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Week 10

by Gerald Udowiczenko

Well when I get my hands on that postman ……. *!~$#!!£$@**

Well some of you may have guessed, as there was no newsletter last week? My envelope didn't get there in time, which is why their was no newsletter and more importantly, no new gameplan. Well I guess I got more LPs to spend? Looks like I'll have to win my remaining seven games to have any chance of a wildcard, unless the Bills come off the rails spectacularly?

The one real shock last week was the non-appearance of the Eagles. Who seemed to have done a Manchester United and not bother sending a full strength squad, against a team they should have easily beaten. So there's hope for us all?

As always thanks to Graham, Brucey, Jon, Dave Jones & Mark Dixon for their contributions.

Week 9
Name Correct /
Total Pct
Richard   56/71 79
Graham 8/11 82/99 78
Gerald 9/11 82/110 75
Jon 9/11 23/33 70
SPLATT 9/12 74/108 69

BB (9-0, W9) @ NY (6-3, L3) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (34 - 7)
Gerald : It wasn't close last time and after their surprising loss of form, I can't see it getting any better. Bills by 21.
SPLATT : Buffalo by 7.
Graham : Wheels are starting to come off the Jets' wagon, although they aren't playing badly. Don't expect the Bills to dish out any gifts. BB 10.
Jon : After a good start the Jets have faltered. the Bills just keep marching on. BB x 7.

NE (3-6, L2) @ MD (6-3, W4) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (2 - 21)
Gerald : Humm. No Comment.
SPLATT : Miami by 8.
Graham : Preseason favourites for the East, the Pats seem to have given up the ghost. MD 7.
Jon : The Dolphins have dragged themselves back into contention whereas the Pats' conservative play is not really helping them. MD x 4.

CL (8-1, W3) @ CI (2-7, L3) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (41 - 3)
Gerald : I don't think it'll be as one side as last time, but it still should be the same result. Browns by 10.
SPLATT : Cleveland by 9.
Graham : Bit tough on the Bengals. Browns, Bills, and now the Browns again. CL 21.
Jon : The Bengals have a chance, but it's a pretty slim one. CL x 10.

TT (2-7, W1) @ PS (5-4, W4) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (21 - 23)
Gerald : Battle of the Marks. The Steelers just came out on top in their last meeting and I've a feeling that they (Steelers) could be a dark horse for the play-offs. Steelers by 3.
SPLATT : Pittsburgh by 1.
Graham : Tough to predict, with two new coaches. Obviously if the Titans get 49 points again they'll win, but the Steeler D is a slightly tougher proposition. PS 1
Jon : Can the Steelers do the double on the Titans? If the same defensive plan is in use, probably. PS x 3.

SS (1-8, L5) @ KC (3-6, L1) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (24 - 30)
Gerald : The Seahawks have really come off the rails and I can't see it getting any better, as the Chiefs have found an offence. Chiefs by 10.
SPLATT : Seattle by 3.
Graham : If KC's offence keeps up its recent form this should see them notch up another win. KC 10.
Jon : The Kansas offence seems to be firing again and if only for this, KC x 10.

DB (7-2, W3) @ OR (3-6, L3) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (31 - 9)
Gerald : A win here brings the Broncos one step closer to another divisional title. After their last encounter, I really can't see the Raiders coming close. Broncos by 18.
SPLATT : Denver by 7.
Graham : Broncos know how to win, something their divisional rivals seem to have forgotten. DB 7.
Jon : It shouldn't be too long before the Broncos seal another divisional title, unless Coach Henderson starts taking defensive coaching lessons from his brother, that is. DB x 9.

WR (7-2, W4) @ AC (0-9, L22) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (23 - 0)
Gerald : They've got to break that duck sooner or later, but I just can see the Cards doing it this week, unless the Skins do an Eagles and don't send a full strength team. Skins by 21.
SPLATT : Washington by 15.
Graham : The Redskins won't have too many problems here. WR 14.
Jon : I can't honestly see anything except a Washington win here. WR x 14.

PE (7-2, L1) @ DC (3-6, L2) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (41 - 0)
Gerald : They tanked the Boyz the last time these two teams met and I really can't see it being any different this week, other than the Boyz might get on the scoreboard? Eagles by 17.
SPLATT : Philadelphia by 9.
Graham : After last week's catastrophe, the Eagles offence should get back on track. PE 17.
Jon : After last week, the less said the better.

CB (4-5, L2) @ TB (3-6, L1) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (6 - 7)
Gerald : Both teams need the win to keep their wildcard dreams alive. It was very close last time and I can't see it being any different this time around, other than the Bears should win it, but only just. Bears by 1.
SPLATT : Chicago by 3.
Graham : Could well be very tight (like week 8). Buccs ought to (just) win (like week 8) TB 1.
Jon : Chicago have a potential than occasionally shows itself and need to show it here to stay in contention for a W/C. CH x 3.

MV (9-0, W11) @ DL (2-7, W1) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (20 - 17)
Gerald : What a great win last week and what a scalp the Vikes would be if the Lions could win again. They are the type of team that suddenly get the results when it's far too late to make any difference. So I'm going to go with the underlions. Lions by 2.
SPLATT : Minnesota by 12.
Graham : Can the Lions pull off another miracle? Vikes offence is a bit better than Philly's.. MV 13.
Jon : If the Lions' D can continue to perform as they have recently, the Vikes could be in for a rough ride. I'm going for the upset this time. DL x 1.

