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Week 7

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Thanks to all those wished me the best for my new job. Its hard work working isn't it? I'm having to get use to getting up early in the morning, showering etc and getting out the door by 7.30am. Which is a great change, as I haven't done that since February. I'm also having to learn what a CAD system is.

Well I total forgot about the newsletter until Sunday evening, which in the past wasn't a problem as I could do in on Monday, but now I've work, I'll have to try and do it at work... Well its Tuesday and I'm trying to get this finished and out to catch the midday post, so with luck you'll be able to read this. Sorry about the lack of anything, I've only had time to cut and past what people sent me.

Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in, sorry but no time to mention you all by name, but you know who you are and should have the credit in the newsletter it self, I hope?

As said I've had to cut this short, as far as I can remember only Graham submitted any predictions, if that isn't the case, sorry and I will use them for the purposes of calculating the percentages.

Graham : Its been tough so far his season for the Fish, but they ought to get a welcome win this week. MD 10

Graham : If the brilliant Chiefs turn up this could be very interesting. But you have to suspect they won't. BB 10

Graham : Surprise defeats for both last week and this could be close. I just favour the Browns. CL 3

Graham : Should be a hard-hitting game. Toss a coin and say . . oooh . . . Pats. NE 1

Graham : Could be plenty of yards here (almost a given now in a Bengals game). Hawks are at home so maybe a slight edge to them. SS 3

Graham : Both were disappointing last week. Broncos need to get their running game going to take the pressure off the new QB. DB 3

Graham : Falcs might find it tough to repeat last week's form against a great Skins D. WR 10

Graham : Eagles have rediscovered the knack of finding a way to win, and should make it seven in a row. PE 10

Graham : Lions were a bit unlucky again last week and they could make it awkward for Dallas, but they still need some offensive improvement. DC 1

Graham : Great win for Bears last week, so they should keep up the pressure on the Vikings. CH 14

Graham : NFC Game of the Week, and it could be a great one. Niners running game to give them the edge. SF 1

by Graham Canwell (Week 6)  
Offence Kansas City As if by magic, the Chiefs of week 1 were back!!. Big chunky ball control . . . but where's it been?
Defence Oakland The Cards offence had been looking sporadically better. But not this week!
Coach Currie (KC) Is he still at home? He deserves the benefit of the doubt for now.
Offence Atlanta Brilliant, and against an in-form Cleveland D. 35 first downs and no turnovers! Vikings, Bears and 'Skins deserve mentions too.
Defence Washington A great recovery from the week 5 disaster.
Coach Meskill (AF) A terrific gameplan awesomely executed.
The Diddley New England Not too many obvious candidates again but the Pats did get less yards (just), less first downs and committed more turnovers than the Lions. Not much to go on, but Gerald tried so hard to persuade me he deserved the award the other week it tipped the balance in his favour this time.


Brucey to All : Check out brucey's NFLAB stats web-page if you've got access. You can find it at brucey.net/nflab.

Graham to Ian Davies : Always nice to have a warning that we're dealing with a veteran when a new coach appears. I have taken notice and will adjust gameplans to suit. Not that it'll matter ... probably!

Graham to Jon : It's not so unusual for you to win that one. Bruce's stats show us about even usually splitting the games each season. I didn't win either game last season though. It's looking like a real battle for the division this season. I think field position killed me. I had to go the length of the field all game and the offense just couldn't keep up. Time for a new gameplan strategy next time we meet I think.

Graham to Peter : After the first quarter I thought it was going to be about 50 each!! Good luck on turning your season round, and hope you don't consider my tipping you for the Superbpwl to have been the Kiss of Death.

Graham to NFC : Well done! After the humiliatians of a couple of seasons ago it looks like we're back in business big time!

Gerald to AFC : What happened? Even I managed to Diddley it!

A Reprieve for the Barrys ?

by Julian Horne.

I know Graham got rid of them a few weeks back but I want to nominate myself for a Barry please... the reason? - one small change in my defensive gameplan changed our short yardage defence from the Titans game (they were 1/10, we controlled the clock and the game, and won easily) to the Falcons game (they were 11/13, they controlled the clock and the game, and won easily). My inability to stop the Falcons on SY was the primary reason they won (although there were others...).
Hoping to get back on track against the Jets this week!

NFLAB & Gameplan on the net

Well its plug time, I've had a couple of requests over the past few weeks to pint some websites, that deal with (as in the case of Bruceys) NFLAB, but also Gameplan in general. If you know of any others please let me know and I'll publish them.

The official (?) website of NFLAB. We have a plea from Brucey for ANY info for before week 5/1995.

This site is a small but growing gathering of gameplanners from different leagues talking about game related things.

This site is devoted to Gameplan, and hosts standings and such for over ten different leagues. A chance to see how others are getting on.

No time to do the turnover table, with luck I should have my life sorted out before the next issue.

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