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Week 11

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well the Superbowl is almost upon us, (as I write this), but by the time you read this we will know if the Giants or Ravens are the new Superbowl Champions. I do hope it's the Giants, but I think this will just be too close to call. Both defences are mean, but the Ravens are the meanest, for a long long time. I just hope it doesn't go to overtime tied 2-2, which could easily happen, as this will be a defensive game, as neither team as an offence to speak of. But after the Giants performance against the Vikes, who knows?

Thanks to Graham, Dave Jones & Jon for their contribution this week. Apologies to anyone who did send in stuff (either by e-mail or post) and it hasn't appeared. I forgot to mention it in the last issue, that I won't have time over the Superbowl weekend (the weekend before the deadline) to do the newsletter (like I usually do), as I'll be out getting drunk (House warming/my Birthday/ Superbowl). Whoops who did I forget that, must have starting drinking too early. So if you did send in something, it will appear in the next issue.

MD (2-8) @ CI (2-8)
Gerald : Both teams have failed to impress this season and will be looking to the draft. Homefield should see the Bengals home, but I've a feeling they'll blow it. Fish by 10.
Graham :
Both divisional champs last year, both in turmoil this. Fish have a better D. MD 6
Jon :
Both have disappointed so far, but the Bengals 'D' leaks points and the offence is becoming too pass orientated. MD by 7.
Dave : Dolphins.

BB (10-0) @ PS (7-2-1)
Gerald : The Steelers at home might just have a chance, but I feel the Bills are just too good at present . Bills by 10.
Graham : Can't see anyone beating the Bills right now. BB 17
Jon : Big game and a good test for Buffalo. The Steelers will make the Bills work hard but Buffalo are a real powerhouse. BB by 3.
Dave : Bills.

NJ (2-8) @ KC (3-7)
Gerald : Again two teams that promised much at the start of the season but have failed to deliver. Homefield should just win it, but it will be close. Chiefs by 3.
Graham :
Don't fancy the Jets' D will be able to control that KC attack. KC 10
Jon :
Two more disappointing teams, though the jets are trying to ring the changes. KC by 1.
Dave : Chiefs.

NE (7-2-1) @ OR (3-7)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham :
Pats to move one-step closer another shot at a first playoff win. NE 10
Jon :
Though Neil was the last coach to give the Raiders a winning record, the Pats will be too strong. NE by 6.
Dave :

TT (4-5-1) @ DB (7-3)
Gerald : The Titans should be doing a lot better than they are at present and need this win if they're to have a shot at post season action. But on the road to the Bronco is never an easy game. Broncos by 1.
Graham : Last Chance Saloon for the Titans? Denver will grind them down, regardless. DB 13
Jon : The Broncos are still a threat whereas the Titans should be. DB by 7.
Dave : Broncos.

CL (5-4-1) @ SS (5-5)
Gerald : Both teams need the win to keep the pressure up on their divisional leaders. Julian has turned this team around and I think has them on the right course for a wildcard. At the end of the day (I wonder if Sky Sports have (ed that phrase yet?), whoever wins this will probably keep the other out of post season action. Browns by 3.
Graham :
Huge playoff implications, and though Hawks are at home the Browns are in better form. CL 7
Jon : Cleveland are certainly making progress under coach Horne and it looks like one of these 2 will at least get a W/C. so, come week 16, this could turn out to be a key game. CL by 1.
Dave :

WR (9-1) @ MV (6-4)
Gerald : The Skins 'D' is mean & they've found how to score offensively (any tips Paul?). A tough game for the Vikes, even at home, but I think they'll just do it. Vikes by 1.
Graham :
Could be a great game, but that Redskins D looks too powerful right now. WR 7
Jon : The Redskins are looking really good defensively, but the Vikes always start to play well around this point. Could be close, but WR by 3.
Dave :

PE (10-0) @ TB (1-9)
Gerald : Dave hasn't had much luck with the Buccs & it won't get any easier hosting the unbeaten Eagles. Unless the Buccs get a couple of lucky breaks, they'll find it very hard scoring against one of the meanest 'D's in the league. Eagles by 21.
Graham :
Struggling Buccs could do without this. Eagles to stay perfect. PE 21
Jon :
Hope my defence is tighter than last week.
Dave :
No comment.