SF (6-3, W2) @ NS (1-8, L6) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (9 - 0)
Gerald : It's a three horse race in the West and the 49ers need to keep the pressure up. After their last meeting, the 49ers should have the upper hand, but will need to score more to guarantee a win, as the Saints will have learnt. 49ers by 3.
SPLATT : New Orleans by 1.
Graham : This is about where the Niners fell apart last year. They're too professional to let that happen again. Nothing is going the Saints way right now. SF 3.
Jon : The 49ers got back on track last week, so the Saints should hold no real fears. SF x 6.

SR (6-3, W1) @ AF (5-4, W2) Last time : wk 8, 2004 (20 - 26)
Gerald : A must win for the Falcons, not only because it will mean the double over the Rams, which hasn't happened in a long long time (and should meant a bumper post bag for the next newsletter, ay Paul?). But it will take them one step closer to winning back the division, or at least battling for a wildcard. Falcons by 1.
SPLATT : St Louis by 6.
Graham : I think we'll be up against it. We'll need to improve in every area from week 8.
Jon : Can the Falcons do the double? Maybe, but as Graham has the advantage of knowing the adjustments he's making and is a damn good coach, SR x 3.

by Graham Canwell (Week 9)  
Offence Kansas City /
Couldn't split 'em. Tennessee scored more points, but were helped by better special teams. KC had a lot more yards but didn't quite manage enough TDs. For producing one of AB's more remarkable games they deserve to share the award.
Defence New York Bizarrely, the Jets lost. But no-one could blame their D, which held Denver to just 162 total yards. No-one else came close - Steelers racked up good numbers but it was against an "interesting" Pats offence.
Coach Gamble (TN) Basically for breathing life (49 points worth!) into what had been one of the league's most turgid offences. Richard and Julian were there usual impeccable selves.
Offence Minnesota After a week off I'm back where I've been pretty much all season - giving the NFC Offensive Rammy to the Vikings. Elsewhere defences generally displayed their familiar dominance in this division.
Defence Detroit Held the Eagles (not any old team, but the 7-1 Eagles) to just 6 points, 203 yards, 8 first downs, 0/18 on 3rd downs . . . 22 hurries too. And in Philly. Easy winners of this Rammy.
Coach Henderson (DL) A comfortable winner. But the question remains - why do he Lions always wait until their season is over before showing form like this?
  The Diddley Denver A well deserved winner at last. The outrageous Broncos win against the Jets sends them surging to the week 9 Diddley.  


Gerald to Graham : Real cop out with the AFC Offensive Rammy. I thought you had more backbone, or did losing to the Falcons take it all out of you?

Gerald to SPLATT : Thank you for predicting me to lose. Lets hope it's a lucky omen? Because as of late you've been a definite Bad Omen.

Gerald to Jon : Re: formation. As I don't have 3 RB's, that's why. Anyway, my last gameplan was going to change all that, it just never got there. (fume!)

Gerald to All : As Dave pointed out we've only had 3 Coaching Profiles. So come on put a few words to paper and tell us about yourself.

Gerald to Brucey : Well done. Another late season surge, but as always too late. Maybe you shouldn't tell your team what week it is, or lie and tell them it's the second half of the season?

Gerald to Dave Jones : The reason that we don't know who is and isn't coached, I believe is so that we can't have easy games. If you know for sure that a team is uncoached you may get an unfair advantage when you play them.

Gerald to Dave Jones : As to your insults falling on deaf ears, perhaps you should be a lot more venomous? That way they might let you know personally, that they are there? Though I think the main reason is most of the coaches can't read. Well the Editor can't spell, so what hope is there for the rest of the league.

Mark Dixon to Jon : It seems the mere presence of Mark Gamble disrupts your team...

Mark Dixon to Gerald : Shame the revised Gameplan didn't get there, that could've made it interesting...

Mark Dixon to Mark (TT) : Well after the 52-9 drubbing you handed out to me in G I thought I'd try something different. (Please let it work...)

Jon to Bruce : Ugly game, but you deserved the win (though maybe not by 20 points!). Both QB's with a less than 50% completion rate? Horrible. Good luck this week.

Jon to All : Just to give you an idea, here's some first qtr stats from my game last week. PE - 1/13 passing for 38 yds. DL - 0/5 passing. Urgh.

Jon to Mark Dixon : When I spoke to you I got the impression you'd morally won, but lost by 3.

Jon to Gerald : If you're going to run all the time, barring the very occasional pass to an RB, why not try the W formation?

Dave Jones to All : What happened to the coaching profiles? I think there have been three and one of those was mine. (yep there have been only 3 yours, mine and one other. Ed)

Dave Jones to All : I'm not sure if all the teams are being coached by 'live' coaches. What do others think/know? I'd like to feel that my insults are not wasted. Could we not have the coaches name removed from any teams that are uncoached. Perhaps I'm just missing something or haven't paid attention.

Graham to Gerald : I believe I might have lost three-in-a-row a couple of seasons ago, but I'm not certain (if I did I'm sure one of them was against Paul's Falcons). I am a bit worried about losing my division crown at last, but this season looks like being more exciting on that front than any of my previous campaigns so I'm enjoying it (for the moment)

Graham to Jon : Your turn for some trauma this week. I'm not laughing - I play the Lions next week.

Graham to Gerald : I see you've found a way to stop Drew throwing INTs - bit extreme, though isn't it? Just have him put down if you're that desperate.


The venue is at what looks like it will become the regular, The Fulmar & Firkin.

The closest tube is Holborn on the Central (red) and Piccadilly (blue) lines. When you come out of the entrance (the one straight ahead, not on the side), cross Kingsway (the big road opposite the exit), turn left down Kingsway, first or maybe second street on the right, about 20-30 yards down the street (you can see the pub from Kingsway).

The date is Saturday November 17th, from 5pm onwards. Though I'm sure some of the more dehydrated coaches will be there earlier, it's that right Mr Dixon?

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