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Week 5

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Now I have in the past moaned about flopping down on the ball. Especially within field goal range, or even within the goal line, without attempting said field goal or going for it. Especially when you're so far ahead that if something did go wrong and the opposition did score (which should be very unlikely, especially on a field goal attempt); it wouldn't effect the final outcome. Because as we all know when it comes down to it, points are important, they can be the difference between the play-offs.

So why when we're on our own 19 yard line, the game is tied, with only 3 seconds left, do we go with that old favourite DL from D against WC? Instead of flopping and going into OT? Especially, when the result was, fumbling the snap, which we fortunately recovered. But if we hadn't and the Browns had returned it, we would have lost. Which I'm sure Julian would have preferred. How many people who expect that play to have resulted in a TD? None of you I think?

Thanks to Graham, Dave Jones, Jon & Julian for their contributions. Many thanks.

MD (2-2 W1) @ BB (4-0 W4)
Gerald : Can't see the Bills loosing at home, but one can hope. Bills by 17.
Graham : Fish don't look quite as strong this year. Bills (of course!) do. BB 10
Dave : Bills.

NJ (2-2 L1) @ NE (2-1-1 T1)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : Could be interesting but I feel Pats are Bills main challengers this time. NE 3
Dave : Pats.

CI (1-3 L2) @ PS (4-0 W4)
Gerald : The Bungals came close last week, the turnovers cost them. If they can cut them down, they've a chance. Bungals by 3.
Graham : Last chance saloon for the Bengals one fears. Offence gives them a shot, but the D tends to let them down. PS 3
Dave : Steelers.

TT (3-1 W2) @ CL (0-3-1 T1)
Gerald : The Browns are a lot better than their record shows. But I can't see them getting their first win against an impressive looking Tennessee team. Titans by 10.
Graham : I have a sneaking feeling the Browns are due a win, even though Titans are hot. CL 3
Dave : Titans.

DB (3-1 W3) @ SS (1-3 L2)
Gerald : The Hawks really need to wake up if they're to challenge for the divisional title this season and this will be a tough game to win, even though they're at home. Broncos by 9.
Graham : Like the Bengals the Hawks already look in a must-win situation. Broncos may have too much class however. DB 7
Dave : Broncos.

KC (1-3 L3) @ OR (0-4 L4)
Gerald : After an impressive start the Chiefs have fallen apart. This weeks visit to Oakland should help their revival. Chiefs by 10.
Graham : Chiefs were unlucky last week, but shouldn't need luck this time. KC 10
Dave : Chiefs.

WR (4-0 W4) @ PE (4-0 W4)
Gerald : Can't disagree with Graham, this is the game of the week. Not only because both teams are unbeaten, but because of the coaches rivalry. Tough one to call as both D are very, very good. But I think the Skins have the edge on offence. Skins by 3.
Graham : Game of the Week. Two Big D's and two average O's. Should be gripping stuff. PE 1
Dave : Redskins.

DC (2-2 W2) @ AC (1-3 L1)
Gerald : Another tough game to call, but I feel after last weeks disappointment the Cards will be back. Cards by 3.
Graham : It's been a good start by Coach Davies, and Boys should rack up a 3rd straight win. DC 7
Dave : Cards.

MV (1-3 L2) @ TB (1-3 L2)
Gerald : They came so close, and fell apart in the 4th last week and are a lot better than their record, as are the Buucs. But I feel the Vikes have the better offence. Vikes by 6.
Graham : Vikes will be angry after last week, and probably have too much power for the Buccs. MV 10
Dave : Vikings.

CB (0-3-1 L1) @ DL (1-3 W1)
Gerald : They broke their duck last week, but I'm not convinced that they will do it again for a while. Bears by 10.
Graham : Who knows? Can Lions win two in a row? Experience says probably not. CH 1
Dave : Lions.

SR (4-0 W4) @ SF (3-0-1 W1)
Gerald : They looked (and were) lucky last week, so I think their luck may just run out. 49ers by 6.
Graham : No comment
Dave : Rams.

NO (1-3 L3) @ AF (1-3 L3)
Gerald : I feel something new could be coming from the Falcons, but whether it will work or not, I'm unsure. Falcons by 1.
Graham : Both teams coming off three straight losses. Falcons experience and homefield may just give them a slight edge. AF 3
Dave : Falcons.

by Graham Canwell (Week 4)  

The big news is that I've dumped the Barry - the standard of coaching is too high to make it a worthwhile exercise - and replaced it with an award for the jammiest winners (inspired by my efforts this week!!!). I suspect it could still prove controversial mind you (though not this week!).

