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Week 6

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well the Patriots (in real life) may be crap. But at least it seems I've got my team working, well at least in the rushing department. Can seem to figure out passing. But at least I've got a wining record after 5 weeks, which has been a long time coming.

I was planning to do a turnover table for the league, up to week 5. But I've not had the time, unfortunately. Well not really unfortunately. As the reason I've no time on my hands is, I've got myself a job, it starts Monday 20th November. As some of you may know, I was made (unofficially) redundant back in February, and only finally made redundant in September. Which means I haven't used a CAD system in over 8 months. My new job, surprise, surprise, is a CAD design engineer. So I'm spending my last week and a half, reminding myself what it is I do/did, as I won't keep that job too long, if I can do my job. Anyway, that's enough bragging and onto the newsletter.

Thanks to Graham, Dave Jones, Jon, & Ian Davies for their contributions. Many thanks.

MD (2-3 L1) @ MV (2-3 W1) 1998 Season 31-7.
Gerald : Don't think it will be as one sided as the last time. But I still think the Fish will be too strong for the Vikes. Fish by 7.
Graham : Two good teams doing less well than expected. Vikings at home may have a slight edge. MV 3.
Dave : Vikings.
Jon : Two quality teams on 2-3. The Dolphins need it more, as they're bottom of their division, unlike the Vikes who are top. MD x 1.

TB (1-4 L3) @ BB (5-0 W5) 2001 Season 16-41.
Gerald : Can't see the result being much different from their last meeting. Perhaps a little closer, but the Bills look just too good at present and I can't see them being stopped for quite a while. Bills by 21.
Graham : Could be another rough ride for the Buccs this week I fear. BB 17.
Dave : Bills.
Jon : I can't see Tampa upsetting the Bills. BB x 10.

NJ (2-3 L2) @ CB (1-3-1 W1) Last Season 16-22.
Gerald : The Bears are a lot better than their current record, but so are the Jets. Should be a very close game. Jets by 3.
Graham : Both teams need this badly. Jets have the proven track record in recent years. NJ 3.
Dave : Jets.
Jon : Yep that's right - the Bears beat the Jets last season. If they play like last week they could again. CH x 1.

DL (1-4 L1) @ NE (3-1-1 W1) Last Season 10-6.
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : Unless Drew blows up the Pats should stroll this. NE 13.
Dave : Pats.
Jon : Revenge for the Pats this season. NE x 6.

CI (1-4 L3) @ SR (5-0 W5) 2001 Season 13-38.
Gerald : Tough job for the Bungals, who desperately need to find a 'D', as that what's letting them down. Will their 'O' be strong enough to stay ahead of the Rams? Can't see it, as the Rams seem to be able to score at will. Rams by 21.
Graham : No comment.
Dave : Rams.
Jon : The way the Bengals are leaking points and the Rams are scoring them there can only be one result. SR x 14.

SF (3-1-1 L1) @ PS (5-0 W5) 2000 Season 0-16.
Gerald : The Steelers have been a real surprise in the AFC. But I can't see them shutting out the 49ers, but it will be the same result. Steelers by 6.
Graham : Interesting to see if the Niners can bounce back after week 5. But Steelers are quietly perfect so far. PS 6.
Dave : Steelers.
Jon : It won't be a shut-out, but PS x 3.

TT (3-2 L1) @ NO (1-4 L4) 2001 Season 23-7.
Gerald : Both teams could only manage a FG last week, so they'll both want to bounce back and get back to winning ways. I don't think it will be as easy for the Titans, as last time. But Coach Taylor is still an unknown quantity and may just surprise. Titans by 10.
Graham : Both coming off awful weeks. Titans D gives them the edge. TN 7.
Dave : Titans.
Jon : Last week was a bit of a disaster for both teams. As Martin is still settling in. TT x 6.

AF (2-3 W1) @ CL (1-3-1 W1) Last Season 18-7.
Gerald : Good results from both teams last week, as both 'D' shutdown their opponents. It's going to be a lot harder this week, but I think homefield will just see the Browns home. Cleveland by 6.
Graham : Falcons got a much needed win last week but Browns are getting better with every game. CL 10.
Dave : Falcons.
Jon : The Browns seem to have began to go in the direction Julian wants now - but the Falcons also came up trumps last week. AF x 3.

DB (3-2 L1) @ WR (4-1 L1) Last Season 3-21.
Gerald : A total disaster last week for the Skins, as everything that could go wrong did go wrong. They should be able to bounce back this week, but their confidence will be low and if things start going wrong again, they may just crumble. If the Broncos play up to their potential, they will have a real chance of revenge for last season, but I think homefield will favour the Skins, but only juts. Skins by 3.
Graham : Probably the Game of the Week. Redskins need it more given the Eagles' form. WR 3.
Dave : Redskins.
Jon : Washington will bounce back from last week. WR x 6.

