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Week 13

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Many thanks must go to Brucey for the information he has been able to provide. As you will see, the Crystal Ball now has the current winning steak for each team, as well as the results for the last time they met. I haven't been able to it for sometime, as my main (in truth only) source of information Jon Heath has been too busy to do it. Which after working for only three months, I know how hard it can be to find time to do anything, especially if you doing some really unsociable hours, like Jon. So many thanks to Bruce & his StatsGenerator V 1.1.1. You never know, in a couple of years the newsletter may even write itself? What do you think Bruce?

Thanks to Graham, Jon, Richard & Brucey for their contribution this week, as always I am lost without them.

MD (3-9, L1) @ SS (6-6, W1) Last time : wk 1, 2002 (35 - 22)
Gerald : The Fish should be doing a lot better, but then they are in the Division of Death. Hawks by 3.
Graham : Hawks are having the better season, and are at home. SS 7.
Jon : Seahawks are still challenging for a W/C and should want this enough. SS x 3.
Richard : Seahawks by 7.

BB (12-0, W16) @ DB (9-3, W6) Last time : wk 15, 2002 (32 - 10)
Gerald : Humm. Could one of those unbeaten records go this week (unlucky 13)? I think so Broncos by 3 OT.
Graham : Interesting, but the Bills should have too much offence. BB 10.
Jon : Game of the week in the AFC, but the Bills march on. BB x 3.
Richard : Broncos by 7.

NY (3-9, W1) @ PS (7-4-1, L2) Last time : wk 9, 2002 (44 - 24)
Gerald : The Steelers need the win, but I've a feeling for an upset. Jets by 10.
Graham : Steelers cannot afford to lose, and I don't think they will. PS 7.
Jon : The Jets (just) came good last week, but the Steelers should be a different proposition to the Saints. PS x 4.
Richard : Steelers by 8.

NE (9-2-1, W3) @ CI (2-10, L3) Last time : wk 13, 2002 (11 - 31)
Gerald : No comment
Graham : Patriots are in the winning habit, while the Bengals are the Bungles again . . . . NE 10.
Jon : The Pats' D continues to outscore their O and now they've got a new (& I think experienced) coach to contend with. Time for an upset. CI x 1.
Richard : Pats by 3.

CL (7-4-1, W6) @ KC (5-7, W3) Last time : wk 13, 2002 (8 - 22)
Gerald : The Chiefs seem to have found their form a little too late to make it for the post season, but you never know. Chiefs x 3
Graham : If KC are up for it, this could be a cracker. Browns need it more though. CL 6.
Jon :
The Chiefs have been performing more like they should recently and a win here would keep them in with a shout of post-season action. KC x 2.
Richard :
Browns by 3.

TT (5-6-1, W1) @ OR (3-9, L5) Last time : wk 9, 2002 (26 - 0)
Gerald : The Raiders are at home & the Titans have been inconsistence. So maybe, just maybe Raiders by 1.
Graham : Hard to predict, but after last week I'll plump for the Titans. TN 6.
Jon : Work to do for Neil before the team comes good. TT x 4.
Richard : Titans by 3.

WR (11-1, W7) @ SF (7-4-1, L3) Last time : wk 13, 2002 (17 - 20 OT)
Gerald : Last time it went to OT, but Skins now have both an Offence & Defence. Skins by 10.
Graham : Niners will surely make the playoffs, but they are in baaaad form right now. WR 13.
Jon : Despite a bad recent run the 49ers are still 2 games clear of their closest challengers for the last W/C. At present they need that space. WR x 6.
Richard : Skins by 3.

PE (12-0, W12) @ SR (12-0, W14) Last time : wk 13, 2002 (23 - 31)
Gerald : It would be nice for both team to loss their unbeaten run, I think only one will this season. And after Jon's comments what more can I say? Go Rams GO! Rams by 21.
Graham : No comment.
Jon : There can be only one in the NFC after this game. I hope it's me, as the Redskins will take advantage of any slips.
Richard : Eagles by 4.

DC (3-9, L7) @ TB (1-11, L10) Last time : wk 7, 2002 (24 - 21)
Gerald : Neither team will really wants to win this, as they'll be looking to the draft. But I think it's about time for a Buccs win. Tampa by 3. Graham : With minds on next year, anything could happen. Buccs are due a win. TB 3.
Jon : Tampa are still struggling, which is a bit of a surprise. DC x 1.
Richard : Buccs by 3.

AC (1-11, L9) @ MV (6-6, L2) Last time : wk 13, 2002 (10 - 36)
Gerald : A win here should keep them ahead in the Central and probably the title. Vikes by 10.
Graham : No problem for Vikes as they inch towards a retention of their division crown.. MV 17.
Jon : A chance for the Vikings to stay ahead in the Central. MV x 9.
Richard : Vikings by 7.

DL (4-8, W2) @ NS (4-8, L1) Last time : wk 15, 2002 (17 - 13)
Gerald : The Lion seem to have found some form, can they make it 3-in-a-row? I think not. Saints by 10.
Graham : Lions in a (little) bi of form but I feel Saints are just too strong. NS 7.
Jon : Two good wins for the Lions recently, but these two teams are fairly evenly matched. Overall I think the Lions' D may pull them through again. DL x 1.
Richard : Lions by 4.

