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Week 4

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Many apologies for this weeks newsletter, but I’ve hard to rush it. With luck, getting the first post on Tuesday morning should mean it gets there on time. But I know from past experience, that that isn’t always the case with the Royal Snail.

I was also intending to do a Coaching Profile for myself. But time just hasn’t been kind to be. Well hopefully you’ll be able to read this with you results, if not whoops.

Thanks to Graham, Richard, Brucey & Dave for this weeks contributions.

Week 3
Name Correct /
Total Pct
SPLATT 9/12 28/36 78
Graham 9/11 34/44 77
Gerald 6/11 33/44 75
Richard 10/12 26/36 72
Jon   7/11 64

KC (0-3, L3) @ BB (3-0, W3) Last time : wk 7, 2003 (10 - 37)
Gerald : Both teams have perfect records, though I'm sure Ian wants to break his and win a game? This will be a tough one for Kansas to win, as the Bills are looking hard to beat these days. So I fear both teams will come out of the game with still perfect records. Bills by 10.
Graham : Chiefs look in a right sorry state at the moment, and must be expected to get thumped by the Bills. BB 13.
SPLATT : Buffalo by 15.
Richard : Bills by 3

OR (2-1, L1) @ NE (1-2, L2) Last time : wk 11, 2003 (3 - 16)
Gerald : No comment.
Graham : Pats D will be hoping for an easier week, but their offence might find it tough. Raiders brought back to earth last week, but that D still looks good. NE 7.
SPLATT : New England by 11.
Richard : Pats by 7

PS (1-2, W1) @ MD (1-2, W1) Last time : wk 3, 2003 (27 - 24)
Gerald : Both won last week, so things are looking up. But I still don't feel that the Steelers are there yet. Fish by 3.
Graham : Fish probably the best of the 1-2 teams, and Pittsburgh might not find it possible to repeat last week's point-fest. MD 7.
SPLATT : Miami by 10.
Richard : Fish by 4

CI (0-3, L3) @ NY (3-0, W3) Last time : wk 15, 2003 (40 - 34)
Gerald : More perfect records and the way the Jets have been playing so far this season, I can't see them losing, or it even going to OT (Paul's favourite quarter I'm sure). Jets by 14.
Graham : When your D is falling apart like the Bungals you could do without coming up against the in-form Jets, who'll be keen to retain that AFC East lead. NJ 10.
SPLATT : New York by 5.
Richard : Jets by 7

DB (3-0, W3) @ CL (3-0, W13) Last time : wk 3, 2003 (24 - 13)
Gerald : Lots of perfect records so far this week, but now it's going to change. Both teams have scored lots of points, but the Browns D has been a lot meaner. Though it would be nice I really can't see the Superbowl Champs losing. Browns by 3.
Graham : AFC Game of the Week. These two have looked the AFC's classiest acts so far, but I really have to back the Browns who I quite fancy to go 16-0. CL 10.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 2.
Richard : Browns by 4

SS (0-3, L3) @ TT (1-2, L1) Last time : wk 3, 2003 (7 - 22)
Gerald : A surprising start to the season for the Hawks, who have yet to win a game. The Titans have, but haven't looked that impressive. So I'll go with the Hawks to break their duck, but only just. Hawks by 1.
Graham : Two outfits looking among the also-rans this season while still being capable of springing a surprise. Could be close, but the Titans have looked a little better so far. TN 6.
SPLATT : Seattle by 1.
Richard : Titans by 4

NS (1-2, W1) @ WR (2-1, L1) Last time : wk 4, 2003 (0 - 54)
Gerald : The Skins must be wondering what happened last week, as both their O & D failed to turn up. The Saints got their first win, though it was against the Cards, who are still missing a gear. The Skins should bounce back after last week, and their O & D will show us what they're made of. Skins by 17.
Graham : Redskins were rather outclassed by Minnesota last week, but they won't be the last to suffer that and should get back on track his week against the erratic Saints. WR 10.
SPLATT : Washington by 8.
Richard : Redskins by 7

AF (2-1, W2) @ PE (2-1, L1) Last time : wk 4, 2003 (6 - 21)
Gerald : A good, though not convincing win, for the Falcons last week should give them the boost they'll need to play the Eagles. Jon on the other hand will be wondering what went wrong. I think he'll be doing the same again this week. Falcons by 3.
Graham : If Philly can't produce better offence than they've shown in the last couple of weeks they could find this campaign a real struggle. I back Jon to sort it out but this could be a really tough game. PE 3.
SPLATT : Philadelphia by 10.
Richard : Eagles by 3

DL (0-3, L4) @ DC (0-3, L3) Last time : wk 7, 2003 (13 - 3)
Gerald : Someone's got to break their duck this week and Lions look the most likely to do so. Lions by 1.
Graham : Two winless teams. Dallas struggling defensively while Detroit (sadly as usual) are floundering on offence. Something's got to give . . . DL 1.
SPLATT : Dallas by 1.
Richard : Lions by 1

