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Week 8

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well it looks like keeping Drew Bledsoe out of your team works (famous last words again?). Juts look what the real (winless) Patriots were able to do against the (unbeaten) Colts. While Tom Brady, didn't light up the night with impressive passing figures. He did the most important thing, he didn't commit any turnovers.

At the end of the day, they (turnovers) do cost, which is why we went to a very limited passing game. Though attempting eight passes was still never racking, as Drew does have the ability to, hummm, sorry can't be polite, **** it up! Will this tactic work long term? Will I keep this as a long term tactic, I don't know. You'll just have to (as will I) wait and see.

No real surprises this week, other than the Jets losing their unbeaten record. Though I think that had more to do with the naming of a new coach rather than a different gameplan? As I've noticed in the past, that when a new coach joins, their team suddenly plays well, the week they join and quite often win a close game.

But saying that I have known uncoached team do very well and coached teams do badly. I guess it just depends on the gameplan, luck and other factors?

I'm glad I started writing this newsletter early, as I've just gone and build myself a new PC over the weekend, as the P166 was getting real old. Because of that, it meant that I had no Internet access or PC for the weekend. As the new PC doesn't yet have my old files, this issue of The Board is getting the final touches at work. But I've a feeling that I have left someone's contribution out of this issue? If that is the case, sorry, but I'm pretty sure this copy I'm finishing at work, is the latest copy?

As always thanks to the following for making this issue what it is. This weeks issue was brought to you by Graham, Brucey, Jon, Tim, Richard & Mark Dixon (well not so much for writing anything, but pointing me in the right direction for his Coaching Profile).

Week 7
Name Correct /
Total Pct
Richard 9/12 56/71 79
Graham 8/11 69/88 78
Gerald 7/11 64/88 73
SPLATT 9/12 58/84 69
Jon   7/11 64

NY (6-2, L1) @ BB (8-0, W7) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (31 - 45)
Gerald : This is going to be a hard fought game. Until last week, the Jets were unbeaten, the Bills currently are. The last time both these teams met, the Bills came out on top, in a thrilling hit scoring game. I can't see it being any different, though it would be nice, as it might give us a chance to catch up? Bills by 7.
SPLATT : Buffalo by 2.
Jon : This was, until last week's upset, going to be another great clash of unbeaten teams. As it is it'll still be close, but the Bills have homefield and a touch more form going into this, so Bills by 3.

MD (5-3, W2) @ NE (3-5, W1) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (17 - 25)
Gerald : No comment.
SPLATT : New England by 3.
Jon : Though both teams are no mugs, they're definitely turning into also-rans in a tough division. I think that Miami are a touch better all round. Dolphins by 1.

CI (2-6, L1) @ CL (7-1, W1) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (7 - 52)
Gerald : The Browns weren't that convincing last week, well not score wise. But they controlled the ball well and seems that turnovers kept the score low. No such problems this week. Browns by 14.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 12.
Jon : The Browns may be a little worried about their form, but their poor form is better than most teams top form. Browns by 14.

PS (4-4, W2) @ TT (1-7, L5) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (20 - 14)
Gerald : This will be an interesting game. Both coaches will be writing totally new gameplans, so neither will have a clue what the other will do. The Steelers have the strong team, as the Titans may well have been uncoached for a while. Steelers by 10.
SPLATT : Tennessee by 2.
Jon : Two new coaches go head to head in their first game, which at least gives everybody else a chance to see what they're going to do. Coach Gamble is famed for a heavy blitz and strong passing attack, but coach Dixon knows this. However the simplicity of coach Gamble's tactics will take less time to put into place. Titans by 7.

KC (3-5, L1) @ SS (1-7, L3) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (30 - 24)
Gerald : Neither of these veterans is having a good season and both will probably struggle to get an even record. Tough one to call as both know the other too well. But I'll go with the oldest serving coach. Hawks by 3.
SPLATT : Seattle by 8.
Jon : The two longest serving coaches in the league should know each other quite well by now! The Chiefs have shown a bit more so far this season, so Chiefs by 3.

