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Week 20

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Apologies to one and all about the look of the last issue. As you know, Danny is now scanning the newsletter, so I had to photocopy down to two pages for him. And as you could tell the margins were rather close to the edge of my photocopy, which was made even worse after scanning.

Well we're going to have at least a new coaches name on the Superbowl this year, if not a new team (as the Browns won it in Superbowl III & the Eagles in Superbowl V). Congratulations to both Julian and Jon for getting to the big one, especially after beating some real tough opponents on the way.

As always many thanks to Graham, Brucey & Richard for their contribution this week. This is the sixth issue in a row to have gone to four sides. Hopefully, I've sorted out the margin problems from last week and you'll be able to read everything?

Week 19
Name Correct /
Total Pct
Graham 6/7 143/191 74.9
Jon 0/1 55/79 69.6
Gerald 6/11 115/183 62.8
Dave   50/83 60.2
Richard   19/37 51.4
SPLATT   16/24 66.7
Julian   3/6 50


Philadelphia Eagles (14-2 - 3-0, W3) and Cleveland Browns (12-4-1 - 2-0, W12)
Gerald : Tough one to call. The Browns looked really hard to beat coming into the Play-Offs (10 game winning streak) and haven't done anything to make me change my mind. But I just had the feeling that the Superbowl Champion was going to be a wildcard team. So I've got to go for the Eagles and this has nothing to do with that loss I had in week 18 against the Browns. Eagles by 10.
Graham : Simple really. My heart says Philly but my head says Browns. From a prediction point of view I'll have to go with my head but I'll be thrilled if Jon can pull it off. CL 10.

Championship Bowl

Chicago Bears (9-6-1 - 1-1, L1) and Buffalo Bills (13-3 - 1-1, L1)
Gerald : Both teams will have been gutted to have lost last week, so I'm sure both coaches will be up for the win to show what they could have done, had luck been on their side. That Bills 'O' will be hard to slow down, which will give them the edge, just. Bills by 3.
Graham : No Comment

Divisional Bowl : The Final

New England Patriots (12-3-1 - 2-1, W1) and St. Louis Rams (16-0 - 1-1, W1)
Gerald : No Comment. This must be the first time that neither predictor has wanted to predict the game. As they're both playing. All I'll say is, it been too long since I last played the Rams and we ARE the Ravens! We ARE the Ravens! We ARE the Ravens!
Graham : No Comment.

Silver Bowl : The Final

Dallas Cowboys (4-12 - 3-0, W4) and Minnesota Vikings (9-7 - 2-1, W2)
Gerald : The Boys seem to have found form in the Con Bowl, but I still think the Vikes will be too strong. Vikes by 3.
Graham : Cowboys have done very well to get this far but the Vikes are still a class act and should be too strong. MV 10.

Bronze Bowl : The Final

New York Jets (4-12 - 2-1, W2) and Miami Dolphins (7-9 - 2-1, W2)
Gerald : Both teams have the potential to win & win big, but too often they fall apart. Tough one to call, but I'd have to say the Fish have looked the better of the two teams. Fish by 3.
Graham : Both have had below-expectation seasons but have shown a bit of postseason form. Miami have been the more impressive of the two. MD 7.

Pre Season

OR (4-12 - 0-3, L5) @ AC (1-15 - 0-2, L15)
Gerald : Neither teams current form inspires much confidence and both coaches will want a good springboard for next season, so they should be both up for the game. Last weeks performances suggests that the Raiders should win it . But I feel that the Cards must break their losing streak sometime and this is the week. Cards by 2.
Graham : Both desperately need some positive signs to go into the new season with. On last week's showings the Raiders are more likely to get it. OA 6.

TB (3-13 - 1-1, L1) @ NS (6-10 - 1-2, L1)
Gerald : Another tough game to decide. So I'll have to go with homefield. Saints by 7.
Graham : Buccs are a good bet to do better than last season, but the Saints are a tough bunch. NS 3.

AF (5-11 - 2-1, L1) @ DL (6-10 - 1-2, L2)
Gerald : Another meeting for these two coaches, who must now know the others gameplan very well. So I won't be at all surprised if they both tried something completely different. Which will mean whoever catches the other out, will probably win it. I'll have to go with me old mate, Mr. Meskill, as he can be surprising. Falcs by 3.
Graham : These two seem to meet quite a lot. Close, but I think it's probably the Lions turn. DL 3.

