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Week 19

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well I'm not going to dwell on last week's game, I'm not even going to comment on it (yep, I'm still getting over it). A great win last week for Jon against the previously unbeaten Rams. And the Jinx seems to be going strong in Washington, as the hotly tipped Skins fell foul to a good defensive performance from the Bears. Only the reigning Champions, the Bills committed more turnover than their opponents and won. While the rest of us paid the price of costly errors.

In the Con Bowls, the hotly tipped Bengals had a bad day. While the Hawks & Boyz have a good run going, as they notch up their third straight win.

Many thanks to Graham, Pat, Richard, Jon & Dave for their contribution this week. This is now the fifth week in a row we've had a four page newsletter. Scary isn't it?

Special thanks also to Dave Marsdin, for the fourth page. Who I hear you ask? Dave doesn't actually play in AB, but he's in various other Gameplan leagues and hosts his own web site www.endzone1.co.uk. It's a very informative site, which has brought together a hell of a lot of Gameplan leagues (including AB), into one little community. There are various standings, schedules, Coach listings and other need-to-knows. So if you need to know check it out.

Finally, congratulation to Graham Canwell, who has been nominated to become the fifth member of the endzone1 hall of fame for his AB record, and will join some pretty special company. Full details of him and all the others can be found on the endzone1 web site. Once again Graham congratulations, your record in AB has been unreal.

Week 18
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Championship Games

CL (12-4-1 - 1-0, W11) @ BB (13-3 - 1-0, W1)
Gerald : Well the Bills are still looking good for that three-peat, but now face the team with the best wining streak in the post season, the Browns. The Bills have struggled against good 'D's and this will be a test for them. However Coach Horne must be a little concerned, as the Browns failed to get into the endzone last week. Though they were playing a much better 'D' than the Bills have. But as Jon said, records mean very little when it comes to one-off games and even though both teams have similar records, I think the Bills will be just too strong on offence for the Brown to handle. But saying that, a few lucky breaks could swing it for Julian. Bills by 10.
Graham : Should be a real thriller - we're missing out on the Big One this year so I'm going to gamble that the Bills will too, and I have tipped the Browns to win it all recently so . . . CL 3.
Jon : Buffalo really do have a playoff record that's second to none and though Julian is a top quality coach, I fancy the Bills to sneak it. Bills by 1.

PE (14-2 - 2-0, W2) @ CB (9-6-1 - 1-0, W5)
Gerald : A Championship Game, not many of us thought we'd see. Some great results from both teams last week, as the Eagles and the Bears came out surprise winners. It's a tough one to call, as both teams, especially after last week's results, deserve to go to the Superbowl. But I still fancy the Eagles, even though they've played more games, I've just got a feeling that a wildcard team will win the big one. Eagles by 3.
Graham : Hard to back against either after last week, but Jon is really, really due a Superbowl appearance so sentiment means I have to back him. PE 7.
Jon : No Comment.

Divisional Bowl - Semi Finals

WR (14-2 - 0-1, L1) @ SR (16-0 - 0-1, L1)
Gerald : Both teams will want to bounce back after great their disappointment last week. But I feel the greatest disappointment will be of the Skins, whose curse seems unbreakable. Therefore Rams by 13.
Graham : No Comment unlucky

DB (11-5 - 0-1, L3) @ NE (12-3-1 - 1-1, L1)
Gerald : No comment
Graham : Should be a tight defensive struggle, in which case I'll have to back the Pats (just). NE 1.

Silver Bowl - Semi Finals

SS (7-9 - 2-0, W3) @ MV (9-7 - 1-1, W1)
Gerald : The Hawks have looked good throughout the Con Bowl, and even with a good performance last week from the Vikes. I reckon the Hawks could go all the way. Seattle by 3.
Graham : Could well be a terrific game. Hawks have come alive in the Silver Bowl, but the Vikes could be too strong all round. MV 3

DC (4-12 - 2-0, W3) @ AF (5-11 - 2-0, W2)
Gerald : Two more teams that have shown good form come the Con Bowl. Not much between either team, so I'll go with me old mate Paul. Falcons by 7.
Graham : Tough to call, but I'll back my division. AF 3.

Bronze Bowl - Semi Finals

TB (3-13 - 1-0, W1) @ NY (4-12 - 1-1, W1)
Gerald : Tough one to call as both teams have shone at times, but have been too inconsistence. So with little to separate them, I'll go with my division. Jets by 3.
Graham : Could well be a shootout. Jets have a bit more experience. NJ 6.

NS (6-10 - 1-1, W1) @ MD (7-9 - 1-1, W1)
Gerald : Again, both teams have been inconsistence, especially in the Con Bowl and again nothing to pick between them so it's the Fish by 10.
Graham : I ought to back my division again, but the Fish are in good form right now. MD 7.