Offence Tennessee Over 200 yards both passing and rushing. Very impressive. Chiefs deserve a mention too for their efforts in Miami.
Defence Cleveland The Browns are visibly getting better each week, and a tie in New England is no mean achievement
Coach Dadswell (TN) Titans back on track this year and hard on the heels of the Steelers.
Offence San Francisco What we've come to expect from the Niners. Vikes were great too, but their mistakes were soooooo costly. And Detroit (yes, Detroit!) definitely deserve some praise as well.
Defence Washington Well I'm running out of adjectives now . . .
Coach Henderson (DL) A good performance, but can he keep it up? Watch this space.
The Diddley St. Louis Its become too difficult to give out The Barry so I've replaced it with the Diddley Award for flukiest or least- deserved (or more usually both!) win of the week. The Fish staked a claim to the inaugural award against KC but were easily outclassed by my Rams. 1:44 to play, Vikes deservedly up 27-21 and with the ball at the Ram 6. Game Over? One endzone interception with 51 yard return and four offensive plays later and the Rams find themselves decisively ahead (for the first time in the game) by a single point with 32 seconds remaining. Highway Robbery of the highest order. I hold up my hands and say "Fair Cop, Guv !". Fa Fa Diddley Qua Qua, as the lyric once said, and a new award was named . . . .


Gerald to Jon : I left it out last week (and had forgotten about it. D'OH!) so here it is now, the All Time Coaching Records. Broke the 100 wins barrier. Have I really been playing AB that long?

Gerald to Graham : You thought you deserved The Diddley? Well I think I was in real contention (just ask the Browns). 1.43 left in the 4th and the Browns punt for 43 yards from their 21. We returned it 42 yards and four plays later kick a field goal to tie the game. Thank god for special teams, as we would never have made up that yardage otherwise. But as you say, it will always prove controversial, whomever you give it to.

Graham to Tim : You'll probably write in to say how unlucky you were and how I was a jammy git so I thought it was only fair that I should put my side of the story. Bloody hell, you're right !!!! Sorry. Hope to see you in the playoffs again this year.

Graham to Gerald : My team is strength-wise about the same as last year really. As for how good it is I don't really know for certain yet. It looks like we've beaten two coachless teams and the Lions before scraping an undeserved fluky win this week against Minnesota, so we still have a bit to prove. I'm pretty happy with the shape and balance of the squad - I think the problems against the Vikes were caused by a crappy defensive gameplan from me rather than personnel problems, so if I can sharpen up we ought to be fine.

Graham to Jon : Looks like the Vikes watched you throw two endzone interceptions against them and decided to try it themselves. Proved a bit more costly for them, though . . . maybe I should thank you! (I wouldn't have won otherwise).


The Power of the Press

Thanks to the new powers companies now have over interception of e-mails and listening to telephone conversation this reporter was lucky enough to get the low down on last weeks game between the Patriots & the Browns. Below is a copy of that e-mail, which has only been edited to protect my source. So beware, I am watching.

Too bloody right you were lucky! Special teams YET AGAIN cost me
a win (missed FG from a range he really should be making, and a punt return to give you the
tying field goal) although the complete incompetence of both offences in overtime (perhaps they
were just tired) probably meant a tie was fair enough. But losing a 14-0 lead was irritating...
Thought your D played all right, except against the odd long pass (but you were tough against the rollout, which was annoying). Actually I thought we played pretty well: defensively it was one of our better showings this year (more in line with how good the defence should be, especially with all the free agents I've been throwing at it) and offensively I could criticise my play selection a bit (sweeps were pretty good but I didn't call enough, which is my fault) but the players performed ok. Special teams though, grrrr!
I was surprised how much you played for the pass (although that was perhaps a function of the fact that we were passing a lot...) Julian ----- Original Message ----- From: "Udowiczenko Gerald" To: "Julian Horne" > I was lucky. > > No O and the D didn't turn up. > > What about you? I bet you thought you had your first win? > > Gerald > > --- Julian Horne > wrote: > Gerald > > > > Have you got this week's game yet? (don't want to say anything if you haven't!)What did you think? > > > > Julian

I've got to cut it short this week, which only leave this plug for the Yahoo gameplan club: see uk.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/gameplan.

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