PE (5-0 W5) @ SS (2-3 W1) Last Season 27-22.
Gerald : After last weeks great result, what can stop the mighty Eagles, probably themselves. The Hawks also had a great result, last week beating the Broncos, which should make for Game of the Week. The last time they met, the Eagles just beat the Hawks, even with homefield, I think the Eagles will be too strong. But the Hawks are a great team and could surprise us all (as they did last week). Eagles by 3.
Graham : Great win for Hawks in week 5 but they find the Eagles on a real roll. PE 6.
Dave : Eagles.
Jon : Pass (not literally though).

KC (1-4 L4) @ DC (3-2 W1) Last Season 35-24.
Gerald : Battle of the Ian's. Kansas have fallen apart since their opening week win. The Cowboys seem to be on the right track under new Coach Ian, though it'd be nice for an AFC win, I can't see it. Boys by 13.
Graham : Given the Chiefs form the Boys could well notch a 4th straight win here. DC 6.
Dave : Cowboys.
Jon : The Chiefs have slid back again whilst Ian seems to be getting somewhere with the Cowboys. DC x 6.

AC (1-4 L2) @ OR (1-4 W1) Last Season 6-17.
Gerald : Tough one to call, as both teams seem to able to totally fall apart, just when it looks like they could be on a good roll. I'll go with the Raiders, as they've just had their first win. Raiders by 3.
Graham : Cards offence has improved appreciably. But can they turn that into more wins? Maybe . . .AC 1.
Dave : Cardinals.
Jon : Tough call. Arizona are looking better than usual though, so AC x 1.

by Graham Canwell (Week 5)  
Offence Pittsburgh Great production and a terrific second half fightback. There were quite a few good performances, such as those from the Hawks and (as usual) Bills.
Defence Cleveland Kept the Titans to just 6 first downs and under 200 yards total offence, which is frankly sensational.
Coach Horne (CL) Just reward at last for this year's steady improvement. Derek in Seattle deserves a mention too.
Offence Chicago Not many teams do that to the Lions' D (I know I didn't !!!)
Defence Philadelphia Stopped the Redskins stone dead. Falcons were excellent as well.
Coach Heath (PE) Won the week's big game in a big big way.
The Diddley No-one (bah!) Great! Now no-one wants to win this award either. So its a rollover already, unless someone knows something I can't spot from the League Report and wants to volunteer . . . .


Ian Davies to Ian Currie : Remember me? I played about a season, about 10 years ago. David Porritt was doing the newsletter then.

Ian Davies to All : I was a bit disappointed to see I didn't feature in the all time records, especially as I have a perfect record.

Gerald to Ian : I hope the above is fine. I scribbled down what you said, while we were talking and then tried to read my own writing..... and couldn't quite make out what I'd written.

Gerald to Ian : You might have a prefect record with the Cowboys, now. But I doubt that was the case when you last coached in AB?

Gerald to All : Can anyone remember (I'm guessing only Paul Meskill, Ian Currie or Derek can?) who Ian coached back in the 90s?

Jon to Paul S : Wa-hoo! Actually, I didn't expect to win that and I certainly didn't expect the final scoreline after the way you'd been scoring points. However it seemed to me that the game turned on 3 factors :

  1. My punting - utterly ludicrous, especially the 86 yd to FC one.
  2. You (effectively) turning the ball over 3 times inside my 20.
  3. Me getting the ball on your 1 in the 3rd. It also helped that I did manage to run the ball a bit on your run D. We'll see what happens in the return!

Jon to Ian Currie : If you're still out there could you do me a favour and tell me the records of my predecessors? I'd be interested to know.

Jon to Gerald : Good luck with the new job and with having to get up in the morning!

Gerald to Jon : I have been getting up in the morning for the past eight months. If I'm up before midday, its still the morning, isn't it?

Gerald to the NFC : Good luck in your games this week, as you're going to need it. I wonder how many of you will get the Diddley? None I hope, here's to a whitewash.

Graham to All : Great to see that after just 5 weeks every team has at least one win. No-one likes to see a winless team. Here's to competitiveness.

Graham to Gerald : Hoping to join you in the Hundred Wins Club this week.

Graham to Jon : Great win! Looks like you'll be back in the playoffs where you belong.

Well that's all folks see you next week and with luck I've have done that turnover table. But if anyone wants to do it for me, you're more than welcome and you know were to send it, don't you?

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