Pre Season

OR (4-12 - 0-2, L4) @ KC (6-10 - 0-2, L2)
Gerald : The Chiefs have look poor in the Con Bowl, considering how good an offence they have. So it should be time for a change. But I just get the feeling that they're still not firing on all cylinders. Raiders by 10.

DL (6-10 - 1-1, L1) @ CI (5-11 - 1-1, L1)
Gerald : Both teams will be looking to the new season, but with a chance of experimentation, this could be very interesting. Little to separate the teams, so I'll go with homefield. Bengals by 6.

AC (1-15 - 0-1, L14) @ TT (8-7-1 - 0-2, L2)
Gerald : The Cards have a good opportunity to try and catch the Titan unaware with a new gameplan. But luck just doesn't seem to ever come their way. Titans by 9.

SF (7-8-1 - 1-1, L1) @ PS (7-8-1 - 0-2, L8)
Gerald : The Steelers will be looking to break that losing streak and start on the wining road for the start of next season. The 49ers won't be an easy opponent, but they themselves have badly struggled over the second half of the season, and I can't see it changing. Steelers by 10.

by Graham Canwell (Week 18)  
Offence Chicago Up against the league's no. 1 offence they did the business and gave up no turnovers.
Defence Philadelphia Surely no-one will argue with this. If they do, I'll just point out I experienced it at first hand and I know what I'm talking about.
Coach Parratt (CH) Almost impossible to pick between Stephen and Jon, but the Bears were probably the bigger underdogs. Both had help - Chicago had The Jinx on their side while the Eagles had The Law of Averages - but both were brilliant.
Offence Tampa Bay What's this? Buccs and Cards in shootout!!!
Defence Atlanta Put the Lions offence back in its place.
Coach Jones (DC) Very impressive. Of course, playing in the NFC East it'll need a lot more of the same next season.
The Diddley Jets Try as I might I couldn't find any contenders in the playoffs proper, where quality has had its just reward so far this year.


Gerald to SPLATT : Well you did say the Rams were going to lose. Bet you wish you'd sent in the predictions now?

Gerald to Paul S : Nothing I can say. You just seem destined never to win come post season. Who have you upset?

Gerald to Jon : Well done on an historic win in St Louis last week.

Richard to Dave C : very close game and your punting was incredible. I was sweating until the end.

Richard to Graham : despite what happen in the playoffs it was an excellent achievement to go 16-0, especially in such a competitive league. I look forward to our game next year.

Richard to Pat : pleased to see you back.

Pat to Stuart Guard : Same messages as to Steve Daniels last week!

Pat to All : Remember the winner of the Bronze Bowl can sometimes become TOP DOG the following year. Sometimes! Only next year it won't be me!

Pat to Gerald : You're havin' a larf! - or is that Julian I hear in the background

Graham to Jon : Many congratulations! It had to happen sometime and I'd have hated it to be anyone but you who did it. You deserve a Superbowl more than anyone in AB so make sure you go all the way now.

Graham to Stephen : Terrific performance!!!

Graham to Paul S : Bad luck! You must have upset some gypsy woman even more than Gerald!!

Graham to Gerald : You almost had me believing you were the Ravens. Great effort.

Graham to All : Must be getting mellow in my old age, as part of me is almost relieved to have finally relinquished the NFC title (I'd still rather have won, of course!). It would have been a bit of a disaster for the league to have another Bills-Rams Superbowl so I'm happy enough to sit back and watch others battle it out for once. Don't count us out for next season yet though (the season after, when Chris Miller will finally be gone, is another matter . . .).

A Few Words from Philadelphia

By Jon Heath

After that game against the Rams I felt a bit like quoting Victor Meldrew. I didn't get round to writing in last week, but my prediction for the game was going to be "I lost to the Rams in the regular season. I've never beaten Graham's Rams in St Louis. I've never beaten them in the playoffs. I've got two chances - fat and no" I'm so glad to be able to eat my words!

Commiserations to Paul on his loss - I really don't know what he's got to do to win a playoff game. So, unexpectedly, it's off to Chicago for the NFC Championship game. Quite an upset all round and finally a guaranteed new NFC challenger for the big one. As both Chicago and I proved last week, records really do count for very little in the post season and I'm excepting a tough game.

Well this issue has been a little rushed due to me celebrating Liverpool FC's win on Saturday, which gave them 3rd place (I've done most of the newsletter at work today - Monday). Which means Liverpool have a good chance next season of conquering the world! Well after all they did Europe this season (League Cup, FA Cup & UEFA Cup), so why not? Good luck to though left in the play-offs and good luck with your last draft picks

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