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Week 2

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Sorry about the newsletter last week. I was hoping that I would be able to do it on Monday when I got back from GenCon, unfortunately I was knackered and couldn't face doing it. I did it on Tuesday, but it didn't get there in time, no real surprise, but I was hoping. I did send it out to those I had e-mail addresses for, so sorry if half of this (the newsletter) is the same.

Had a call from our current champion, Richard Ogg of the Bills and he's none too well. He's broken his legs in two places, during a game of football. In fact it's such a bad break that he's got to have an operation in seven weeks to re-set the leg. I hope you will all join me in wishing Richard a speedy recovery.

Thanks to Dave and Graham for this week's contribution.

NJ (1-0) @ MD (0-1)
Gerald : Last weeks defeat for the Fish came as a surprise and will set them back, as they are in the Division of Death. They cannot afford to lost many division games (nor can any or us). This will be a tough game, but I think homefield will hold the key. Fish by 3.
Graham : Can the Fish bounce back? D will have to improve but Jets secondary looks vulnerable. MD 7.
Dave : Jet by 10.

NE (1-0) @ BB (1-0)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham :If Drew can repeat last week's show and Pats D can pressure young Bills linemen, then just maybe. But odds are still against them. BB 7.
Dave : Pats by 3.

TT (1-0) @ CI (0-1)
Gerald : A disaster of a game last week for the Bungals. They will need to greatly improve if they are to keep their crown. This weeks game should show us what they've got, as they face an impressive (well from last weeks game anyway) Titans team. Even so I think the Bungals will show their true colours. Bungals by 2.
Graham : Bengals to show their true colours after catastrophic week 1. Titans rushing could cause problems however. CI 6.
Dave : Titan by 7.

CL (0-1) @ PS (1-0)
Gerald : Cleveland got some good yardage last week against the Champs and shouldn't have too many problems against a Steelers team who showed very little against the Raiders last week. Browns by 7.
Graham : Steelers pushed surprisingly hard by Raiders. Should be too tough for rebuilding Browns. PS 10.
Dave : Steelers by 6.

OR (0-1) @ SS (0-1)
Gerald : The Raiders pushed the Steelers hard last week, but I cannot see it being as close against a Hawks team that will be looking for some payback after last weeks loss. Hawks by 21.
Graham : Seahawks need a win after last week, and they should get one. SS 10.
Dave : Raiders by 3.

KC (1-0) @ DB (0-1)
Gerald : Could the Chiefs be back? After last weeks display it sure looks like it, and if they win this week it will give Ian a very nice start to the season. Chiefs by 3.
Graham : Crunch time for Broncos. Are KC for real at last? Should be a great contest. KC 3.
Dave : Chiefs by 10.

DC (0-1) @ WR (1-0)
Gerald : A great defensive performance from the Skins last week,. If they can keep it going all season then they may, just, win their first post season game. Skins by 13.
Graham : A trip to St. Louis and now this. Boys will be looking forward to week 3! WR 10.
Dave : Skins by 10.

AC (0-1) @ PE (1-0)
Gerald : What a game last week for Jon's Eagles. Both Punters had their work cut out. The Cards pressed the 49ers hard last week and if they can do so again, and the Eagles are as limp as they were against the Lions then Dean could break his road duck. But I really can't see it. Eagles by 10.
Graham : Eagles have been give a nice opening schedule and should record another win. PE 14.
Dave : Cards by 3.

CB (0-1) @ MV (0-1)
Gerald : The Bears had a pretty bad game last week, whereas the Vikes looked unlucky to lose. As with all division games you don't want to lose any if you can. The Vikes look the better team, and they're at home. Vikes by 6.
Graham : Wounded Vikes to pillage their divisional rivals. MV 14.
Dave : Vikes by 17.

DL (0-1) @ TB (0-1)
Gerald : Another woeful performance from the Lions last week doesn't bode well for their coming season. The Bucss lost it in the 4th against the Falcons last week and should get their first (of many?) wins this season. Buccs by 10.
Graham : Tough day for offences probably in prospect. Tight, but I'll go with Buccs greater adventure. TB 3.
Dave : Buccs by 10 (please!)

AF (1-0) @ SF (1-0)
Gerald : Both teams had good, if not comfortable wins last week. Tough one to call, but I think the Falcons are back and seem to be building on their finish to last season. This week against the 49ers should show if that's true. Falcons by 7.
Graham : Hard to separate these too, so I'll go with homefield (but only just). SF 3.
Dave : Falcons by 3.

NO (1-0) @ SR (1-0)
Gerald : This should be the game of the week. The Rams are... the Rams, nuff said. The Saints have beaten the Rams in the past and in what looks a very competitive division, any win against your division rival is all important. Tough one to call but the Rams at home have been very impressive for a very long time and I can't see it changing yet. Rams by 3.
Graham : No comment.
Dave : Rams by 7.

by Graham Canwell (Week 1)  
Offence Kansas City Simply awesome! Maybe this is the year of the revival after all. Honourable mentions to the Jets and the Pats (especially Drew!!!).
Defence Tennessee Are the Titans going to continue their trend of alternating good and bad seasons? This year is due to be good, and their start certainly was!
Coach Purrington (NJ) A great comeback against a very good defensive unit.
Offence St. Louis No performance stood out and said "Pick Me!" so for a combination of yards and points I've reluctantly picked myself. But I'm very open to suggestions from people as to why it should have been them . . .
Defence Washington The big D is clearly back for 2003. Eagles and Lions clearly deserve some sort of joint mention
Coach Cooksey (NS) Repeated last year's opening day performance against the very talented Vikes.
Barry Switzer Award The NFC Central Thought this was supposed to be a stronger division this year . . . .


Dave to Paul M. : When I find out what goes wrong in the 4th quarter, watch out! The wins will just keep rolling in and the Falcons will have their wings clipped.

Graham to All : A very interesting opening week. With 4 of the 6 defending divisional champs being beaten maybe we're in for a season even more surprising than usual (though that's probably bad news for me).

Graham to NFC West : Excellent. Just like we've never been away . . .

Gerald to Richard : All the best with the recovery, just don't recover too quickly, as we could do with you under-par for a few weeks. Especially this week.

Gerald to Derek : A great game last week, you almost got me, as I was expecting you to pass a lot more. Well that's my first opening day win for quite a while (any idea Jon?). With luck it could be an omen for the return of the Patriots.....? Damn shame I've got to play the Bills, Fish & Jets twice. A season.

Gerald to Ian : Looks like the Chiefs could be back. What a great win that was last week.

Gerald to Alan : A good win last week. Could the Titans be a force this season?

Gerald to Paul M. : Looks like the Falcons could be out of their slump? And about time too.

Gerald to Jon : You sure that wasn't a soccer result last week?


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