CB (5-6-1, L2) @ AF (4-8, L1) Last time : wk 1, 2002 (28 - 31)
Gerald : The Falcons have been unlucky all season (especially last week against us) and with a little luck may just finish even, with an 8 - 8 record. Falcons by 7.
Graham : Falcs are still better than their record, and I fancy them for a win here. AF 7.
Jon : The Bears must win this one to keep their hopes alive but the Falcons will make it hard for them. CH x 1.
Richard : Falcons by 3.

by Graham Canwell (Week 12)  
Offence Tennessee Don't get many offensive awards, but I thought they deserved one for their performance against the Cowboys.
Defence Buffalo Surprise, surprise, they keep on getting better . . .
Coach Purrington (NJ) Pulled off a surprise win against the in-form Saints..
Offence Philadelphia Don't like giving non-Diddleys to myself but we were probably the best in the NFC this week (over 500 yards and no turnovers against a good Bear D). Niners had lots of yards but turned the whole game over.
Defence Washington Not too many for this either, but the Skins as usual were admirable.
Coach Spence (WR) Deserves one for keeping the Skins better than last season (though ironically they might not retain the division!)
The Diddley New England They've raised this to such a fine art it's a disappointment when I can't give it to them. But no danger of that this week!


Gerald to Richard : Very humble of you to say that the Rams, Eagles & Redskins are the three best teams in the league. I would however point out your Bills have a not too shabby record.

Gerald to Graham : I think it's a two horse race for the Diddley. Between you and me, and at present, I think I'm just ahead?

Gerald to Richard : Glad to hear you're back at work. How's the leg?

Gerald to All : At least our offence scored last week. I missed it the first time I read the results, it was only on a second read that I noticed we did. Well can you blame me? It's a rarity.

Gerald to Paul G : Welcome to AB. It's going to be an interesting game, between us this week. Noticed that you're in NFLB as well (Saints isn't it?). Perhaps we'll meet there as well?

Gerald to All : Not that a lot of you will care, but I'm happy so I thought I'd put it in the newsletter. As of last week, my probationary period (3 months) is over and I now have a full contract (and a nice pay increase). Well for as long as I can put up with all the bleeps, wails & flashing lights (alarms).

Jon to Pat : At least you were coaching this time. Mind you, I think it was closer when your daughter was in charge! ;-)

Jon to Graham : This is one hell of an important game, though there are some pretty damn vital ones to come against the 'Skins as well.

Jon to Paul : Welcome to the league. You've inherited a team that used to be pretty good & hasn't been through a PC draft.

Graham to Paul G : Welcome to AB!! Hope you have man years of fun Bungling (sorry, Bengalling)

Graham to Jon : It's that time again. Remember, the loser will probably triumph if we meet in the playoffs. It's always a great game, so here's to another.

Richard to Graham : I missed our game this year as I always enjoy it if not the result.

Richard Dave J : I had a very similar start to you, getting the third overall draft pick (Rob Johnson) and had the worst coaching record in the league during my first two season. It may take time but it is worth the wait. My problem was the opposite to yours, I could get the ball into the other half it was the speed it came back which triggered all my losses.

Richard to Jon & Paul S : Excellent duel, whoever comes second will be the wildcard team from hell.

Richard to Gerald : You will be pleases to know I have a very difficult run in.

Richard to Neil : Pleased to see you back in AB.

Richard to Paul, Stewart and Martin : Welcome to the league and good luck with your new teams.

Richard to Bruce : Managed to visit the site, excellent detail it must have taken months, it is absolutely vast!.

View from Orchard Park

By Richard Ogg

It was excellent news that Marv Levy was elected to the Hall of Fame. He was a great guest commentator on Channel Four and the Bills performance in the early 1990ís were awesome. The award shows one missed field goal does not destroy a coaching reputation.

On to AB I am surprised and happy about how prolific the Bills offence has been but the stats might be a little flattering. The Pats closed the offence down in week 2 and weeks 13 to 16 (especially 13 and 14) will be testing. The real story in AB is the incredible three-way battle between the Rams, Eagles and Redskins. The competition there is unbelievable with these teams being in my opinion the three best in AB. The playoffs in the NFC will be very interesting especially when the Vikings or Bears may well make an impact.

Well that's another three pages done and it feels like I've been doing the newsletter for years. Which in fact I have. I dug out all the old newsletters for Brucey's web site and found copies back to the 1998 season. There would have been a lot more if the newsletter hadn't been corrupted. Hadn't realised I'd been doing it so long. Doesn't time fly.............?

The next issue is going to be iffy, as I'm off on a skiing holiday somewhere in France (don't know where, as it's a present from my girlfriend) next week. I leave Saturday (03.03.01) and I'm back the following Saturday (10.03.01). So if you do sent me anything via e-mail, please use my home address (see below) and not the work one (for this week only). As I won't get anything (at work) until the Monday the newsletter needs to be sent, which will probably mean it won't be used. So with luck I should get time on the Sunday to do something and for a change I'm giving notice that there may not be a newsletter for week 14, which is unusual for me, as I don't plan that far ahead. But I will try my best to get something out to you.

And finally, just a reminder to votes on when you the newsletter to go live on Bruceys web site. Let me know if you want it before or after/at the same time, as you get your results?

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