SS (7-9 - 2-1, L1) @ CI (5-11 - 2-1, W1)
Gerald : A good win for the Bengals last week should mean a good game against the Hawks. But I think they're (Hawks) just a little too strong, though if luck is against them, then who knows? Hawks by 3.
Graham : Hawks were unlucky last week. Could be a lot of offence here. SS 3.

PS (7-8-1 - 0-3, L9) @ TT (8-7-1 - 1-2, W1)
Gerald : Pat will want to break that losing streak as soon as possibly, but against the Titans, who on their day are very hard to beat I can't see it, though it will be a very close game. Titans by 1.
Graham : A big divisional rivalry. Titans performed much better last week. TN 6.

DB (11-5 - 0-2, L4) @ SF (7-8-1 - 2-1, W1)
Gerald : The Broncos haven't played at all well coming into the play-offs and I feel that bad run will continue. 49ers by 7.
Graham : Two teams who prefer to run. Niners need good preseason more after last season's collapse. SF 1.

KC (6-10 - 1-2, W1) @ WR (14-2 - 0-2, L2)
Gerald : The Skins just don't seem to be able to win anything after week 16. So I really can't see them winning here, especially as the Chiefs have a very potent Offence. Chiefs by 10.
Graham : After another catastrophic postseason Skins will be either fired up or still-depressed. They are a much stronger outfit though. WR 10.

by Graham Canwell (Week 19)  
Offence Cleveland The playoffs have been pretty much defence-dominated but the Browns (eventually) found the offence that counted.
Defence Philadelphia Once again. Finally got the reward they've deserved for a number of years of excellence.
Coach Horne (CL) Ended the Bills hopes of a three-peat.
Offence New England Just the sort of powerful and efficient offence their D cries out for.
Defence St. Louis Our offence collapsed (again!) and kept turning the ball over (3 times inside our own 20!) but the D managed to bail us out!
Coach Udowiczenko (NE) Easily the most comfortable win in the Conbowls this week
The Diddley St. Louis Our D and special teams played heroically, but the offence was so bad they single-handedly earned us a Diddley!


Gerald To Burcey : See I put it in, in the end. Very professional looking. Fancy taking over the Board?

Gerald to Richard : So how many Conference games have you lost?

Gerald to Graham : Its been too long since we last played each other. Here's to a great game and unless I can Diddley it, your tied with the Bengals.

Graham to Gerald : Well at least we get to meet in a Bowl of some sort (a third-rate sort to be precise, but what the hell!)

Graham to Richard : Commiseration's, but at least you got further than me. Good to see our regular season meeting back on the schedule. See you in week 12.

Graham to Jon : Go! Go! Go!

Graham to Pat : Great to see you back. Good luck for the new campaign.

Richard to Jon & Julian : Congratulations on the Conference Games win and good luck to you both in what I hope will be another Superbowl to remember.

Richard to Graham : Miller a future Hall of Famer? I think so.

Pub Meet 15.06.2001

As the first one was such a great success, we're going to see if we can do it again. It's at the same place as last time, so for those who didn't go (shame on you) or can't remember going (shame on you). The pub is the Fulmar & Firking Pub in Holborn (Central & Piccadilly Lines), Central London. When you get out of the station, cross Kingsway, turn left down Kingsway and its the 1st (I seem to recall?) street on the right, about 30 yards. I'll probably wear my old style Patriots Jacket (blue), but this time I'll hang it up more prominently so people will see it. So hopefully see you there from 7pm onwards. Any questions just ring or e-mail me and I'll try to answer them.

View from Orchard Park

By Richard D Ogg

I have lost enough Conference Games before to know it is never pleasant but at least I have the consolation to losing to an excellent coach who thoroughly deserved to get to the big game. With Jon there as well it should be a real coaching duel and could be a classic. I felt the teams which made the playoffs this year were as strong as any year while I have been in AB and it has been a cracking season.

Tough competition was not the only post season problem in Buffalo. Three major retirements from the defence and a lack of loosing points had forced us to waive our punter who has been a pivotal player over the past few years. We were unable to fix all step loses, had to trade down in the draft and we have several reductions. All the damage was done on the defensive side of the team, so I will have to reply on offence.

As for next season the Bills are unlikely to win the AFC East but might just have enough for a wildcard, though the Central is looking very strong and could replace the East as the AFC Powerhouse division. The Bills offence though on good days have the ability to stretch most teams and might still be a potent force.

Well no time again for me to say much other than to wish you all the best for the forth coming season and to wish all those playing in finals the best of luck. With one obvious exception.

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