OR (3-5, L1) @ DB (6-2, W1) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (8 - 16)
Gerald : Broncos by 10.
SPLATT : Denver by 9.
Jon : The Raiders are finally beginning to go in the right direction, but they'll need to go much further before they trouble Denver. Broncos by 9.

AC (0-8, L20) @ WR (6-2, W2) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (4 - 20)
Gerald : I can't see the Cards O being able to even dent the Skins. It going to be as one sided as the last time these two met, if not more so? Skins by 21.
SPLATT : Washington by 18.
Jon : The Redskins have a strong D and effective enough O. The Cards don't. Redskins by 17.

DC (3-5, W1) @ PE (7-1, W4) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (21 - 42)
Gerald :
The Eagles fell asleep towards the end of the game last week, unless they make that same mistake, they should cruse this game. Eagles by 14.
SPLATT : Philadelphia by 11.
Jon : The Eagles D has got back to form so far this season and only let up in the last 2 minutes against the Saints. Hopefully that'll continue (or get even better?) against the Cowboys.

TB (3-5, L2) @ CB (4-4, W1) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (0 - 31)
Gerald : Both need to win to keep up with the Vikes. The Bears look the most likely to do so. Bears by 10.
SPLATT : Chicago by 7.
Jon : The Bears are certainly in the running for a W/C this season, again, whilst the Buccs still can't quite get it together. Bears by 6.

DL (1-7, W1) @ MV (8-0, W9) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (13 - 17)
Gerald : Well they broke their duck last week, but I can't see them making it 2-in-a-row. Unless they can keep it as close as the last time they met and the Vikes turn it over once? Not a chance. Vikes by 17.
SPLATT : Minnesota by 14.
Jon : Well, the Lions may have got their first win last week but the Vikes are a different proposition to the Cards. Very different. Vikings by 14.

NS (1-7, L4) @ SF (5-3, L1) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (19 - 0)
Gerald : The 49ers look to have the better team. But what with they shock results we have of late, you never know. 49ers by 3.
SPLATT : New Orleans by 1.
Jon : The 49ers got hammered by the Bears last week, but then again the Saints suffered too. The 49ers do, though, have an effective D. San Francisco by 4.

AF (4-4, L2) @ SR (5-3, L1) Last time : wk 10, 2003 (17 - 20 OT)
Gerald : As we approach the half way stage, this must be the worst start to a season for some time for the Rams? The Falcons need to surprise the Rams (which they have been able to do in the past) to stay in reach of the title, which at this moment in time is not looking even close to be decided. I still think the Falcons are going to be a dark horse, or should that be bird (yes bad joke I know)? Falcons by 3.
SPLATT : St Louis by 10.
Jon : The Falcons do, every now and again, give the Rams a run for their money. After last week's disaster for the Rams against the Vikings this could be an opportunity for them to do so again. However I think the Rams are still too good for the rest of the NFC West. Rams by 6.

by Graham Canwell (Week 7)  
Offence Miami Not (quite) as many AFC contenders for this as usual. The Browns (didn't quite score enough points to get this but pretty awesome otherwise) and Bills were the main other contenders but the Fish just beat them out
Defence Denver OK, it was against the Titans but it deserves the award all the same. Miami were big contenders too and Stuart could probably make a strong case that it should have been his. But that's life . . .
Coach Dixon (PS) Not absolutely certain whether Mark actually took over in time to coach the Steelers for this, but even if he didn't his mere presence was clearly enough to inspire his team to end the Jets' 100% record
Offence Minnesota Last week I asked "Who can take this award away from the Vikings?" Well it sure as hell wasn't me!!!!!!!!!!! An honourable mention has to go to the Lions who came to life at last (like last season too late, one suspects)
Defence Detroit Totally humiliated the Cards offence and kept them to a mere 124 total yards. Second place goes to Chicago , who stopped the Niners from reaching 100 yards either rushing or passing to record a crucial win.
Coach Whitfield (MV) Just unbelievable. Not sure we at least are capable of reaching that standard, so I guess we'll have to hope he slows down a little one day. No sign of that yet, though.
  The Diddley No award Just couldn't find a serious contender. If anyone wants to nominate someone (including themselves!) feel free.    