DC (3-7) @ NO (3-7)
Gerald : After an impressive shut-out of the 49ers last week, the Saints will be on cloud-nine, but they'll have to be careful they don't get too complacent, as the Cowboys could start surprising us, now they have the leadership of a new coach. But even so, the Saints should be too strong. Saints by 3.
Graham :
Defence to secure a third straight win for the rejuvenated Saints. NS 7
Jon :
A new coach in Dallas and the Cowboys did make the Eagles sweat for a while last week. DC by 2.
Dave : Cowboys.

AC (1-9) @ AF (3-7)
Gerald : An appalling effort last week from the Cards 'O', but if there 'D' can play as well again and the offence wakes up, they might just shock the Falcons, but I think it unlikely. Falcons by 10.
Graham : Falcons are better than their record, and should get a deserved win here. AF 10
Jon :
If the Falcons can play as well as they did against the Rams, they'll win. AF by 8.
Dave :

CB (5-4-1) @ SR (10-0)
Gerald : A very tough game for the Bears, as they face the unbeaten Rams at home. With a little luck diddley, the Bears could just break that winning record. But I think the Rams will be too strong at home. Rams by 6.
Graham : No comment.
Jon :
The Bears have a shot at the Central, but a visit to St. Louis is probably beyond them. SR by 6.
Dave : Bears.

DL (2-8) @ SF (7-2-1)
Gerald : After the disappointment of being shut-out last week the 49ers will be looking to bounce back. The Lions should be the perfect opponents, but they do have good 'D', so it'll be close. 49ers by 3.
Graham : Lions' D always seems to keep them in games, but their offence still lets them down. SF 10
Jon :
The Lions struggle on offence but are quite good on 'D'. so they can keep games close, but tend to lose. SF to bounce back by 3.
Dave :

by Graham Canwell (Week 10)  
Offence Kansas City Finally turned all that yardage into points. Bills (as usual) and Browns were also excellent
Defence New England Bailed the floundering Drew & Co. out by scoring both the Pats TDs and enabling them to snatch another win.
Coach Ratcliffe (PS) Secured a crucial road win to keep Pittsburgh in the Central driving seat.
Offence Philadelphia There wasn't a lot of offence around in the NFC this week, and quite a lot of what there was came from the Eagles.
Defence New Orleans Like the Eagles, a second straight Rammy. Shutting out the Niner Machine was a sensational performance.
Coach Taylor (NS) Really getting to rips with the Saints now, and surely a team to watch out for next year
The Diddley New England Like myself, Gerald seems to have been in contention for this a lot since it was introduced, and this weeks' no-offence effort at home against the Fish claims the prize.


Graham to All : Unlike Gerald I've enjoyed enjoy watching that awesome Ravens D, especially when it's performing at the expense of the vile Broncos and Raiders.

Graham to Paul M : Whatever your record, you always push us to our limits. Excellent gameplan - I'm just relieved we got the ball first in OT.

Jon to Neil : Welcome back. I hope we (finally) see the Raiders reach the levels you took them to in your first two seasons.

Jon to Stewart : I don't know if you wrote the Gameplan last week, but your team responded well to having a new coach. It should have been closer. And that's the first rushing TD I've given up this season. Good luck.

Jon to Graham & Paul : Going to be a tough run-in, as we all have to play each other. And you've got the Bills as well graham.

Jon to Gerald : Lets tempt fate here: what's the best start to a season? (can't remember if Graham broke your record or not).

Jon to Paul M. : Congratulations. Another 3 and you've got an offensive line!

Gerald to Paul M. : You could always sak Coral, she might not say no? or they could be a punter & kicker? You never know in 25 years time, we could be watching them in Superbowl 50, whatever that is in Roman numers?

Gerald to Graham : Well if this years Championship (NFL) has shown us anything? Defence really does win Championships. Could this be the year of the Patriot?

Gerald to Paul S. : So what do you think the chances are that we will both break our ducks in the post season? Get to the final, and score no offensive TDs but one of us (me hopefully) will win it by special teams and defence? Or was that the kiss of death?

Well that's all folks for this week. Hopefully we will all have enjoyed the Superbowl and if not made up for it by drinking too much to care (as our team wasn't there) what the score was or who one. Hopefully not too many of you have to be at work on Monday, but if you are I wish you all the best, as you will probably not have got to bed before 3am.

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