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Week 10

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Many apologies for no newsletter last week, but I forgot when the deadline was. I was only reminded while speaking to Jon on the Wednesday of the deadline, D'OH! That also meant my old gameplan was used, so the Broncos were lucky to win. But in all honesty, loosing did give me the LPs I needed, so I should have a new DB soon. Gave up on those Free Agents, just way too old and someone always beat me to them anyway.

Hopefully most of you have been able to watch the play-offs? As far as I can tell Channel 5 aren't showing any games live, or highlights at a sensible time. Who the hell is going to watch their magazine program after midnight on a Monday/Tuesday morning? When they will probably already know the results, either from Sky, listening to the results via the US Radio service or even from www. As I'm writing this, the Raiders are failing to move the ball and it looks like it's going to be a Ravens - Giants Superbowl. But that could easily change? Unfortunately it didn't. And what about those Giants, didn't they do a brilliant job against the Vikes? Looks like for the first time in a very long time I'll be routing for the NFC in coming Superbowl.

Thanks to Dave Jones for his contribution last week and to Graham for this weeks.

I've got a little confused with the predictions as of late, so I'll have to re-check this over the coming weeks. So with luck the predictor's table should be up to date by the next issue?

MD (2-7) @ NE (6-2-1) Last time : 7 - 18.
Gerald : No Comment.
Graham : Setback last week, but Pats are still headed for the playoffs. NE 10.

BB (9-0) @ NJ (2-7) Last time : 55 - 9.
Gerald : Can't see it being as one sided, but the result will still be the same. BB by 17.
Graham : Maybe not as big a massacre as last time, but still a massacre. BB 21.

CI (2-7) @ CL (4-4-1) Last time : 19 - 24.
Gerald : The Bungals have lost their direction this season and I can't see them getting revenge for week 8. Browns by 10.
Graham : Browns have an eye on the Central title now, and should be too strong at home. CL 10.

PS (6-2-1) @ TT (4-4-1) Last time : 12 - 12.
Gerald : The Central is becoming a tough division to play in. Both these teams need the win to either stay ahead of the pack or catch up. Can't see it being a tied game again, but it will be close. Homefield should just see the Titans home. Titans by 2.
Graham : After week 8's tie this should be close again. Titans homefield decisive? TN 1.

SS (5-4) @ KC (2-7) Last time : 27 - 23.
Gerald : It was close last time, but the Chiefs just don't seem to get the luck. Maybe they're due a Diddley? Chiefs by 1.
Graham : Chiefs have been racking up phenomenal yardage for not much return. Maybe this week? KC 3.

DB (6-3) @ OR (3-6) Last time : 40 - 7.
Gerald : It'd be nice for returning coach Henderson to beat the Broncos (Bitter n Twisted, me?), but the Broncos should be too strong. Broncos by 10.
Graham : Denver surely won't lose to the (permanently) rebuilding Raiders. DB 17.

WR (8-1) @ AC (1-8) Last time : 38 - 3.
Gerald : The Cards will need to improve greatly from their week 8 performance, but I doubt it will be enough, unless the Skins fall apart? Skins by 17.
Graham : Skins keep rolling along. WR 21.

PE (9-0) @ DC (3-6) Last time : 40 - 9.
Gerald : The unbeaten record should still be intact after this week's return match against the Cowboys. Eagles by 10.
Graham : As do those perfect Eagles. PE 14.

MV (5-4) @ DL (2-7) Last time : 27 - 21.
Gerald : With luck, which they just haven't had, the Lions could surprise the Vikings. But the Vikes should be too strong, unless they crumble as in the real life? Vikes by 10.
Graham : Lions have ability to make it interesting, but Vikes are a great run-in team. MV 10.

TB (1-8) @ CB (4-4-1) Last time : 13 - 28.
Gerald : The Bears need the win to keep the pressure up on the Vikes, the Buccs could surprise, but I think not. Bears by 10.
Graham : Buccs can't wait for the draft, while Bears are still hanging in with the Vikings. CH 10.

SF (7-1-1) @ NO (2-7) Last time : 27 - 6.
Gerald : Tough one to call, as the Saints are better than their 2-7 record. But the 49ers do seem to be on fire this season. 49ers by 3.
Graham : Saints are better than their record, but its bad financial practice to bet against the Niners. SF 6.

SR (9-0) @ AF (3-6) Last time : 24 - 10.
Gerald : Paul's done it in the past and broken that winning streak, but I don't think his mind is on the game at present and as for Baby Nat's he's still learning to walk. Rams by 21.
Graham : No comment.

by Graham Canwell (Week 9)  
Offence Seattle Lots of AFC West contenders, but the Hawks (unlike the Chiefs and Raiders) turned their yards into enough points to win.
Defence Denver Yes Gerald, I know you don't have an offence. But the Broncos do deserve some credit.
Coach Carruthers (DB) Great road win against the on-fire Pats.
Offence Philadelphia After a quiet week 8, came surging back to down the in-form Bears. Niners were back in the groove this week too.
Defence New Orleans A few contenders here. I really liked the Falcons & Vikes duelling D's, but plumped for the Saints for their long-overdue win.
Coach Daniels (SF) Yet another great display of power.
The Diddley Cincinnati Outgained by over 100 yards and gave up more turnovers and sacks than the Raiders. Peter deserves a bit of luck, but he still gets the Diddley.


Dave to Graham : Thanks for the encouragement. Losing week in week out gets a tad depressing so your words were very welcome. Earlier in the season I was optimistic about winning lots of games. I think there is a lot of rebuilding to do before that starts happening.

Dave to All : Welcome to 2001. May you have a healthy, wealthy and brilliant New Year. A particular welcome to Neil Henderson.

Dave to Graham : Sorry abut Monday Night, 18 December. What a brilliant 4th quarter, for the Buccs anyway. Seconds to go and a touchdown required and Warrick squeaked in. You was Dunn mate. Sorry about the pun I could resist. (oh yes you could, Oh no he couldn't............ Sorry don't know what happened there? Look-Out behind you. Ahhhh)

This weeks, Gerald to Graham : The Broncos deserve little credit, (well ok, maybe a little) as it was an old gameplan. But it's true we have No Offence.

Gerald to Dave C : You were lucky to win last week. But you did close down my 'O' big time, so perhaps some credit? But as it's no real achievement at present, no credit. But thanks for the LPs.

Gerald to Neil : Welcome back to the league, again. So how long where you gone? A week?

Graham to All : Never have the real NFL playoffs been so full of QB's who seem barely able to throw a ball (King, Dilfer, McNabb, McNair, Brooks and that clown in Miami). But I like defensive football so its great entertainment.

Gerald to Graham : The same thing could have been said about Collins, until last night's performance?

Graham to Paul M : I'm looking forward to a tight game in week 10 - you really had us scrapping in week 8 and that was at our place.

Gerald to Paul M : Hope the new arrival is doing well? So which team does he support? (Just in case people don't know Paul Meskill was a daddy for a second time 17.12.00, they've called him Locksley Winter Meskill.

Gerald to Paul M : I assume you haven't changed the name to Vald then?

Well time is fleeting, and I can't remember the rest of the words, so that joke has sort of failed. Hope you all enjoy the Superbowl wherever you watch it. I will be watching it in Gillingham, with a group of friends, so if you're local or will be passing contact me and we'll see if we can meet up. Not sure how practical it will be, but we won't know unless we try.

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