expecting great things !!!

Graham to Gerald : The Titans "Offence" cost you a defensive Rammy this week!! What goes around comes around.

Gerald to Graham : Thanks for that, just what I needed a 'Nearly'. Maybe we should introduce that for next season?

Graham to Paul S : I expected a higher scorer than that. Still, see you in week 18 (unless Jon pulls it off big time).

Tim to All : The play offs look set up for an NFC victory

Tim to Dave and Stephen : I hope you are settling in. This is going to be a very tough Division next season.

Tim to Graham : I have been looking forward all season to meeting you in the play offs to get my revenge. But now I am wondering whether your NFC West colleagues might just spoil the party.

Tim to Geoff : Awesome performance against the Rams - and then what happened??

Tim to Stuart : You can run - but you can't hide. Good luck with a more balanced offence.

Tim to All : If you get the chance, go and see Any Given Sunday. Unlike most sports movies it makes the sporting action look real and exciting. The close-ups give it all the intensity of the NFL. And Al Pacino is just class. It's also got a great trick ending, wait till the final credits have finished.

Gerald to Tim : I agree, Any Given Sunday is good. As to staying till the final credits have finished, was that when Al Pacino, dropped his bombshell? Or did I miss something?

Gerald to All : I do hope the above hasn't given too much away?

Jon to Paul M : Go Falcons, Go! You are now my last best hope.

Jon to Paul S : Expect the unexpected.

Jon to Geoff : Nothing personal, but I hope your team suffers from nerves.

Jon to Bruce : Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jon to Julian : Welcome to the league. You're just in time to do some serious re-building. Good luck. You're in a tough division.

Coaches Corner

By Richard Ogg
View from Rich Stadium/Orchid Park or whatever it is now called

Firstly congratulations to Stuart (wish I had not told you about the league now, curses!) on winning the division which you thoroughly deserved due to your aggressive passing displays. No doubt Gerald will win in week 16 just to let me close the gap a bit now it is too late. I am hacked off to be second as next season I will suffer the AFC East double whammy. Seven of the first nine games at home when losing points are available, then a difficult away schedule in the last games when bonus losing points are available for winning. As for the playoffs I take heart from Jon's excellent performance in NFLD where he won three road games to make it to the Superbowl. Unfortunately Jon continued his ongoing victimisation of me in post season beating me along the way. Still do not think I will at the game this year despite what Graham says, he probably already has his spot in the cabinet prepared for the trophy. Finally welcome to Julian and I feel sure you will enjoy the league as it is a good one.


After hearing about some startling rumours about the up and coming post season, emanating from New England. This reporter, tracked down Coach Udowiczenko to a Bar in England, where he is currently on holiday. When I found him he was in quite a state, and even unaware that his team had just won their week 15 game.

"Maybe I shouldn't bother sending in gameplans next season (hic), I might just get a winning record that way (hic)."

I then quizzed him about the rumours about his star LB Johnny Rembert. At first he was very defensive, but after a few more bottles of Vodka, I think I won his trust?

"Yes I am taking a great risk with JR! He had better come through that bloody operation. And I don't want to hear anymore of those 'Do I need a complete Body Re-Build?' questions I'm the Coach and I SAID so! He's falling apart on the field. I've picked up 1 ear, 4 fingers, 3 eyes. Though I don't think they were all his? A couple of feet, wish the bloody offence could do that on 3rd downs! A spine and some soft squishy melon thing. Which I later found out was his brain, and it's best left out. But come next season, I'm expecting to see him to see him, a new him turns up for mini camp."


Well all the best to one and all for the week 16 lottery. I hope my 11 year old ( soon to be 12?) 4 point LB lasts, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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