Gerald to Mark & Mark : Welcome to the league. So lets see what you can both do?

Gerald to Mark D : There's nothing wrong with RPGs. So what do you play?

Gerald to All : Don't forget about the pub meet. I will be there for the 19th for a while, then I'm off to (Richard Sands - for those that know him) a Stag Night at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Gerald to Mark G : Very disappointed that you didn't write in. Proably spending too much time wondering how to loss to the Bears in NFLB

Tim to Graham : Not so much revenge as justice finally done. I did not believe it till I got to the final line. This was the only game that mattered for me this season. Thanks for the kind remarks in the newsletter. Much appreciated

Tim to Graham : And a belated congrats on your amazing victory last week.

Tim to Mark and Mark : Welcome. Your starter for 10 - find a way to beat the Bills.

Tim to Mark : I think that Pat put some good foundations down for you but can anyone win with the Steelers?

Tim to Stephen : Rather let the NFC side down last week

Tim to Jon : Looks like Week 11 is going to see the next game of the season

Richard to Mark Dixon and Mark Gamble : Welcome to the league and I hope you have a good time (though not too much at my expense)as it is a good league and you should make the AFC Central really hot.

Richard to Bruce : The web site seems to getting even better and I visit it a fair bit but not sure how to sign the visitor book, is the Braveheart sheet and do I have to be a member. Sorry I am IT illiterate (and cannot spell that either).

Richard to Stuart : Your teams seem to be going very well but I have had difficulty trying to contact you. Hope the move is going well.

Richard to Graham : I think you were too modest in not taking the week 6 coaching award as Tim will win plenty this season and Julian will not lose many more games (if any).

Richard to Terry : Lets hope it is another good game.

Jon to Mark Gamble : So, you took up the challenge then? I'll be interested to see how you fare against the reigning champs, the Browns. Don't think I'll be playing you for a while though.

Jon to Mark Dixon : Welcome to another league. Good luck this week. You may need it. However, if you can get the Steelers working as well as your team in B you could challenge for a W/C. Good win last week though, if you coached it?

Jon to Tim : Awesome performance. I'm not looking forward to our meeting. I don't think I can remember Graham being beaten quite so (apparently) convincingly. And that only a week after he took the Brown's unbeaten record. You're looking like the most likely Superbowl challenger from the NFC at present!

Coaching Profile


Mark Dixon
Age 30
Marital Status Married to Sarah, no kids, no pets.
Hometown That's a good question. Born in Cardiff, brought up NR Wigan and then in Warrington.  
Lives Borehamwood (near Watford) Hertfordshire.
Occupation IT Manager.
Teams in Gameplan Far too many! At present: NFLBX - Raiders. NFLB - Packers. NFLBN - Vikings. NFLAB - Steelers. NFLG - TBA. NFLAY - Giants.
NFL Team Raiders - Commitment to Excellence!
Previous experience of Gameplan Been in BX for a few years, the rest are recent additions. My record speaks for it's self. I suck at Gameplan!
Other Interests You kiddin? With 6 teams to support there is no time for anything else! Though I'm into Motor Sport (F1, CART, WRC, etc), Role-playing (yeah, I know), Computers (good job too considering what I do for a living), and generally being as lazy as possible. Oh and BEER!



We now have dates for the pub meet. The venue is at what looks like it will become the regular, The Fulmar & Firkin.

The closest tube is Holborn on the Central (red) and Piccadilly (blue) lines. When you come out of the entrance (the one straight ahead, not on the side), cross Kingsway (the big road opposite the exit), turn left down Kingsway, first or maybe second street on the right, about 20-30 yards down the street (you can see the pub from Kingsway).

The dates are Friday October 19th from 7.30pm onwards and Saturday November 17th, the time is still to be confirmed, but I'm guess sometime on the afternoon.

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