TB (0-3, L4) @ AC (0-3, L16) Last time : wk 15, 2003 (28 - 23)
Gerald : Another record will be broken this week, but I can't see it being the Cards losing streak. Buccs by 10.
Graham : Two winless more winless teams. As last year I was impressed by the Buccs in our meeting. I'm staggered they haven't won more games - ought to win this then. TB 7.
SPLATT : Tampa Bay by 2.
Richard : Buccs by 4

SR (3-0, W21) @ CB (3-0, W7) Last time : wk 11, 2003 (44 - 17)
Gerald : After last week's performances from both teams you have got to feel that the Bears have the upper hand. But that Diddley Īknack' the Rams seem to have perfected from last season saw them home last week and could do so again. But I think it will fail them this week, as that impressive wining streak is broken. Bears by 3.
Graham : Given the Bears' start we'll have to step up a few gears from week 3 and the pressure will fall mainly on our offence. Not sure any more if we're up to it.
SPLATT : St Louis by 3.
Richard : Rams by 7

SF (2-1, W1) @ MV (3-0, W5) Last time : wk 7, 2003 (26 - 16)
Gerald : A great win last week against the Skins have shown that the Vikes will be among the top teams come the end of the season, which doesn't really bold well for the 49ers, who have made a good start to the season themselves. Vikes by 10.
Graham : My prediction of a Browns-Vikes Superbowl is looking pretty good at the moment. Minnesota steamrollered over a powerful Skins outfit and should really cruise this. MV 14.
SPLATT : Minnesota by 13.
Richard : Viking by 7

by Graham Canwell (Week 3)  
Offence Denver It was neck-and-neck between the Broncos and Steelers, who were both excellent. Counting against Pittsburgh was the fact that they turned the ball over four times, while against Denver was the fact that they were playing the Bengals (just like the two previous winners of this award - spot the pattern!). In the event the fact that Denver committed no turnovers gave them the edge. Other honourable mentions are earned by the Browns, Seahawks, Jets and Bills.
Defence Buffalo Not so much of this, in another big offensive week in the AFC. The Bills’ 5 forced turnovers against the Titans (winners of last week’s offensive award) earns them the prize, with the main competition coming from the Dolphins and Jets.
Coach Guard (MD) This was a tough award to decide on. A few of the usual suspects (Richard, Julian, Dave C) put in great performances, but I felt Stuart’s job in getting his 0-2 Fish back on track against the 2-0 Raiders made him a more deserving recipient (as did runner-up Pat’s display after what happened to him in week 2!)
Offence Minnesota Nowhere near as much offence as in the AFC!! The Buccs made a good run at this, but turned the ball (and ultimately the game) over far too many times. The Saints were very good too (especially after week 2’s nightmare) but the Vikes great display against that feared Redskin D was, I felt, the week’s real class act.
Defence Chicago For the second week running, and on the road in Philly of all places. If it wasn’t for a single 71 yard TD pass the Eagles would pretty much have been ground to a total standstill. Pretty awesome. Lions and 49ers almost stifled each other to death, while the Buccs made my Rams look extremely ordinary to no avail (for the second year running)
Coach Parratt (CH) Got a small measure of revenge for last year’s Championship Game and, combined with Tim’s win over the Skins, set the NFC Central’s stall out as a division which is finally living up to its potential.
  The Diddley St. Louis No contest for this. Amazing how special teams can bale out a really baaad gameplan sometimes. Both our touchdowns were due to long kickoff returns (one of them actually WAS a long kickoff return) and our punting team kept the Buccs just far enough away to stop them scoring many points. If it is true that it is a good team that can win when playing badly then on this evidence we’re one of the best teams ever. I fear, however, that results will ultimately prove otherwise.  


Gerald to Graham : You position as "World's Most Hated Coach" has a lot do with the Rammys, (as well as you voting for yourself). I know at least one Coach, who will rename nameless (as I couldn't get him to write down his thoughts), that was none too happy about one of your defensive Rammys last season. He though it should have gone to him and it didn't.

Graham to Gerald : Re last week's Editorial. You seem to reckon it's a silly idea that people like reading your thoughts, and then go on to say you're sure people turn to the Rammys first. Given my well-established position as "World's Most Hated Coach" (enough times now to keep the trophy!) I find it hard to believe that they are falling over themselves to read my ramblings.

Graham to NFC West : Great week guys. Four out of four!

Graham to Dave J : I hold up my hands and say "Great job - you outcoached me completely and were frankly robbed. There ain't no justice". Good (certainly much much better) luck for the rest of the season.

Graham to All : I said in my predictions last week that so far this season we'd been more conservative. Against the Buccs it was more like Conservative (except that we won!).

Dave Jones to Graham : You were so lucky. Only a surprise 81 yard kick off return in the second period saved you. I was looking good and keeping pace, but that blew me away. There's always next time.

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